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Credit Worthy Consumers, what are they talking about?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Well you heard it and from the horses mouth or in my opinion some other part. In my opinion it certainly isn’t Mr and Mrs average America who has had their credit ruined, have been connived, cheated, run through the mill. Yes credit worthy in my opinion is when you have money and do not need their credit. Yes those who get the special financing rates, the loan approvals, etc, etc, etc. The rest of you low life’s, please go away you are ruining a good thing.

Yes and previously I spoke to Reverse Mortgages another joke for those who have no more equity, about 51% of mortgaged Americans and climbing. Yes we have heard similar definitions from McCain "responsible" and Obama. He used a different term that alludes me now. Try one of my earlier articles. Yes these defenders of Civil Rights. All I ask is for who?

Recently Mr. Obama when addressing the throngs that turn out to hear him [just what is he offering?] said we must learn to keep our thermostats higher then 72 and use our vehicles less frequently. Well does that speak to average Americans? Who has the gas guzzlers and who can afford their thermostat set to 72 even in Florida.

Yes my friends once again they evidently talk of another society that we average Americans in my opinion do not belong to any longer.

Now I realize the ones reading this are the haves of this nation and the world. Yes and even on my other site I reach more or less the same types. So in effect this is like an avalanche that happened that no one heard or saw yet it did take place. Existing but never known to the people it may impact.

The very sad fact is that these leaders sit there in my opinion as pompous fools spewing out their talk as if they speak for Americans. Yes "credit worthy Americans" How is your credit score? How is your FICA Score? How much are you paying on credit card interest? Are you nearing Foreclosure, or is it at the door? How much do you make at that service job? Can you feed your family. Well who really gives a damn, you are not credit worthy. Yes and they also do love Jesus.

So once again why bother? In my opinion we have become what they want of us no more, the cattle, the oxen to do their dirty work. How very sad the truth is. I for one have come to the conclusion that many average Americans will be total destroyed in more ways then one if not already. Crushed economically, spiritually, financially and in every aspect that is related to their life and their loved ones. They are, as a major cable provider said, a nobody as compared to us. Yes, you amount to nothing to them and even while they profess their hurt, they feel for us, yea right.

They have stated who their God truly is regardless of any words spoken. It shows in their works, what they do, what they fail to do. Now for you not to see, understand or ignore it only means to me one thing. In my opinion if you like them, what they do and what they stand for then you are exactly the same, nothing different. One can only make that opinion.

So as our leader sits in the chair and speaks about ‘credit worthy’ just what the hell does this man know of average, or everyday existence, of struggling families, just what do any of them know? Please give us a break. Yes ain my opinion please don’t talk about God we evidently believe in a different one, as demonstrated by their works and deeds.
So as my earlier article stated, the election is over and in my opinion it mattered not who got in.  So  let me ask this again Credit Worthy Consumers, what are they talking about?

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Tuesday, May 20, 2008
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