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New Migration of Immigrants in Northern Virginia.

By Mike Fak(18,246) Mike Fak

Posted Tuesday, April 29, 2008
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The County Board of Prince William County in Northern Virginia is being made to look like fascists. They have decided to stem the tide of illegal aliens in their county and now the immigrants both legal and illegal are leaving for greener and friendlier pastures.

The county was pressured into action by the huge financial burden of having to accept illegal immigrant children into their public schools. Moreover they were required to have classes available for students who didn’t speak English. America is the only country that requires the country and not the immigrant assimilate the cultural divide.

What Prince William did actually is simply enforce the federal law that no one in Washington wants to demand be enforced. Police in the county are checking the immigration status of crime suspects and if they are illegals they are turning them over to immigration authorities. Now they aren’t just walking up to people on the streets and demanding identification. What they are requiring is that individuals who are suspected of breaking the law, or have broken the law, provide valid proof they are even supposed to be in this country.

This debate about the fairness of checking an individual’s immigration status is only happening in this country. No other country in the world allows such a gross import of undocumented individuals without some sort of safeguards as to who is here and what are they doing.

The school district states that the law has had a marked decrease in students attending the county’s public schools. Almost 888 students previously enrolled in their schools have now registered in neighboring county schools where no one cares if a person is getting a free education paid for by legal citizens, including Hispanics.

The spin by neighboring counties is heavy. They continue to use words like foreign born when discussing the immigrants. Yet the language classes they require schools conduct are not in German or French or Italian; they are in Hispanic. So let’s be honest and just admit the system is set up to teach immigrants from Mexico who don’t speak English and really don’t have to learn, thanks to our nation’s refusing to demand our heritage be maintained and not some other country’s.

The counties also claim that many legal immigrants are being driven out of Prince William County as well as illegals. It is by the very nature of our laws that this is happening. Two illegal immigrants who have a child in this country are still illegal but the child is considered an American and this is where the rub comes in on claiming legal immigrants are being punished.

The law of two wrongs creating a right was not the intention of the founding fathers when this immigration loophole was included in our laws. It just never would have dawned on them that people from other countries could come here with total disregard to our laws and not be challenged.

The situation should be perfectly simple. If a person comes here legally and properly, they should be afforded all the rights this country has to offer. If they sneak into our country and flaunt our laws of sovereignty and demand we adjust to them, we should send them back.

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Tuesday, April 29, 2008
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