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The Global Economy and Maximizing Profits.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

In my opinion the root behind the entire Global dream is not a universal zeal to unite the human race as one world. No in my opinion it is the zeal to maximize profits. Let me ask you this, just when has it ever been about people and not power and wealth? So how does one come to this conclusion? Well if you study economics you understand that you must minimize production costs to maximize your profits. Profits are what is left and yours after all expenses have been paid which were or are required to produce the product, goods or service. Nothing really wrong with this, just how you accomplish that.

Now many factors come into this equation but the bottom line root objective is costs. Cheaper is better and the constant quest for cheaper and cheaper is the goal. Lets use the example of Soy Beans, a well known commodity which is used and in demand throughout the world. Now a great majority of Soy production is happening right now in Brazil.  Why, well the climate, the land, the resources and yes the labor necessary to produce the product is in abundance and it is cheap. Labor being the prime cost factor in all production. Rhetorically, people are a problem to a bean counter and profit maker.

Does it matter that they are destroying the Amazon jungle, which has a major impact on mankind everywhere? Well the answer of course is no. Like I have said and many of us know, it is and has and always will be about money, wealth and power and not people. Now since Brazil has an almost perfect situation we can and will expect to see a further deterioration of the destruction of the Amazon jungle. Who cares one might say it doesn’t effect me. How little we know.

However, what the real issue can be found in one word, cheap. The United States has seen a deterioration of its industrial base not for the ideals many politicians profess but in my opinion because the powerful have found other sources for cheaper labor, resources and markets to not only produce but sell their products. In my opinion the fact that the United States is suffering now is really of no consequence to them other then and this is critical, the US is still a major buyer of all the worlds goods and services. Only now that our dollar has lost value has exports gone up some.

In my opinion if they had already established what they call "the new emerging markets" this would not be anywhere near a concern for them as it is now. It is as simple as that. They have been too successful or foolish, whatever you may wish to call it, in their glee over ever increasing profits to consider what was happening to the fatted calf. In effect the major power brokers, while hurt by this economic downturn to a degree are not suffering as are the average People of America. They still get the billions upon billions as bailout when needed and in short order with no delay in consideration of their needs. As one responded stated it takes time to consider everything. Yea, right. The facts are right before anyone who in my opinion can apply and use common sense. They still get what you have when you use unsecured credit card debt and fall into default. No, please don’t think God, morality or decency because I know you are not that foolish. In my opinion God is evidently just a marketing tool for many. Yes and sadly those benefitting from the outsourcing and dismantling of American industrial just might will soon follow in America’s footsteps. That is as the need for cheaper and cheaper resources, of which people are the most expensive, drives these companies from their shores as well.

Certainly that is not immediate and for many that is all they care about, the now. Yet in my opinion it will happen. So what is the answer to what they call Free Trade. Well simply the only answer is Fair Trade. Unique no? An agreement whereby all nations provide good staying jobs for their citizens. One cannot have a world system but think only of themselves.

So while many people from all over this globe read my articles they should understand as should most certainly we in America that the world is changing drastically. It has already changed and if people everywhere do not look at the signs and symbols all about, but are blinded by the glare they will wake up one day and find their little world all gone. Some will be happy, while others will be in shock. It si as simple as that.

Now making a profit is not a negative. Yet when it is made on the backs of people even while standing there and professing a belief in God or The Golden Rule one can only use one word, hypocrite.

So not only do Americans need jobs, good stay at home, good paying worked by Americans jobs other nations do as well. No, not to be exploited, used and then discarded but to be paid a living wage, receive good benefits and be able to take care of your loved ones as you dream and desire of doing.

Here in America it was once called "for the common good", to protect the peace and provide for tranquility. That is no longer. Look at history and you will find t your answers. To think these politicians provide a choice is well in my opinion beyond reality and belief. There is no explanation for it except that many are Birds of a Feather. Yes Easter Bunnies all.

So I write for a zeal for not only mine, but really for yours and for people everywhere. It is as I say not about trade but fair trade, the rights of all people and the elimination of abuse which is usury, exploitive and degrading. The facts are there, the works prove the point and no matter what is said their works go before them.

It is up to Americans to make the change. Do not expect it in any of these candidates. No, we must Change Congress to Change America. We must demand that they place We the People first. Do not agree, your choice. Yet remember if I am wrong thank God because it means my opinions have been wrong. If I am right, how sad. Well so far, in my three or four years of writing I have been right more then wrong and frankly their works speak for themselves and the signs and symbols of their work is not hard to see. So you decide but please don’t make a mistake because it is one you just may not recover from.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio







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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Thursday, April 03, 2008
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