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Now that the campaign is over.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Now that the campaign is over, yes now that the campaign is over, yes over, I thought it a good time to clear up my position on the three candidates. Oh, you want to know why I say over? Well it is quite simple, it was really over when we got down to the three we have, no huge difference. So let me take this opportunity to say that while I probably have been considered harsh and perhaps my writings came across as personal it wasn’t meant to be. Apology, no, just to get things placed in the right perspective. They stepped forward and placed themselves in the public eye and asked for support. The only thing anyone with reasoning can use to determine if they care to support them is their works.

In my writings I have always tried to address the facts and the issues as they are, in what our leaders and what I see others as doing by nature of what they have done or failed to do and as reported in the media and as they professed themselves. Example, if they claim to be religious then I look for their deeds to demonstrate that to me. That is do they place Love of Neighbor first in their works? Does it show in the actions they take? To that I still feel confident I have been consistent.

Also, to that end some may think I may have been or are too harsh or critical? Well perhaps my choice of words may have given that impression. Yet, as I said this was never about people on a personal level, family and private roles. No it was always about their position on matters as our elected representative, so called leaders, which effect me and mine and us average Americans in their leadership abilities and their support of issues. As I review the issues at hand which I saw and see as immoral, wrong, damaging and harmful I formed an opinion of the situation and of those supporting that. Hey if you know someone stole, or you know something wrong is happening and you do nothing, then by nature of definition you have aided and abetted that situation. So that opinion is based on their results, what they delivered. Need I say more?

Example, I have asked this numerous times, if one cannot see usury as immoral then what is? If one does not see the absolute difference between the breaking of law and commission of crime and sin and legality then just what can one say? If one does not see in what has been done or not the direct impact to the American people and specifically average Americans and the poor, then what ever would make them see that? This is the essence of what defines a person and to use religious thinking or beliefs then no words or profession can alter or change that, except a confession and recognition of it, repentance and change.

Yes if one cannot comprehend by fact that these are, yes are the very same persons who gave us this, are part of that same establishment they say we need to change, even as a protegee to some of the most powerful in power, then truly what can one say?

If you cannot present the absolute truth because someone is black, a woman or a war hero then what can anyone say? Like I just stated, if one can find offense in stating they support those who commit crime, when in fact they say so themselves and demonstrate it in deeds,no certainly not directly but by their works on their behalf, then what can one say? Yes they may not see it as crime or sin or important but that does not change it. Have these candidates not taken stances time after time on bills and other legislation that a majority of Americans are against? I do not care of their record that is history, no I am talking now. Instance of instance can be given of good people not doing the right thing. No we are talking now. Does not the economy speak to what I am saying?

Now if one could change the truth, obscure it, hide it or call it something different it is still the truth. If a crime is committed in secret, or a deal that hurts someone directly or indirectly, is it still not a sin, a crime and evil? So why would anyone be offended or disturbed by the truth, that is unless it convicts? How many issues must we rehash, go over, talk about before you awake to it all? Does it really matter?

Yes my friends some might expect me to apologize and they may even call me a problem, a negative person someone who only finds fault. Yet I and many who support my writing see it differently. They see it as reality, as it is, what it is and no amount of smoothing over, hiding, ignoring can change it. For change to come one must recognize their faults, their deeds, their wrongs. It is as simple as that. The addicted cannot change until they accept they are addicted. Yes and even after they do to change is an enormous battle of will and determination.

So for anyone to think things will change with any of these candidates, with this Congress, with these leaders is in my opinion being no more then naive. I do not mean that to be offensive it is just what I am responding to by your zeal for these politicians. Yes, perhaps superficial changes, minor changes, but in my opinion no substantive ones. Remember there are no free rides in life someone pays the freight and in my opinion I know who will.

So as an average American feeling the sting of the words used by these arrogant, prideful, lovers of self who call people, a "nobody" and by their deeds, the work of their hands and the destruction it brings to people all over this land, I feel a right to speak out that there but for the grace of God goes another. Yes, a nobody now and in the scheme of life but most definitely needed now for their purposes and afterwards soon discarded. That is until he next time.

Yet I will wind it all up by saying openly, would that they come to the realization that they could do all they want to accomplish supporting the law and provide for those they support without allowing exploitation and greed or usury, that they can achieve all they desire with Fair Trade not Free Trade then I could change my position. I could bypass the past and I would hope to be able to support them. Yet sadly I know and recognize this is just being like the masses believing in a hope.

Yes, believe what you may but it never ever was about them in their personal, private, family role it is all about what they profess to be as leaders. What their perspective, views and opinions are and how that has inpacted this nation and its people. So, if you agree with them is that why you want to elect them, or is it because he is black, she is a female and he, well he is a war hero and you want to be part of history?
Like you I have my reasons. The only difference in my opinion is that I am not voting for the Easter Bunny or exterior package but solely by nature of their deeds, what they have done or failed to do. It matters not to me what color, race,, religion, sex, or what else as long as they are who they say they are. As long as that is demonstrated in their deeds, FOR THE COMMON GOOD OF ALL and not the select few! A very significant statement for those who reason.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Friday, May 23, 2008
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