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If they really want to save money.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Yes, in my opinion if our government leaders really wanted to make necessary cuts, save money an stimulate the economy they can start eliminating the bureaucracy they have created, which in my opinion is cumbersome, costly and produces nada, zilch, zero, nothing for the average American. They can also reduce exorbitant usurious rates on credit cards.
Lets start with these agencies. I am sure you can identify one or more. Hey I for one can go down the list item for item and agency for agency. How about Immigration and Naturalization? Just when and what, do they do? Twenty years my relatives are waiting to come here, following the legal procedure, paid three times and all the while millions cross the border every single day illegally and our, oh excuse me, those leaders want tor reward them for it. Yes, reward that young soldier who died fighting for this country yes, but not the ones who come to ruin someone else’s life through theft.

Yes in my opinion many of these agencies of the federal, state and local governments are but mere shells. Giant edifices holding thousands of workers all across this land and basically in my opinion just moving paper and keeping records. Yes especially if you owe anything. Recording and keeping records but with little to no teeth to enforce or to do to help the average American with a problem. Certainly some get help but just how many when one considers the size of these agencies and the costs? Yes they levy a fine which is meaningless to many companies. A cost of doing business and cheaper in many cases then doing what is right. Arbitrate, certainly they will try, but that leaves you no where when the other party does not care to. It is as simple as that. Throw the wright of the government behind you? Well wake up, there is no weight. Frankly the laws favor big business and the wealthy and in my opinion there is nothing short of having a good lawyer that wouldn’t do just as good or better. In fact many times they are the first to tell you that, civil court is the answer.

Yes in issue after issue where consumers, average Americans and average people are concerned, unless you have overwhelming evidence to support your case, you lose. At Will employment should be the premier sign of what I am talking about. It is a clear sign and symbol in my opinion of their focus and regretfully their character. Throw in all of the other ills that they have created and you have your answer, if you care for it.

Customer service, consumer protection, a facade. Guaranties and warranties not worth the paper they are written on. Recourse, where? Risk, all on the backs of the people and consumers. Yes, and all the fancy named agencies with layer after layer of staff unable to help or do anything because quite frankly the laws do not allow for such. The agencies themselves do not interact well with each other and by experience few to none can give you a direct answer or the right answer and in many cases any answer. Call this one, call them, sorry we don’t handle that, call here is the norm. Call your representative and their answer, have you tried, bingo, the very same agencies. It is so alarming one wonders just what anyone knows any longer in government as to how things function and even if they function? Our leaders seem totally devoid of any knowledge of how these giants operate and even if they do effectively.  All fancy named agencies in my opinion more like the Easter Bunny then you could imagine and with many high priced big wigs who seem to be able to double and triple dip when it comes to getting paid for what they do, or don’t. They have been indoctrinated and conditioned by a system that goes on into perpetuity no matter who runs it. In my opinion the system runs itself. These agencies seem to be for the most part always under staffed, have minimum budgets, are most of the time underfunded and frankly in my opinion, like I said, the Easter Bunny all wrapped up for consumption by us bovine Americans who truly believe the government will help us.
Have you seen the story last night on TV anbout the discarded mattresses? Yes in 98 the same story and today worse, ten years later. Now we have a warning tag and all the same we had back then. Yes and who do they sell these to, you got it the poor, theose who can't read English, those in most need. The city blaming the state, the state blames the national government and the money makers, well frankly they really don't give a damn. Morality, sin, help, no facade.
What about home owners in Florida who were swindled out of millions. "I thought the state was on ourr side but they are letting us down".  "They feel entangled in, get this, a bureacratic ordeal", as reported in the St. Petersburg Times.
So if they really wanted to make change and save money and really help average people then in my opinion step one is to eliminate these agencies. That is at the National, State and Local levels. So take those billions we waste and pump them into health care, the infrastructure, job creation, saving children who are dying and people in need. Then write some laws with teeth to protect people, that is if you have the honor and integrity to do so? Yes, sadly it gets down to that. Honor and integrity.
So If you are going to say you have agencies that help then fund them and let them do that, period.  As for the blatent usury it cannot be ignored, even while they do,  simply pass a  bill capping interest at credit cards at 12% and minimum fees and late charges and instantly they will help hundreds of thousands or more families and our nation. 12% is not a bad inetrest rate at all.  Yet, why would THEY want to do that? In my opinion no reason or desire for them to do that my friends. No, none at all.

So you are one of those who don’t believe it I’ll give you another real life example,as if that will matter, to read about. Yes another real life example you never experienced but many have but do nothing about, Moo.  A local service provider who I cancelled because their service was not what they professed it was I stopped weeks. However, they saw fit to send a person to the door to collect money on a disputed charge. After banging on the door I opened it and he gave me the "are you so and so speech and you owe me X". I said yes I am and I will be happy to pay you what I owe when someone gives me the courtesy of a call concerning my damaged TV. No problem sir we will have someone call. Thanks and goodbye. Yes, please ask your boss to give me a call so we can work it out. Little did I know that smiling person evidently went to the side of my home and disconnected my new antenna setup and took some of my equipment not theirs. Little did he know that was not his companies equipment, I purchased it. They had secured all their equipment weeks earlier. So now in effect they stole. It is as simple as that. Not to talk about their ethics. They didn't want to know about the $500.00 TV damaged by their representative. Now why would they?

Now in attempting to talk to them they shunned all attempts. That is the Big Wigs who run the show. After all who am I but a bovine nothing average American. The average people who worked for them were shocked at what had taken place but what could you expect. They can’t say much. They are bovine like me. So finally when I told them I was reporting a theft and I suspected they were the ones, they said they would call me back. Late last night I finally got a call they will be out next week to check the set and by the way no one told them about the stolen device that cost me $79.00 to replace. I just happened to remind them again for the third time that day.

So I called one of those state agencies that supposedly help the Elder Citizens of my state. Well what do you think I got? Never mind, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. Yes those state agencies that say, "we will be happy to arbitrate". Well, once again, how do you arbitrate with someone who doesn’t want to. Have you ever arbitrated with arrogance? State Attorney, you say, powerless. Department of Consumers Affairs, evidently out having an affair. FCC, check with your local area agency of which there isn’t one. Police, have you got a witness? Need I go further? Helpless, Easter Bunnies unable to provide any consumer protection. Just pay and shut up Mr. and Mrs. Bovine American.

So I have already listed multiple numbers of this sort of situations but who really cares? No one. We are what we are and evidently they have us pegged - Moo. So lets do away with them all and create a legal data base we can call. A menu list. Auto problems call lawyer Y. Customer Service, lawyer Z, etc, etc, etc. pay your fee and get the "unfortunately" letter which states "my client has done everything allowed and within the law", see ya.

So join with me in doing away with this needless overhead and misuse of Tax dollars. Let them apply it where it can do some real good. Perhaps finishing up that fence at the border. Maybe giving the money to enhance health are or education, but arbitrate. Arbitrate what?

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Saturday, April 19, 2008
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