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It is only a name my friends, only a name.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Well since the decline in American manufacturing we continue to see products with All American names, supposedly manufactured by All American companies, but and that but is enormous, not here in America and chiefly with offshore parts and by offshore labor. So that grandma or grandpa, who though they were buying that all American car, appliance, or goods now can lookon the door of their car and find out where it truly was manufactured and with parts from all over the world. Perhaps that is why GE and American Icon, is up for sale. Yes and do your really think much of anything is manufactured here in America? Only the name my friends, only the name.

Go down the list item for item and you can see for yourself. Actually contents have grown smaller, sized downward and containing less even while the price continues to go up. Yes the same package [Easter Bunny] you always went for only less of it. Yes, much like our leaders. In my opinion the same nice package only less of it.

So they have now made the transition of America from an industrial nation into a service society. Ok just what does that mean? Well ask the second largest employer in Florida Wal Mart. Can we produce what we need any longer to defend our nation? You think we can, do you really, Moo. Does our system provide the really good jobs, high paying, stay here, worked by American type jobs they always say theya re creating or the Wal Mart service types? Do you really believe so, Moo. The real facts are that if you truly look you would be shocked just who has the good jobs. You can’t even pronounce their names and many from nations who are our sworn enemies. Hey its growth, technology, civilization on the march, right?

What it all boils down to is low wage jobs, low skilled jobs, clerks, telephone jobs, customer service, now there’s a joke, no benefits, lousy hours and on and on and on. Yet should we fear? Well if you are an average American, they don’t really care regardless of what is professed. In my opinion they just may be right, Moo. Now for the haves, they can out source, exploit with cheap foreign labor, profess what they want to and all the while do what they want to. They take the moral high grown but don't you dare speak out. It is all good for Free Trade and get this, it benefits people. Yes it sure does, the haves.

So are they all doing it, you bet. It is America today. All American companies, Red White and Blue, God and nation, yea, right. In my opinion and by fact It is only a name my friends, only a name. The rest is the Easter Bunny on parade.

Are there All American companies, certainly. How many, few and slowly dying away, hanging on. Yet you, you bovine as they call you, still go out and buy from them. Loyal to the core as you are with your politicians. Yes and all the while the noose gets just a little tighter. You know something, just like Saddam when they asked him at the gallows, if he wanted a scarf so his neck wouldn’t cut. He thanked them, yes, I don’t want to die with my head coming off or a mark now would you, gee thanks so much.

Yes my friends It is only a name my friends, only a name but what tale it tells is what you should be worried about.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Sunday, May 18, 2008
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