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we havent talked for a year but i think she might like me

By Allan Phillips(84)

there is this girl that was in one of my classes last year and when we met we would always be caught looking at eachother. our teacher let us sit where ever we wanted and we always sat next to eachother. we talked a few times but nothing to serious. a few weeks after thae class began she moved to another city sbout an hour away. now, a year later, i found out this band that she said she liked was going to be in concert. so i got her email address from one of her friends and sent her a message asking if she was going to be there and that i wanted to see her again. she didnt reply for about a week. but when she did she said that she was on vacation and would be able to talk a lot more when she gets home. then she asked me how i was and whats up. and sent an attachment telling me to get instant messaging. even though i havent seen her in a year i still like her but im not sure if she still likes me. i want to spend time with her but i dont want to make it sound like im asking her out because i dont want to scare her.      what do i do? how do i do it?

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Friday, April 18, 2008
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Comments on this blog post:

Yoke Wah from Kuala Lumpur: (42 days 8 hours ago.)
The most straight forward is you should meet her. Maybe b4 you can start with communicate with the instant messaging. After for a while, frankly mayb she might be not in to you(or it could be you either), before you take action better you should find both of you whether were still in the "same channel". May the Force be with you Always~

Dario zampa from Malta valletta: (30 days 4 hours ago.)
just be yourself and it will go fine . i need help to theres this girl i like and she told me a boy asked her out does that mean she likes me?
add me on zampatonio@hotmail.com plz and descuss it with me.when i ask who you r answer and say about a girl chat
tks ;)

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