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"The Lull Before the Storm".

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

To get to the depth of our economic situation one must begin to grasp what in my opinion are the root causes. Without trying to outline the issues all over again which have placed our nation at the very precipice of what is in my opinion collapse in my opinion it is about Character, in people and the nation. When I say collapse I am speaking to the nation and not to any segment that comprises the nation. As you already know, we are a nation of haves and have nots. Of the haves who make up 85% of the population, a very small minority actually own 85% that, which leaves 15% for those remaining to share. The remainder, or15% of average Americans, working poor, plain poor, well they do not fit anywhere.

So as we take a real look and not a superficial look we see the root cause abundantly clear all about. I have tried to define them as sin, morality in essence character. For if we lose our values and character we then are not in any way what we were or profess.

In issue after issue, items after item I have addressed what is professed, what is done, what is not done and what the impact of that is. What the ramifications are. Sadly, if you speak to an issue concerning morality one does not think that has an impact on economics. Well in my opinion how totally wrong they are.

The basis for all economic order and success stems totally from the persons who implement the agreement, write the laws, enforce the laws, administer, carry out, oversee, are intrusted to do for the common good. When that no longer exists we open ourselves to chaos. Hence the current situation.

Now as I have been saying the haves while impacted are not as significantly impacted as the lower levels of society until the ramifications turn back up the ladder, as I wrote "trickle up", economics. When the trickle stops they will feel.

So when they say more jobs, what kind of jobs? What do they pay? What industries? Who gets those jobs? Are they long term, American worker jobs or more like the 2nd leading employer in Florida Wal Mart jobs? No, do you here it defined when they say jobs are being created?

Now you turn small business people and ask them what is happening to their costs, sales, etc. What about car dealers, can’t close a deal. Refinance your mortgage, what are you kidding. Credit Card debts strangling that 15% and upwards of many haves. Yes you have not heard the worst of this. Give it 6 to 8 months before it hits the fan.

So you are no fool, read and see the signs and symbols all about. The culture is changing because we reward the breaking of law and sin. It is as simple as that. Comprehensive immigration, well the truth is it is not immigration and no one, yes no one can define it as such. Immigration is a legal process. How about elderly people living off of $650.00 a month and can’t get any help because frankly they are not the correct race. Oh, my God he said it. Well the truth hurts. Just fact if you care to look? The people who administer it can tell you that’s a fact. Just go to any hospital, social service office, school, etc, etc, etc and see who gets the help, almost automatically. No, well who really is the racist? Also listen for the tone, inflection, lack of care or concern. In my opinion we have become a nation of arrogance, conflict, pride and ego, etc, etc, etc. You can see it anywhere you care to. It is right there, everywhere. One just has to use their senses.

Well our government talks about budget and waste and then they add pork barrel. They cut funds for children, the elderly, the struggling. They pass bankruptcy laws to protect lenders who took a risk and also those who took a risk on "unsecured debt" yes and OUR REPRESENTATIVES want to instruct us. Rhetorically do they need a mirror? Their agencies do not function and I defy anyone of them to come and debate me on any issue I have ever written to. Mr. Obama, your coming to Florida, come by and lets talk real issues. For that matter any of the candidates. They won't

So even though you hear as reported in the AP today:
"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Friday that financial markets are "considerably calmer" now than they were two months ago. He predicted the economy will be rebounding by the second half of this year."
Untill we address truth, character, morality and all that is we will continue down the path we are on. Yes it will get better because there is an election. Yet the root causes are still there. They are not going away with this bunch. They may provide a breather, but you know what the old saying is, "The Lull Before the Storm".  Just who is it getting better for?

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Friday, May 16, 2008
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