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Spitzer’s Hubris shows no Boundaries.

By Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak

Posted Friday, March 14, 2008
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There has been much written about New York Governor Elliot Spitzer being caught in the midst of a Federal investigation on money laundering. When the investigation moved into a prostitution business and the Governor’s name came up as a frequent flyer it just begged to be told over and over again.

To be certain, the story is a national headline and deserves the mega-exposure but somehow Spitzer makes this story all the less palatable than just another politician falling from grace.

We have been inundated with politicians standing in front of podiums admitting their personal failings as a husband and public servant so often that if the names were glasses of water we would all be drowned in this total lack of personal discretion and common decency by our elected officials.

Spitzer however has taken his illegal actions and the way he has handled them to an entirely new level of disdain by anyone who believes our public officials are required to follow laws and moral codes the same as we are.

It has been reported that after Spitzer initially came forward and almost fessed up to his illegal actions with prostitutes that he didn’t resign because he was still waiting to find out what the lawmakers in Albany were thinking. He wanted to find out if somehow he could avoid impeachment and if so would fight to keep his job as Governor of New York. If this is true, it shows just how little he cares for anyone but himself.

Remaining as Governor while this firestorm remained would have done irreparable damage to his wife and children. Every day, they would be subjected to press and media stories talking about their father and husband having lead a double, illegal life. To not have resigned immediately shows just how self-centered this man really is.

Having his wife stand humiliated, next to him at the podium both at the time he vaguely admitted to the charges and then when resigning as Governor shows just how important he thinks image still is to him. The only image I see is a man who after humiliating his wife privately thought it might serve himself better to have her be humiliated twice publicly. The Man’s hubris shows no bounds.

This wouldn’t have been half the story it was if not for Spitzer’s political crusade against prostitution rings in New York while he was the state’s chief prosecutor. It is now obvious he considered himself to be above the same laws he had sworn to uphold.

To make his actions all the more disgusting he had the nerve to try and take the high road after being caught. Spitzer explained how he would take responsibility for his actions. He offered that everyone makes mistakes and the measure of redemption is in how one takes those mistakes and makes amends.

I beg to differ. By its very definition a mistake is something that happens once. The evidence shows the Governor had been committing the same crime for years that he so arrogantly prosecuted during that same tenure. That isn’t a mistake. It’s a track record of committing an illegal act.

The story is now over except for the possible trial. It is hoped that the now former governor will be held to the same accountability he demanded of everyone except himself, although I personally wouldn’t bet any money on it.

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Friday, March 14, 2008
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