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Freudian slip, or "the rest of the story"

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Yes was Mr. Obama having a Freudian moment or was it just what he really feels about average Americans that led him to say "and it’s not surprising then, they get bitter , they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti immigrant sentiment or anti trade as a way to explain their frustrations", per Obama April 6, 2008 as reported in the St. Petersburg Times.

Do we need to go down the list for him and really all of them in power? Believe me it isn’t any of the things he spoke to that frustrates average Americans and yet those issues are critical issues but why expect he or his peers to ever recognize that. Frustration, no Mr. Obama, unemployment, Foreclosure, Usury, bankruptcy, breaking of law, immorality, the demise of the American dream. Oh I’m sorry, you got yours, right? You know that Washington crowd you are no part of, like Ted Kennedy? Yes, the right to bear arms is more important now then at any time since the revolution. Religion, well worthless if not demonstrated by works and no, not antipathy toward people who aren’t like them, people who claim they are like them and "feel" their pain but have no idea or concept. Rhetorically speaking it is just simply recognizing falsehood.  Yes, as certainly you know as a professed believer, you shall know them by their works. Have you looked at what yours have done or better yet what you have failed to do that has hurt America. You say you will bring change well go to it and earn that job.

So like all of us, at times we just blurb something out we really shouldn’t have said. Too late, it is out and now it is in the court of opinion. So, I guess based on what Congress has delivered or failed to for the common good of all Americans one could say frustrations are running high along with debt. Yes in my opinion the story of the haves and the have not all over again. In my opinion Congress by fact, knows nothing of the plight of average Americans, nothing, or does not evidently care to ecept for election purposes. No, it is all wrapped up in hollow words and broken promises.
Now let me see Mr. Obama, and the rest of them, you know "that Washington Crowd", are you facing the sort of things YOU DELIVERED to all of these frustrated Americans of all walks of life? What’s that you say? Things are not so bad. Certainly, for you and the haves.
How about NAFTA? That did a hell of a lot for average Americans didn’t it? We sure saw the results of that didn’t we? Where is SPP on the agenda, moving forward? Well how about those 31% or higher interest rates you sort of didn’t and "our" Congress doesn't ever seem to do much about? You know that are pushing families over the edge. Check with the Senator from NY, and I do not mean Hillary, who wants to council Americans on fiscal responsibility and supported those usurious providers of credit and still does. Where is Jay Leno on that one, that’s a laugh and a half. Oh, your working hard on resolving that. Yes, we know, educating the consumer. Yes and lets not forget those illegal workers you insist on calling immigrants even though you are wrong. Yes they are felons when they steal and use ID, sorry. Hey, by the way, don’t you write the laws so why is that so hard to understand? Ok, a frustrated American, I see. I thought and perhaps I am wrong and need to tell my family waiting 20 pplus years to come  immigrants come legally via a process and do not break the Commandments of God. Not racism, fact. Are these people being persecuted in Mexico or fleeing a harsh nation and is that why they came? If so then why not the outrage over that? Rhetorically is it that we use silent diplomacy like China and Tibet? Rhetorically is that we keep our mouths shut because there is money to be made? How about telling us how you in Congress justify their stealing ID in your belief system? Oh and you are all for Free Trade but somehow left out Fair trade. Do need more Visa’s for those intelligent Indians because Americans, well you know, rhetorically speaking, is it that you believe they are just frustrated, gun loving, bigots and really can’t do the job? One can go one but you wouldn’t recognize it.
Need some more? How about what you likely will do over the next few months to help us poor frustrated average Americans out. Lets see what is on the table in many places. How about cutting billions off of helping the poor and elderly and social services? That seems about right, isn’t that so? Yes the same ones that may be losing their homes after years of hard work. Oh I know, things are tight so we have to cut somewhere and we have to make ‘the hard choices", right? Hey get rid of that overhead. How dare they take that money in tight times, don’t they know there are investors in need? What about the number of homeless including children growing each day? Help with financing and getting out of financial trouble? Certainly not for the irresponsible, low life types, no not us, but you know the well meaning types and those investors who will buy average Americans homes who are in trouble out, right? Hey that will help stimulate the economy for you, right? It certainly isn’t those families now is it? Rhetorically I guess we can attest that we know where all your hearts are  on all those topics. Do we need to continue or say more?
Frankly average hard working Americans are sick and tired of the whole lot of you. It has nothing to do about black, white, red or yellow, male, female or what religion you profess. No it has to do with your works or lack thereof. In my opinion the words many politicians throw about smell of arrogance and elitism. Professing and promises and little to no substance.

Yes the frustration of average Americans faces and in their words and wrath shows in the signs and symbols of the damage and hurt which is strewn all over this land and except for those of the same ilk and ignorance it continues on. They iggnorant and haves will re elect you and all of you while the rest hope for change. When you place hope in aperson it is by their works, deeds and record that your hope is strengthened. Where is it here, just where?

Yes Americans are frustrated with losing our employment, our homes, being robbed, plundered, lied to, abused, taken for granted and ridiculed by our so called leaders, yes our employees, who brought this all upon us and that’s a fact as your records or lack thereof demonstrates. That is those who brought this upon us. So thanks for showing your true color because color really never was an issue with most decent average Americans just who you professed to be? To use Dr. Kings words is meaningless without using the mans actions. He did. No, but what you believe in and evidently what you say demonstrates you may have more in common with your pastor then you think? Hey, hold up a mirror and play back your words. Yes, let the buyer beware can sure be applied here and I do mean across the board. 

To vote any of them back into office is in my opinion an individual blight on our nation and us all and that is just one man’s opinion which I think may be held by quite a few? Choices and hope equal zero, nada, zilch, nothing. More of the same. How sad, how very sad we have surrendered.

I refer back to Disney and the Ending in the Hall of Presidents changed during Mr. Clinton’s reign and paraphrase it. If the nation is to fall it will be by no outward army, no it will be from within. Rhetorically, has that already happened? Rhetorically can we say we have handed it over to the haves for their use? Yes, like the cultures and societies of old, the people did not know it until the walls were breached that it was over.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Tuesday, April 15, 2008
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