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Eminent Domain and Property Rights of the King

By Robert Scott Bell(2,333) Robert Scott Bell

Hollywood can use eminent domain on downtown property, court rules "Hotel and historic preservation is an acceptable reason for a government to take private property, the court said in a 3-0 ruling."

What has private property to do with anything when local government can increase its tax revenues by turning "your" land over to private developers? Without private property, there can be no constitutional republic known as the United States of America.

With U.N. Debt for Nature swaps, reliance upon sub-prime mortgages and fiat money, the lack of allodial title, "we the people" already exist in a state of artificial reality. Oh sure, you can own "real estate" which you do not really own, as evidenced by the tax bill on it every year.

So who truly owns property anymore? The state even claims that it can force your children to accept vaccines and drugs whether or not you agree. In California, you can't home school without credentials approved by the state. Or maybe you can. Or maybe California state government is strangely schizophrenic. What else would you call a government of the people, by the people and for the people that treats the people as if they were subjects subservient to a monarchy?

If you never really owned it, what is the controversy with eminent domain? It's the government merely taking back what it allowed you to have the illusion of ownership over, that's all. Do you know anyone who owns property in allodium? Ask them if they pay property taxes. Direct taxation was specifically prohibited by the Constitution. So how did they get around it? I know that it's horrific to say, but they merely forget to tell you that you do not really own you.

Accept certification and numbering by the state and your status at law is magically transformed from sovereign to subject. What you do matters, even in ignorance. Accept the "benefit" and they get to make the rules. In this artificial reality, government only takes what you allow it to take, or you give to it voluntarily.

Property rights? Until the people of this nation understand what a RIGHT is, I think that the property issue is a moot point. Without property, there can be no RIGHTS. They are intricately linked and cannot be torn asunder unless you allow it. You want your rights back? Start by reading Chapter 2 of Michael Badnarik's book Good To Be King and understand the difference between a RIGHT and a privelege...
Robert Scott Bell is a Homeopathic Practitioner and
nationally syndicated talk show host on Talk Radio Network.
To read more of his articles, listen to his podcast and more,
Click Here

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Thursday, April 10, 2008
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Comments on this blog post:

Ian Trumbull from Portland Maine: (52 days 18 hours ago.)
You make Valid points. However, in my opinion, the fundimental flaw in your arguement (and in most similar "libertarian" views I've heard expressed) is that you incorectlly assume that it is only ignorance that keeps people from excepting your worldview style of government etc. as correct and or just.
Frankly, many people actually like things "the way they are" (more or less), otherwise there would be many more who share views such as yours than there are. In my personal case for example, while I see truth in much of what people who express views similar to yours, I find the logical outcome of the view put into practice repugnant. Much of your "worst case scenerio" is in my mind likely to be a vast improvement on any form of society or governance that has come before it.
As I said above, you certainly have every right to your views, but again, in my opinion, logic demands that one also except that a large percentage of people WANT things you decry as abhorrant, and would even in full knowledge of what those issues entail.

RSBell Media: (42 days 12 hours ago.)

LOGIC does not demand "that one also 'accept' that a large percentage of people WANT things" I find abhorrent, FREEDOM does.

Yours in Sovereign Health,

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