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The bright spot for the haves of America.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Yes there is a bright spot for the economy for all of you who have. Just go on line and read the economic forecasts. Yes all positives and why wouldn’t they be, for now? In my opinion no substance just forecasts. It has to be that way. Well frankly you can do your own forecasts and most likely be right. That is for those in the $60,000 gross and up income category of all ages and types because billions are being spent and all sorts of manuverings to keep the ship floating.

Yes, you can stop whining about the extra money for fuel, taxes, homeowners insurance, food, auto insurance, Comprehensive Immigration, the war, Katrina, infrastructure because frankly you will elect the same bunch and you will continue to pay. It is simple economics, politics and fact. Don’t believe it I don’t care. It is what you want and if I am wrong it doesn’t matter in the least. It only matters if you are wrong.

Now who are these people I consider the haves? Well just today watching a morning TV show they had a segment on treating and eliminating cellulite. What does that have to do with the economy you might ask? Well here is the point on perception. When asked what the cost might be for an "average person" the response was about $2000.00 a treatment. Ok, just what does that say? Need another example. Well a local lawyer wrote an opinion article as to why everyone should have certain forms of auto insurance options like uninsured motorist coverage and not go without it, as one example. He described it as a very insignificant cost item. Well what is an insignificant item to someone making $15,000 a year gross? Get the point. People are forced to cut where they must to survive while the haves, well do you really think cost matters? Complain yes, get sure.

You see, as I have stated multiple times and as it has been proven to me by many elderly and average Americans they don’t know or care at this point what is truth and only know what they’re told and are uninterested at that. They can’t afford cable, a paper or satellite and when they do have it NASCAR, sports and reality TV rule the day. "What will be will be"= apathy.

Now who I call average Americans in my opinion will continue to slide down the rung of societies economic ladder creating an extra expense across the board for the haves. It will impact them in more ways then they realize. In fact those getting their Social Security, well keep hoping and hard, for possibly they just may be joining them very soon? So this slide down will mean more family problems, more crime, more violence, more social services, more taxes and more money, etc, etc, etc.

Why, well does one have to really repeat it all. Not I, the answer I and others have been writing to have has been blazing across the media day in and day out as well as being written to by untold numbers. America in my opinion is now a society for the haves and the haves only. Oh sure a crumb here or there for the have not’s but as I have said, the moral, ethical and just plain religious reasons that many profess openly have nothing to do with business. When it comes to making money only money and making more is important and regardless of what nation you are talking about. If you are outside America just take a good hard look at your own.

So in my opinion average Americans and yes the average and poor all over this world will continue to be the cows and Oxen for the haves. They will continue to bleed and die and be raped and plundered, exploited, harassed and reduced physically and financially and emotionally by those who seek power and wealth, markets and control. Hey "money always trumps peace" doesn’t it.

So please do not take offense when I write to the facts and the truth for in your heart of hearts if you answer truthfully you know. Sure you may not like the current circumstances, they do hit your pocket book, but you know something, you evidently for the most part continue supporting the same ones. Why, well you cover it nicely by calling it hope. In my opinion perhaps you actually agree with them?

So with this stimulus will come, as it has already, the good news that will make you all feel good. Yes and fuel prices will come down some and you will feel even better and yes all the statistics and government facts will show positive. Yes and you will Moo as loud as ever.

However, where the tire meets the road we will still have all the same problems. Where the tire meets the road after the election what will be? Will jobs suddenly pop up? That is good paying, stay here, worked by American jobs, out of the blue? So why bother as I said. As the song goes "what will be will be".

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Tuesday, May 13, 2008
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