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Just how do people justify voting for these candidates?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Yes that is the real question just how do people justify voting for these candidates? It certainly cannot be on what they have accomplished, the fruits of their labor. Just what have they done for the common man? Someone just stated to me that they are voting for Obama because he was a civil rights lawyer and he is for Comprehensive Immigration. When I asked if she thought his position was moral she got offended. Well why would it be moral? It is not "immigration" by any means. It is what it is in truth, the blatant breaking of civil and Gods law. I then asked if she thought his position on usurious interest on Credit cards was immoral. She said he had nothing to do with it and Bush was at fault. Oh, really and from one who flaunts her degree. Does she not know by his failure to not do, that he allowed this to take place and it is immoral. Just ask the common folk who suffer under its yolk.

So when we get right down to it, the young and college educated, well in my opinion forget about it, cloud nine. They are interested in the wrappings, package Easter Bunny in my opinion. It is not about content it is about senses. In my opinion memorize and pass the test think, what is that?

The older crowd. Well hey are either part of the have structure or totally living from day to day. The have portion in my opinion and for the great majority of them know nothing about the real issues. Those who do know are happy having their savings passbook updated and the rest well in my opinion they don’t know anything or really don’t give a damn.

Now minorities, well dare we say lest offending them with the truth, enough said. So as I stated awhile back the election is really over so why all the fuss? We will proceed as normal with a few tweaks here and there to soot the wild beasts, the cattle and oxen needed to do the labor and we will continue with the program.

So when I ask why any of them I get the big zero, nada, blank, nothing, zilch reply. Why, because they know what I am writing to is the Gospel. They’re not part of that Washington crowd, well how do they dare stand there and say that? Better yet how do you stand there and accept them saying it? They fight against immorality, upholding the law, trade deals that favor America, against outsourcing? Do they really?

Oh, its Mr. Bush and Dick Cheney who forced them to do it and you buy that. They had no hand

in it at all right? Please give us a break. So why do you vote for these types? Well f rankly there is no answer other then what I have been writing to. Factually it hurts to know the truth and frankly people flee from it. Never the less it does not detract that it is what it is.

In December 2006 I wrote the late Great Nation of Ozonia which was posted on Searchwarp.com. This article is a fictional tale about the rise and fall of the nation of Ozonia It talked about the formation of the nation from simple beginnings to a super power. That nation was formed on the principals of freedom and for the good of the common man, for the common good and cause of all. It also spoke of it’s dismantling by those in search of a new ideology, profits and greed. It also spoke to the signs and symbols of a society in change and unawares it was even disappearing right in front of them.

Yes in the end the people of Ozonia woke up to find what they had was no more Is that something we all should be considering or at least us average Americans? Frankly and in my opinion it matters not. Why because while I write facts people prefer to relate to the articles that marsh-mellow the truth. Yes they really find more in common with those who are more like them. Yes the same ones who can’t answer the questions either. Who have no answers.

Why, because it makes people feel more comfortable, not right, just comfortable. So I as a writer I step out of my comfort ands safe zone every day to try and bring some food for thought. I don’t ask you to agree with my opinions, nor what I say. I just ask you to consider. I open myself to be criticized or ridiculed for the sake of dialogue.

Yet, as I stop to think, there is no dialogue with truth, there is no answer to truth, so therefore there can be no retort, agreement, different opinion. So as I close I understand the many things I have not written to on this site that I could, but you already know what they are in what these so called leaders, business people, church leaders, etc, etc, etc, do or fail to do. Perhaps you just do not card to hear it or face it? Sadly, you evidently want more of what they give you?

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Thursday, May 15, 2008
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