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Lets take a look at finance.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

I guess the intent of this article is to solicit idea's as to how this group of intellectual elites is going to change our current environment for the good of Americans? Notice I said Americans. It just strikes me that they made the mess so why don't they understand what they did, or failed to do that caused it? Perhaps, just perhaps now it is all by design, or might one imagine they just don't care to, or perhaps to be kinder even have the ability to, even with the paper on the wall? You make up your own mind on that one.
So lets use simple everyday economic reality as an example. As we all know as fact, whenever you purchase something they will run a Credit Check. These days that will kill many right then and there. Certainly today many are in default and that spans the range from the higher professional levels of society to the lowly average American. So that aside and assuming you might get approved, here are a few examples of the finance mess which I am sure you understand.

Lets take purchasing a new car or different car. Do you really know how many rejections of credit are made daily for persons trying to purchase or upgrade or just plain refinance for a new car? You would be shocked. So lets take a simple example. You have a vehicle you still owe $12000 on. The term of the note is still over 4 years. You go to a dealer and find your exact car, the one you currently have. The dealer is asking $13,000 for that car. Your not expecting to get retail for your car but you assume you have a pretty good chance of rolling a portion of what you owe into a new note. Lets say that according to all those Internet appraising agencies you "trade" you estimate is  worth at minimum $8,000 on trade and a retail of between $10,000 and $11,000.  Ok, seem fair?

Ok what we have is a difference of about $4,000 plus tax tag and title. So lets assume your OK with that because the dealer says they have rebates which will absorb the negative equity and their bank will go 125% over value. Sound good, right?

So they go and appraise your vehicle and come back with a trade value of $5,000. That’s $7,000 less then what they are asking for the same car and $3000,00 under what the Internet says it is worth. Now lets also assume your vehicle is in better shape then theirs and with less mileage, all else equal. How do they justify that disparity? Well their answer is risk. Why the risk, well frankly they are not moving cars. It is that simple so they pass all the risk to, you guessed it, you. NO risk for them. If they sell your car they made a profit on both ends. hey "it works for me".  If they do not sell it the cars must go to auction after 60 days, simple and pure. Yes and evidently the banks that gave you the loan are doing the same with their repo's. Yes the same people who gave you that $12,000 loan on you're car will now tell you they will give you $6,000 on the car you financed with them. That is still $6,000 less then what you owe. They are the same that will turn you down with the word of the century - listen carefully it sounds loud and clear in this day and age - unfortunately!

Now lets follow the domino of what happens when loans are not approved? Well we can suspect the car dealer is going to lay off people and continue to have high inventory and certainly turnovers in staff. Hey change staff and perhaps they will bring someone in. Their new list of 100. We can assume the bank will also be cutting back on staff, no loans, no need. Get the message? No loans, no sales, goodbye job, goodbye business, goodbye taxes, goodbye period.  
Yes take that further into every aspect of financing on anything and especially homes and you will see the end is not far away in my opinion. Oh sure a pause here or there but I'm talking about average bovine folks.
Now many who support free trade say trade is not the problem technology is. Well we can certainly say improvements in technology have put people out of work. Yet it is not as wholesale as moving entire factories off to Mexico, China or parts unknown. as they would like you to believe. No, and it is all about outsourcing, if you read my prior articles. Why do they downplay it? Why, because they support the new world order ideology and what would you expect them to say? We are the Oxen for the wagons. How simple can that be?

In my opinion it is what they have been molded into and are indoctrinated into. Yes, in my opinion these are not bad people. However, they really believe in their ideology and so did Hitler in his. Hitler found no fault in what he was doing and he even told us he was going to do it. Yes, in my opinion just like them but with a different approach. Yes and when he said peace he invaded. When he said not me, he did. However, rhetorically one might think that perhaps they are just lacking in a complete education, ill informed, lacking common sense and certainly indoctrinated by the theorist and ideologies of elitists, the powerful and the rich and those who live in another reality and who are the elite educated.

