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Four dollars and going up.

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Four dollars and going up. Yes a well known energy consultant predicted gas prices will continue to surge upward and with that guess what? Yes at some locations gas is already over $4.00 a gallon and rising. Never mind diesel fuel which is nearing $5.00. While gas goes up which way are we heading?

So along with all the other negative news just what does this bode? Well certainly workers are going to find it increasingly harder to get to work as gas prices force cut backs. Small business will fell the pinch even more and many will fold. It also means higher utility bills, way high, once that summer surcharge kicks in. As is already happening it will mean layoffs of the people at the very bottom of the ladder. Executives always have room for their own. This will place more pressure on everything else which is under severe pressure already. What do I mean?

What else shall you look for? Well your friendly local police force is not so friendly any longer. You see they are experiencing a downsizing as well. So how do you raise money for the budget? You got it, tickets and more of them and higher cost tickets and no breaks. Now the bad part is that the courts are also cutting back for lack of funds. Of course school teachers, programs, colleges are all cutting back. Yes that low end staff and the low end teachers. The administrators, well they are putting in for increases because they re so good at trimming the budget. Yes while they look for an increase in their expense account because, well you know, it is getting costly to drive to work and $600.00 a month just doesn’t cut it anymore for fuel and how far does $125,000 go these days for an executive? Hey have you seen how they have trimmed the budget. Everyone else will just have to step up and pick up the slack.

So just what is left for the consumer, the average American, the low end worker? Well the necessities of life my friend. All else takes a back seat. That is food, another increasing cost item, clothing, ok no more purchases unbless necessary, shelter, hey invest in cardboard and getting the mortgage paid. What about all the incidentals like cable, cell phones, satellite, vacations and paying your bills that you don’t seem to be able to because you are trying to balance them and now find the balance is being charged at 31, 32, 33% or higher interest along with fees, charges and penalties. Wash your clothes, forget it, better yet become a nudist. Got the idea, survival.

Now throw in the mandated items like the ever increasing auto insurance, home insurance, taxes and surcharges on your services and you have what can be summed up in two words as financial collapse.

So just what can our government say. Are they really going to agree with this analysis. No, because of one word, panic. No they have to continue with the facade that they are forced into making. They will certainly pump more good money, tax payer money into the bad to shore up the investors, the ones who got us where we are. They have to, no choice.

Hey, like I have said, this is not brain surgery? Supplies outstrip demand, like new cars, except for oil which there is not enough to meet demands and prices will go even higher, [that is after the election] credit no longer exists for the common average American. Jobs are on the low end, with layoff after layoff spoken of in the media every day. Outsourcing continues at the same pace and the foundation that carried it all is cracked and crumbling. That foundation was built on long term, steady, good jobs, worked by Americans and that just is no longer here, period. Manufacturing is gone as one candidate stated never to return and they have no answer, yes no answer to how to fix it. A lot of talk and hype equals hope. Oh yes and they are going to invest , yes but once again, WHO WILL GET THE GOOD JOBS?

No, in my opinion things will not change when families are trying to live off a combined income of under $40,000 gross and net just over poverty. When singles and young families under the poverty level and having to pay what I have outlined above and not getting help because states are cutting back social services for Americans but hey if you’re an illegal worker, go get em. How about a new car, forget it. Even the cheapest over $15,000 as a base model and used even higher unless you want one of those steals with over 100,000 miles and payments over $300.00 a month. Yes and that is if they even have credit. Add your car insurance at $300.00 a month and you are in the red already. Yes one dealer here advertising if you make $500.00 a week come on in and we can get you financed. Give us a break, around here and in Florida? Then you have those appealing to Hispanics and these illegal workers. Saying zero down and $99.00 a month, my amigo, my friend, my familia. Yes and then after the first month it shoots to $400.00. What do you think, ethical, moral.
Well there is only one answer and that is evidently not acceptable to these politicians and actually many who have. Now those of you who have money and are making money will have to wake up one day to the fact that your money has lost value,[ that's now]  earning power and is worth less then what it was even a year ago. In other words you are significantly poorer then you were even though you may not have not as yet felt all of the ramifications. CD accounts, please, what can one say?

Yes it is all about if you care to look and know. Yet why should you? It doesn’t impact you, right? So even though you do not care to know, you may be a little scared about it. Is your pension secure? Is your Social Security secure? Is your retirement portfolio sound? What if you suddenly have an unexpected need? Well my secure friend you will then find out.  Just don't say you didn't know.

So sit back, watch your cable, clean your golf cart, pull those weeds, water the lawn and go to Wal Mart and do nothing, nada, zilch, to change things. Yes go ahead and elect the very same people who in my opinion allowed for the plunder, pillage and rape of our nation. Yes the ones YOU LIKE. Yes and while you think, yes think it doesn’t impact you or yours, the Trojan Horse has entered the gates while you sleep and what will you wake up to?

So like I say, no not brain surgery. This is simple, no jobs, no pay, no buy, no spend, simple. What is so hard about all this? Yes and the measure of this failing economy is in the fuel crisis, the Credit Card fiasco, the Foreclosure mess, the giveaway free trade, free for everyone but America, the elimination of good jobs and there replacement with low wage service jobs, the filling of good jobs with foreign help and the mass invasion of low wage illegal workers over porous borders and the bailout of large corporations who have passed all the risk to us the taxpayers. Need one go on?

So keep your eye on the gas pump and the Credit Cards, because as that goes, so goes the nation. Homes, they are already gone to thos eoffshore who can afford them with our tax dollars and jobs.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Saturday, May 24, 2008
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