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Noisy neighbours - can drive a person to kill!

By Creative(54,965) Creative

Posted Sunday, March 09, 2008
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I have read many news reports over the years of people so traumatised by noisy neighbours that they have been driven to drastic measures such as killing or trying to kill their neighbour!
Here's one from 2006. A man shot two boys (maimed them) then shot himself dead.
I once lived above a young couple who used to be out until 2am every day during the week. They'd arrive home and start slamming doors. The vibration and the noise of them doing this would always wake me up with a 'start'.
Eventually my body began to anticipate this and so combatted the problem by refusing to allow me to sleep at all. I could not settle. It got so bad that I would get up at 2am and drive five miles to my mothers house and try to get some sleep before arising for work from there!
I can recall how tired and sleep deprived I was becoming. I complained about this in a local bar to some friends of my then boyfriend. They offered to come and 'sort out' the noisy neighbours. I was very shocked and of course refused their offer.
Violence is not the answer to anything, but I can begin to see how those who have their sleep affected begin to lose a sense of reality which is a known effect of sleep deprivation and perhaps with it a loss of a sense of right and wrong. Perhaps all that remains is one objective...to get a good nights sleep.
I have a cyber pal who has to move home due to the problems he has with noisy neighbours. It's been so bad at times he's chosen to sleep in the quietness of the local park!
So why are people so darn noisy?
Well first it is important to recognise that homes (in the UK at least) are not made as they should be in terms of sound insultaion. When you can hear your neighbour plugging in their TV, walking up the stairs, coughing then the insulation is clearly inadequate and anything above those sounds will begin to annoy.
Goodness knows what my neighbours think of the noise eminating from my terraced house with children yelling, laughing and on a rare occassion having the screaming heebeejeebies! They are actually marvelous and deny they are disturbed at all. I hope that is indeed the case.
There are those who just want to enjoy their space and listen to music till they can't hear themselves think. Then there are others who are noisy deliberately, why though...who knows.
Let's just hope they don't move in near us!
Brought to you by Leah Gray aka www.creative-blogger.com

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Sunday, March 09, 2008
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