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Character, culture verses arrogance and incompetence?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

If that isn’t the epitome of what is happening today then what is? What we are talking about here in my opinion is Character. You must understand that character pertains not only to individuals but to organizations of every size, operating for multiple reasons. From government to church, to private enterprise the company or an organizations culture is created by the character of its leaders. Perhaps that is why economic principals utilized for eons do not work any longer? Rhetorically, perhaps they never really worked but were used by persons, organizations and entities that had at least some character?

Certainly over the last few months of writing on this site I have addressed issue after issue concerning our economy and what is happening while giving opinion and fact. Yet the great "silent majority" remains just that, evidently silent. I have written to what the elite of America consider and define as Cattle and Oxen, the laborers, necessary to do what they need to have done and no more. Evidently they have a belief that we average folk anywhere on this planet are incapable and after writing I must say I am starting to wonder, not only about America but this entire world. As my earlier article said, it is not only an American problem.

Now why would they think this way while many profess the opposite? It really is simple if we they call bovine actually do stop to consider it. We do nothing about anything. Like the cows led out to pasture or the Ox fixed to the wagon we get up each day and do our job with little to no complaint. Yes even to the slaughter. If it wasn’t so absolutely true it might not be as sad as it actually is. Do we get involved, not I, "why doesn't someone do something"?

Now many things play into this complacency. However, why would we ever think people who have no character would ever understand? Rhetorically, why would anyone think that people who’s only goal, desire, agenda is power and wealth would understand? Why would you think that people who have been groomed, educated, indoctrinated into acceptance of this belief would ever understand?

So into the equation comes character. Yes Birds of a feather do flock together. Yes and when changes are made in an organization of any type what takes place? You got it. The new broom sweeps clean. Surrounding themselves with like thinkers and doers, or in the sad case of our nation and in my opinion the non doers. Even with the overthrow of a government the purge starts immediately.

So where do you see character or for that matter any of the other negatives I have stated in the title rearing its head? Do we see it in our Congress? If you say no, then why? Do you, yes you, not elect these same ones to term after term even while espousing they do not do the job? Rhetorically, do you see character in these candidates and why, when, how, where?

Well it does seem simple. Rhetorically, do we see character at the root of the loss of millions of American homes through foreclosure? Rhetorically as our trusted leaders do you see character in what they have allowed, done or failed to do? Rhetorically do believe 31.9% interest or greater is immoral when this is allowed to prosper? Rhetorically, can you find it in what they blatantly call "immigration" when it is in fact a crime? Rhetorically, is it when they bail out huge Global giants but can’t find a nickel or a dime for the old, the child, the sick? Have you found it in the pending farm subsidy bill which grants untold dollars to the rich and wealthy? Rhetorically do you find character in escalating fuel prices, which these leaders evidently didn't see coming, yea right? Rhetorically could it be in the dismantling of America piece by piece even while saying, get this, they are for the working man? Do you see character in their statements? Rhetorically could it be in their speech or race or gender? Is it fair to ask if it should not be judged by their works and deeds and not what they espouse or profess then what do you judge them on? So please tell us just where you see it in their works and who and why you feel they have demonstrated character?

Now I like to sum it up this way. We the People in my opinion are considered the bovine because we hope, we trust, we place our faith not only in them but our values, beliefs and ethics. I look at that and say noble. Now I also ask how many times do you need to be raped by the same before you think perhaps there is a problem or you have no problem with it? How many times must you sit their silent, mouth shut and accept?

Rhetorically is that why your voting for Obama because he is for change and together you will do it, right? Oh, not Obama, then it must be Hillary because she has what it takes to get it done and she understands, right? Oh, McCain because, well he stands for America, right? Yes you even vote back in the every same Congress, year after year after year while 81% say they are crooks, don’t do a good job, can’t be trusted. I don’t know about you but something smells? How can this be when they are a part of that Congress, came from that Congress that the vast majority of us say is broken?

So I ask you to look at the definition of Character and see where it is applied today, anywhere? Then I ask you to look at and examine yourself, yes you. Do you sit there, nod your head and get up and say, good article, no good, or whatever and go turn the TV on and get some munches? Hey only you know where you are.

So just what do you see Character, culture verses arrogance and incompetence? In who and where and why?
Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Sunday, May 11, 2008
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