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Is it really an election of the people?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Is it really an election of the people? In the last Presidential election of 2004 just short of 122 million voters turned out. Well some may say that was great? The election was split almost right down the middle. However, what was glossed over was the fact, as reported in US News and World report, "that just over 51% yes of eligible Americans did not vote".
Now, as we can certainly understand, the numbers are up according to the same source for blacks woman and Hispanics. Needless to say we know who the majority of them vote for and in mass. So we already know the election is over as far as any real change that we can hope for and we know that regardless if Obama or Hillary they will get this vote. So it shouldn’t take one of those Harvard grads or someone with a Masters degree to tell you who the next President will be, should it? That is unless some of those who sit home decide to swing it toward McCain. I'm not holding my breath, but a possibilty. Yes and if McCain gets in watch out for all the yelling!

So the Republicans, as the old die off, are losing ground to the promises that the Democrats are throwing at this group and they are buying it, lock, stock and barrel. Hey, I have already written to why this group votes for them and if don’t know go back and read it.

Now many months ago, in fact last year, I wrote to a Hillary Obama Ticket. Of course they thought it would be Hillary first but they at this point do not care. Obama was supposed to get his name recognition, but he proved to be a formidable speaker and stole the show. Hey no one can doubt he is a good speaker and knows just what the bovine want to hear.

If we hear about McCain we hear all the negatives day in and day out, chiefly his age, his stances, his positions of the past, his remarks. Do you just think there is a reason for all this? Now Obama said to the people of Florida don’t judge me as a black, judge me on what I have done, his record. Rhetorically,  he must have been over tired when he said that one? I have been asking that for months now and if anyone can find what he has done for the good of all, please let us know about it. Comprehensive Immigration, 31% interest, need one go on? Now certainly I do not single this man out. They all wear the same shoe.

So what we have right before us is that 50% of the eligible voters elect our leaders. It is evident that 50% of us don’t like them and don’t think like them. So 50% of the nation likes what they do. It is as simple as that. If they do like what they do then they are in effect the same as they are. Yes, however, the 50% who do not vote, well they are the recipients of their deeds. Yes and since that 50% who vote evidently love Comprehensive Immigration, approve of 31, 32 or 33 or more percent Credit Card interest and could care less about average Americans, Foreclosure, high fuel prices, low wage jobs, outsourcing, etc, etc, etc why would anyone who had any intelligence expect change?

So my friends in my opinion the election is already over, the is except for who THEY ELECT and what will be done is already on the table and in my opinion a done deal.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Sunday, May 25, 2008
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