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What can anyone call it?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Yes I have written to this topic before so those who read my work already know most of what I have to say. Yet it is important that the lessons be learned and the considerations be made lest it happen to you. We all might conceive that if this nation is to fall, oh you don’t believe that, well think about Rome or any other great civilization, the end came from within, corruption, greed, exploitation and a lack of virtue and character, so why not possible here? Sound familiar to anyone? So as we go down the list of essential elements isn’t it strange we come to the military first? You would think as the only worlds super power we would want to maintain that? So is the destruction of the military intentional or because of incomptence?
 I have spoken to this issue for over two years now or more and unfortunately, to use the word of this century, it has now come to pass. That is, our military is not what our government has been professing. We are, believe it or not, as one who must listen to those in the know say woefully inadequate in critical area's. Just the other day a major military leader said openly we would be had pressed to fight another conflict. Sorry he just found out even after all his education in the art of military warfare. Well where was and is the outcry of concern? Well we are not talking weapons we are talking boots on the ground, equipment support, etc. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the noble experiment of allies joining to together, is a failure. What allies? A few here or there in minute numbers insufficient to do the job?  Can we make do? Well we will have to but for how long? Does Bataan sound familiar? Are we impotent, certainly not. We can still wipe you off the map. Yet that is about our only option left. So if you are an aggressor nation I still would think twice, like Japan should have, another history lesson, before attacking us. Just one aspect of the entire picture.

Now here is some more information concerning what they allow, promote, do not object to, support even while professing God. Yes they know it as fact. They allow it just like thgey allow illegal workers into this nation. Another fact, no lie, tale or falsehood. It has been going on for decades. So go ahead and examine the economy from the view point of Credit Cards alone. If this entire topic does not smell of immorality what can or does? Frankly minimal action by these so called leaders could save multitudes of households from financial disaster. Will they take that action? Well you will find out shortly. Give us a break. What about Foreclosure help? As we understand and as reported today very minimal action and as the president even said, thats strange, it supports lenders and speculators. The ones who got us into this mess. How strange they would do that. Don’t you think?

Yes, we should all now be informed  of the Foreclosure mess and our friendly bankers and the help theya re giving citizens. Believe that one and I do have a bridge in Brooklyn that has been sold a few times and you seem like a good candidate for it again. Yes those usurious rates, fees and penalties that these companies charge that you are not interested in but will when it comes home to hit your business.  So here is a real life example from an experience of someone I know quite well. No not I but let me say close to it. He missed a payment and his rate went to 31.9%. Of course his monthly payment went up more then double. Now he was unable to pay the full amount since he was out of work. So as those with "intelligence" say to do, he called his friendly Credit Card company. Now His payment went from $100.00 a month to over $250.00 a month. So with one month behind, the next month due, late fees, charges and daily interest at 31.9% his total amount due is now $800.00 plus dollars a month. He couldn't pay the first amount what made them think he could pay this? So do they have a plan. Yes, you are a lucky person. We have a plan that is you promise to pay $275.00 a month for the next four months and not miss a payment we will bring you current and not report you to the Credit Bureau and your balance will be what you owed us before all this. Wow some break, you do the math. What if I’m late a day? Well then you are out of luck. Take it or leave it.


So what choice does the person have? Oh sure you can badmouth him all you want. Well my friends up until that point he was just like you. He had a decent job that went bye, bye. He used all his savings, stopped all the frills and still couldn’t get a job in America. Oh, I’m sorry perhaps one for $7.25 an hour. I’m sure that will pay the $800.00 plus he now owes these companies just to get back to start point again. Can this issue be resolved, most certainly. Will it, don’t hold your breath. There is no need to solve or resolve it and that's a fact Jack as the movie line goes. Oh yes and they will, get this, ruin his credit. Hello, he doesn't have any you took care of that.

Well what about his mortgage to that the banker who does not want to know anything about him any longer? Yes the same banker who will short sell to an investor but won’t work it out with him. Yes they are our neighbors. Yes they attend the same church. Yes, what does that mean? Yes and the utility company who says pay or off it goes and all those who have, but could care less, hey many are believers, right, so what? So if we expand this to the garbage about retooling workers, growing jobs, education, etc, etc, etc, you, that is if you really are not the bovine they speak to, can you still possibly believe they have your interest at heart, can you? Do you still believe in change?

Well sadly the haves, the got’s, the greedy, worldly types, even while professing the opposite truly love them all. In fact turn on TV and you see the same ones who campaign running up and shaking their hands. Yes another "Great Job Brownie" in my opinion. Remember we are not talking personal here but leadership or lack thereof.

Well sadly, as one voice, I have to fall back on why bother? Remember that cable company I wrote about a few articles back. Well that same one is charging a widow, 85 years old, $305.00 for a DVR  and remote that was destroyed when her home burned to the ground via a fire caused by a plant next door to her home. They demanded their money now. Hey she has insurance. Hey don’t believe me check out ABC in Tampa. Yes they wash their hands of everything. Rhetorically, after all doesn’t she know who they are and how big they are? I don't see any brightness in their executives house, do you?

So just what does it all speak to? Do you even know? Really, do you even care? Well my friends if you don’t understand by now. If you are really content with it all? Then you are either the bovine, the ignorant, or a hypocrite who just does the opposite of what they espouse or profess. I’ll leave it at that. You, well lets just say you know exactly who you are regardless of what you call me or others who just speak to it like it is.

What I have given to you herein and other articles is what is happening as reported to be happing by many sources and what these politician’s have said openly and what they do or fail to do. The dye is cast, the fate sealed and you will get, with many and the entire lot, exactly what you want.

As for average Americans, the working poor, understand this, in my opinion you will lick the crumbs from their table as it has always been and you will be grateful and say or do nothing, while saying thank you and something like the President said after Katrina, "good job Brownie".  As for them, in my opinion, well they will stand in high places, professing. They will sit in honor at the banquet. They will come as light while hiding the truth in the dark and yes, they are in my opinion, along with the rest who support them, the true Easter Bunnies of this world. It is what it is and the truth does not lie and their works go before them, what they do and what they fail to do. Just look all about and tell me if you can't see, read or hear about the work of their hands?
Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Thursday, May 08, 2008
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