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When it comes to $$$where does America’s allies stand?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Hey did you see the big pow wow between South American leaders and the European Common Market the other day? Yes pushing free trade between the two. Yes America's, allies. Yes they are so enthralled with each other they are pushing for maximizing implementation. Yes, in my opinion its all about, cattle and oxen and profits, oh I’m sorry, people. Rhetorically so you think they smell blood and like any predator are sweeping in for the kill? Hovering awaiting our fall?

Well take a hard look at America’s position in this world and if you can honestly say we are a world power economically then that bridge is still up for grabs. Yes if we can look at what is taking place right before us and as being good for us then just what can anyone say on the subject?

The UN themselves said the world economy is "teetering on the brink" of a major downturn. CNN stated "the world economy is on thin ice". Do you think it is because America is no more? Who is going to buy those "American" goods made offshore by cheap child and slave labor? Do you think those workers can afford to buy on the peanuts they pay? How much more is it going to cost for those products to get here to market? Yes and like I said who has anything left to buy it. The rich, well they don't need it. They play with bigger toys.

What I am saying is everyone breathes for themselves. Allies, yes, who and where?

So while the dollar sinks lower and our American leaders talk of revival and costs are soaring, homes being lost, credit cards on the verge of collapse, yes collapse and peoples monthly payments going from $100.00 a month to three and four hundred a month all is well in Lolly pop world for all the suckers. Yes, why answer the phone it is only that bill collector collecting for all that unsecured debt. Yes my friends is that new world economic system right over the horizon? What am I saying? Well just go back a few articles and read.

Yes and all the while our leaders talk of revival. Hey have you seen a real revival yet? No, and I don’t suspect without good, stay here, American jobs for America workers you will see one economically. Oh sure things will get better before the election. Did you really think they wouldn't? Did you really? Are you really that naive? When they talk, they talk haves, period. Rhetorically, perhaps that is why the polar ice is melting, too much hot air? The have not of America are long gone.

Well good news right? Interest rates so banks can  borrow are low, yet, do you see any loans going to average people? Those who don’t need a loan can get all they want and at good terms. The rest of America. Well "unfortunately" your beacon, FICA or debt to income ratio and  what income you do have is just too low. Please why can’t you see the tree’s for the forest. You don’t need an economics degree to understand people are not paying their bills except for the mandatory have to types when they can. Bank deposits are down. Pensions are being hit and people can’t refinance even though the rates are low.

Hey the credit agencies that help this mess can’t keep up with all the negatives they have to post and if you checked your credit report you just might find someone else’s information on it. Think not my friend? Well just what can one say? Do haves need these reports? You can bet your last buck they do not.  Yes, I guess it is true that you can lead the cows to water but you can’t make them drink.

Yes and certainly we understand people will still purchase for special events but no more on the arm like before and not those big ticket purchases. So while you who vote for these types and hope, I ask hope on what? If you are one who has you will still have more then the rest when it all collapses and in my opinion and that of many it is close to that right now for us average and poor working people.

Yes and these politicians who want to raise taxes. Well who will pay for it? The rich, hey my friends many are moving off shore along with all their assets. Just read the paper my friends. Rhetorically can we assume that is God bless America, yea, right, but from this bunch?  Yes and these same free market thinkers blame those of us who speak to morality and ethics when we discuss these matters as knowing little of economics. Rhetorically they evidently do and that is why we have the mess we have? Yes morals are at the heart of it all. They talk of everyone prospering and benefiting. Yes tell that to someone who lost a job and can’t feed his family or pay his bills. Oh a product of technology. Yea right. Hey it’s a product of change, that is your unemployment and when you elect this bunch I can only in my opinion, learn Spanish and fast.

Of course technology has a role but are we fools? Yes and they talk of labor but never cheap, inexpensive labor, reducing income levels, salaries, eliminating benefits, paying a living wage, exploitation, salve labor, etc, etc, etc. Yes all moral when it comes to money, right?

Yes I do have to agree in the end it all boils down to people. Need I say anything else when it comes to money? "If money always trumps peace" then what else can be said? Free markets, nothing wrong with them. We just prefer fair markets where everyone prospers not just the select few.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Saturday, May 17, 2008
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