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Just how bad is bad?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Have you stopped to wonder just how bad things really are? Well lets look at few things that do not require a masters degree to understand. Our illustrious Congress seems hell bent on making the rich even more richer at the expense of everyone else. The new Farm Bill, particularly for those farmers who grow food stuffs used to produce ethanol rewards the very rich growers. Now when you hear farmer many understand the family farm. Well my friends grow up a bit. We are talking about people who own it all and couldn’t tell you what a pair of work clothes looked like. In fact they sit in big cities collecting $$$$$ on unused land. Yes and even this President is against this bill. Yes the Democrats who control congress have allowed this bill to be loaded down with little goodies. Yes, wasn’t this the party who was going to bring change? I think so and you believed it, rightM

Ok we now have the bill concerning home foreclosure. Yes as I mentioned weeks ago, in the opinion of many this helps the banks, finance companies and speculators more then the people who need it. Yes and once again even the President has spoken out against it. Could it be he is feeling the pressure?

Ok lets move to states. I can speak about Florida having experienced what is in my opinion approaching anarchy, ok perhaps a bit strong, but at least mismanaged. Yes I live in a state where Wal mart is the second largest employer.Speaks to future, no?  It is called a service state, which translates into more low paid employment then good high paying employment. Yes here in this state where 1/3 of the household budget goes for fuel either in the gas tank or for electricity the state government has done nothing about Public Transportation. What does that mean to people traveling 50 miles one way daily to work? What does that mean for the value of homes in Florida’s suburbs?

Of course we should throw in the cuts to critical services for the elderly, children, poor and stressed families, education. Then again you would think they would address the bureaucratic mess in their agencies. Yes by experience and opinion one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing and million or more down the tubes. Like an example, stop by, they haven’t taken me up yet on the offer.

So regardless of if talking the national level or the state level anywhere in this union we have problems. Yes problems from top to bottom. So Just how bad is bad? Well I suggest if you don’t know you go back and read my articles on this site.

Now just an opinion but how, yes how, can anyone really, intelligently, with reasoning and weighing of outcomes like these candidates, or any currently in office, just how? I’m sorry their works and what they have done or failed to do just do not equate to being able to fix what they caused. In my opinion they have to be the same as they are.

So if you want the truth, don’t just listen to one source. Read, use the internet, listen to people who are talking, investigate and make up your own mind. Yet there is no rocket science in this. It is all there for anyone who wants to know it. Frankly if Hillary drops out, my money is on the new black president. Just an opinion. Oh and yes and just an opinion, it will be difficult enough just being black, but a ultra liberal, Globalist, well just a word of advice to the young man. He better be one for all the people and do for all, the pressures on him will be enormous not only from his own but from all directions. If I were in his shoes, I’d start forgetting all those people "offshore" he is so damned worried about and get things right here at home first.

Just an opinion.

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Friday, May 09, 2008
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