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What does it all boil down to?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Day after day, time after time we see our present leadership in all walks of life doing what us bovine Americans, you know the common folk this nation was founded on and for, the opposite of all our values and beliefs. Yet, it makes one wonder just who likes, approves and votes continually for these types of people?

Well the answer is "unfortunately" the word of this century, there really are bovine Americans who must be led from pasture to pasture. Who are they I speak about? Well frankly they are someone’s mom or dad, aunt or uncle, yes a loved one. On in years they rely on trust, their beliefs, their values and frankly they many are taken advantage of. Theya re also our young being indoctrinated into the same belief system that we pay for. Can't get along with your young adult anymore and wonder why?

Yes and by the very same ones who come to them as sheep. Does evel ever come as evil? Does anything bad ever come as bad? Does exploitation ever comes dressed as such? No it always comes as light. Yes even while professing all Americans believe, God, Country, honor, integrity, trust they do the complete opposite. These types in my opinion are a product of a system gone wrong, values turned upside down, humbleness replaced by pride and arrogance and faith replaced by hollow meaningless religious professions.

What does this do to any society? Well in my opinion it breeds all that is negative. How you say? Well like the double dipping legislaors and government workers down in Florida. Yes all legal, how strange? Yes and like, the insurance companies who pass risk to homeowners and other policy type ownerswhile making astronomical profits. Then again like the greed merchants who peddle usury and financial ruin and those who create laws and systems that favor them. Yes and like those who would steal another’s life through stealing ID and be rewarded with citizenship and being coated as being good and decent. Yes, like the death or our fellow citizens in war because of inadequate equipment and poor leadership. Like a military stretched to thin to even defend out own shore. Like those caught up in storms and other acts of mother nature, unable to receive help from an ill prepared government while they arrogantly say "good job" to a crony then sell him up the river. How can we forget the outright dismantling and plunder of our nations industrial might, the ability to produce what is even necessary for defense, the outsourcing of jobs, the reduction in ones ability to provide for their love ones, the stealing of their future prosperity and on and on and on. How do you set that asaide for money? Rhetroically is what our President said indicative of it all "money always trumps peace"? Just what does that say to you, or do you even care to ponder it?

Yes they make themselves the true elitists. It is not that they have it all power, wealth, position. No average Americans do not begrudge them that. It is how they implement that, use that for the common good that is at the core of it all. Sadly while educated by the finest they in my opinion have been indoctrinated by these, our finest elite universities and those that other nations have to offer that hold to the same beliefs. basically it is my opinion that people evrywhere are no more then Bovine. Yes in my opinion this is an absolute truth. Why does one come to that conclusion or opinion? Well in my opinion how dare they say they feel our pain. Do they live with what they have given us, or an elite set of opportunities, insurance, benfits, rules? Their pain in my opinion is reduced profits. In my opinion, how dare they speak of God and belief to average Americans, a sick child and elderly mon when throwing them out onto the street, cutting their care, just how dare they while they pump billions, yes billions into these merchanats of ruin and exploitation? Help, give us a break, they no nothing, nada, zilch, zero about the very help they talk about.  Why, Just where my friends does it show in their works? Yes, what they have done or failed to do, just where?

Like I said just a moment ago, is it when they cut money for children who have cancer? Is it when they cut money for elderly care? Is it when they cut education when using that as a cornerstone for their re-election? Just where? Are you the bovine they speak about? Is what they percieve about people true? Well if we look who runs to the polls to elect them we have our answers, don’t we, regardless of what they profess to you.

Yes ask them when they say they like McCain, why? Ask them when they say Obama, why? yes, ask them when they say Hillary, why? Yes and they will give you the Easter Bunny answer, the package and no substance. No certainly those who HAVE love them. They would by simple logic. Why wouldn’t anyone making money not like them? In fact that is their audience, not average Americans. They just happen to need the cattle to get elected.

So the laws of economics, give me a break. This is about a new global order, period. Rhetorically, could this reason be why those who wage war and hate us are of that opinion? I have no problem with this new Global order, just who and how it is being implemented. they have left out care and fair. Could that be why the hatred ? is it that they see their values and way of life under attack? Yet, they also have their own greedy and exploiters, who we tolerate. Yes they exploit children, the elderly, their citizens and even Mother Earth for a buck. They are the new emerging capitalists which is really not capitalism in my opinion but a conglomeration of Capitalism, Socialism and Fascism economics.. Hey go and study the systems and you shall see what I am alluding to.

No frankly we elect people to lead. That is the premise of this nations founding. They do "The Will of the People" not their own agenda. Can you tell me honestly they do the will of the people?

So while nice, friendly, good family people they may be it makes no sense to elect them. Why, simply put and in my opinion, they do not do for the common good. They only do for the few, the haves and their ideology goals and agenda, truly believing, yes get that again, truly believing they are doing good. Why do i form that opinion? Well I ask you very simply, did not Hitler have the good of Germany in mind. Yes, emphatically. Certainly he was the iron fist of implementation but it was all about Germany.  Was he wrong? Well we have the answer in the implementation and the indoctrination. Does one have to go down the list? Get the message?

So while the package is marketed as good, just like the car dealer who says there is a warrenty on a used car, check their works. Yes, just like someone who says your entitled to, check their works. Yes just like someone who says they run a "Christian" business, check their works. Why, you shall know them by THEIR WORKS and I do not mean just Christains but all religious.

That I ask have you done? Hey your choice and your opinion to make a choice as you see fit but is it the choice you think it is and really best for you and yours?  My opinion says it speaks to who you are. Don’t know their works, then "unfortunately" in my opinion you are one of the bovine they are alluding to.

Now certainly they speak to things that sound good. I just haven't seen it in what they have done or failed to do. Certainly I and others have pointed that out many times. Could they sieze the moment and do what is right for America and Americans, certainly. I am just not looking for that to come out of this bunch. The only real change will come if they wake up to recognizing this. Like I said, I do not see as happening. So the only option, short of continuing down this road, is we make change. I will say sadly that in my opinion that will not happen in either case, yet I continue to urge all of you who are professing to be upset and who don't like being just cattle, to get up and show them. Change Congress Change America. It must be done state by state by state, town by town by town and we will send a message and you will change the course of this nation.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Friday, April 18, 2008
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