Yes, and quite frankly if one looks at them, in my opinion they are the true bovine who are led by the nose past the realities of the common man and real life. Their pride and ego going before them professing anything and doing what they will. Yes and all for the good of us poor Oxen. Sadly in my opinion many of them, if not most, know not the experiences of the common man or long since have forgotten them.

Ok once again, do you need another example of the many examples. Today the St. Pete Times talked about the "slavery environment" of illegal workers picking tomatoes in Florida. You know those immigrants? Could you see this all across the land and they do not call it exploitation or sin. No they call it productivity, good business, competitiveness. They want to make it all legal and it is called Comprehensive Immigration reform. Morality friends does not make money.
Yes and our Secretary of Defense, Mr. Gates wanting 750 million to train and equip foreign troops to fight terror when our very own sick children and elderly who are dying could use 500 million to continue programs for them. So why don’t we ask just why don’t these governments carry their own weight? Yes our blood, our children, our loved ones, food for the agenda of the few.Yet they will consider cutting that in a flash won’t they? Rhetorically, is it that these needy hinder the establishment of Free Markets by tying up funding? Rhetorically might we consider this action much like another person of history who got to the point he did away with the members of society who were sick, disabled, old? Never happen, well think again. Yes, certainly not in the same way that person did it but yet could it possibly produce the same results?  This ideology is not about people and their deeds speak to that opinion.

Short of revolution we only have one path to use, our dollar and our vote. For average Americans we have nothing left of the worthless paper they are producing.  So we must in my opinion, if average people are to survive, join together and vote them out and keep voting them out until they learn that people are more then just cattle. To believe that these people will ever do something for the workers is frankly in my opinion to accept their belief that we are truly bovine. Sad but true.

So in my opinion when all else fails get out the broom and sweep it all away and start fresh. It makes good sense, and business, cut your losses and run. So in my opinion the new economic replacement system is at the door. Why, well if you read my other works you would know. I’ll give you one word MOO and they believe the cows will run eagerly for the hay, will you?

So unless state by state we take back what was ours we will reap more of what we sow. In my opinion this is no longer just about jobs, although jobs are at the core, it is about family, survival, our nation and way of life. Should they suddenly find the honor, integrity, the values and beliefs they profess, perhaps, just perhaps they can make change. I for one will not hold my breath but I would be happy for them and for our nation if they did. They have greatness at their fingertips, that is if they could only understand it and grasp it. Yet they too must change and they must come to the realization they support a facade, a faulty system, a broken ideology. Only then will they do for the Common Good of all men. Implement Fair Trade, respect the common man, work for all Americans and as they like to say, truly make us a nation of fair law.

As I stated, the enemy is at the Gate and we have allowed it to go on for too long. Black, white, red, yellow, male, female, who gives a damn. What we want is someone who places America and we Americans fist. No financier, investor big shot, elitist, snob who’s only goal is money, money and money. Frustrated, damn right. How pathetic that they don't understand this or care to. I have to say Obama did make that point. Well Mr. Obama and the rest of you, do something not just talk about it. 
No it about time we all thought of "the common good". Stop dreaming of a Martin Luther returning in another person, a woman, or hero who says we will have 100 more wars for out children to fight. Stop looking at them as the catalyst for change and look at their works, who they support, what they do and above all what they fail to do, not their hollow words and empty promises. Do they love their country. i suspect so. But they have a much different vision then most average people. Do you think since they work for us they might jump on board the train and not take it somewhere we do not want to go?

The very sad part of it all is there is enough for all and yet they allow the greed merchants to steal it away. How pitiful. It is the story of man.

So you are hoping for change. Well my friends to get change and to bring it about, that is real change you, no one else, must, get out and do for yourself. That is the tool for real change. Change Congress and really Change America!

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio



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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Thursday, April 17, 2008
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What does it all boil down to?
we havent talked for a year but i think she might like me
If they really want to save money.
A nation gone astray by design or just plain incompetence?
Lets forget the package what have they done for you?
The balancing act begins.
So for all its intent and purposes the election is over.
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