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BREAKING NEWS! Promiscuous Mice Cured Of Sexually Transmitted Disease!!!!

By Robert Scott Bell(2,333) Robert Scott Bell

New HPV Vaccine Promising in Mice "[Richard B.S. Roden, lead researcher for the new study] said the mice used in this experiments had special immune system T helper cells for the vaccine to attach itself."

Hooray! Promiscuous mice will be saved from the ravages of sexually transmitted viruses. Wouldn't it have been cheaper just to teach them abstinence? I do not know what is funnier in this article, the fact that we can now theoretically prevent cervical cancer in rats, or the appropriateness of the lead researcher's name. Sounds like it could be an SNL skit from the 1970's. Since the '70's have just resurfaced, what is that War on Cancer all about in reality?

"What we have done is to try to develop a completely synthetic vaccine that would induce antibodies that would neutralize and protect against a whole range of these cancer-causing strains," Roden added.

The synthesizing of all life is only possible when you see the natural world as an enemy that must be conquered. In addition to a War on Creation, Nixon's Cancer War turned out to be a War on FREEDOM more than anything else.

Institutionalizing quack methodologies like chemotherapy and radiation in particular has succeeded in limiting your freedom to care for you and your family exclusively to that which has been approved and sanctioned by government.

Correct me if I am wrong, but that does seem to put government in a superior position to that which created it, We the People. Does anyone else find it even a little bit UNCONSTITUTIONAL that we are required to seek permission for the care of our bodies (and minds) from the government our forefathers created over two centuries ago? A form of government, by the way, with the specific and limited mandate to PROTECT INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, not trample upon it with mandated drugs, vaccines and surgery. The rodents appear more free than we are at this point.

I am going to go out on a limb here and demand an end to the War on Cancer and the subsequent restoration of health freedom -- as a fundamental freedom to and for humanity.

Just to clarify, this does not mean that I acknowledge a "right" to health care. There is no such right. A right cannot be a right if it requires stealing from another for its free exercise. I realize that this may be too complex a perspective for the smartest woman in the world to understand, much less another bar attorney senator from Illinois.

Of course, when they say "universal health coverage," what they really mean is a single payer system for pharmaceutical disease management. Never mind that it's not even a right, it's a stupid choice in paradigm.

Let's call it what it would be in reality: Universal Sick Care. Will Hillary and Obama approach the Federal Reserve for more paper to pay for that which could not exist in a free market? And if they do, what of the paper dollars you still hold? What will they buy? Certainly not health freedom.

Here's a friendly reminder for you: If you vote for the lesser of any evil, you still cast your vote for evil. Unless, that is, you have the courage to support the good doctor, Ron Paul, a true champion for constitutionally-limited government.
Robert Scott Bell is a Homeopathic Practitioner and
nationally syndicated talk show host on Talk Radio Network.
To read more of his articles, listen to his podcast and more,
Click Here

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Wednesday, April 23, 2008
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