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The nuts and bolts of our economy

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

The nuts and bolts of our economy is what holds this economy together. It is in my opinion the average people who are slowly being destroyed piece by piece. Ok, here is anexample for those who still can’t seem to understand the simplicity of all this. Today they had a show on TV about sticker shock at the car dealer. What they showed were people buying a new Hybrid car. Now this person was content that they came down to the dealer and paid through the nose for one. Hey one that gets no better milage then some of the other traditional cars out there yet it is "new" and it is a hybrid. So much for the Easter Bunny crowd. Now he was saying he had no problem paying what ever they asked. In fact the dealer manager said they can’t keep them on the floor. Yes and here it is, for the HAVES. So we know there are people out there who have and have quite a bit and I'm not talking the super rich. No Middle America as they are called.

Yet when we get down to Mr. Joe citizen average Americans they aren’t moving many cars at all and when they think they have a deal, guess what, no financing. Hey really, who that is average could ever afford them? So what we have in the few that do buy is what I like to call "slippery negotiations". I guess maybe it is the way the morality is for this nation? That’s right, Mr and Mrs average American is lucky they can buy any car much less a Hybrid.

Ok, want some more news? Superintendents are leaving Florida schools at a high rate. It seems in my opinion they don’t like to make tough decisions and quite frankly they can read the signs and symbols. Taxes dropping, more demands and no revenue. The ship is taking water and they will be held accountable, where is that Golden Parachute, what did I do with it? Yes, we even have one that is finding it hard driving to work on over $100,000 a year. You know gas prices are steep. 

So lets get down to the real nuts and bolts these elite economists don’t want top talk about.  An article in the St. Petersburg times employment section telling everyone how great those calls center jobs are. Yes $12.00 to $14.00 an hour. Yes if you get 40 hours, yes if your not laid off before the 90th day, yes if you work whatever shift they want you to, yes if you handle so many calls an hour, yes if you close and collect and service or whatever else they expect from you. Yes, they do have jobs but they never talk of how many have gone through the mill do they now? Hey it would ruin statistics.

So my friends, yes, you sitting behind that guarded fence in your gated communities, think hard and think long about those wondering about all over America making less then $8.00 an hour, working two or three jobs if any at all. Trying to put gas in the car, pay their mortgage, insurances, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Yes is is all about what you don’t care about, you 50% of us that have and are feeling good about these politicians, who you agree with and who you love.

Yes do they walk the streets of America? Do they shop in Wal Mart? Do they worry about how much to put in their gas tank? Do they worry about their taxes? Do they worry about their home owners insurance on the multiple homes they just may own, one here, one there, etc? Do they worry about the cost of milk, butter, bread and eggs? Do they really feel your pain? Do they? Do they really do for you? Ok, for you who have, no problem with them, but what about "for the [remember this] "the common good of all". Oh, you silly boy. Yes even as i watch the ptariotic shows andd the singing 10 to 15% of Americans, 40 million go to bed hungry every day, do you?

Yes wrapped in their cloak of being for the working man, God and country, yea, right. How difficult they had and have it. Yes school was tough on them. Did they have a Godfather, you think? Did someone open the doors for them, you think? Do we need to go on?

Well for us average it really doesn’t matter. Like I said in my prior article 50% of us do nothing, nada, zilch, zero about changing anything. Give me another beer and a burger and did you see that race?

So if you are just one of the bovine they like to think of you as and you are reading this, then perhaps you just got what that bull has dangling and you will get up and do something about who is giving it to you and yours? Perhaps you will just vote them out, period. Hey your one vote may just be the one that does it. Bring another along and who knows.

So until the other 50% of eligible voters does something about it there will be in my opinion no change, nada, zilch, nothing. This economy will stay the course and the tough times will continue to fall on those 15% who really should move offshore and save everyone a problem. Yes, there may be good jobs, but not for Americans. There may be education, but not for Americans. There may be Social Services, but not for Americans. Hey just an opinion based on their deeds and works, fact, not fiction, signs and symbols all about.

As for you behind that guarded gate you better think hard and soon about wondering out into the world of the average because like police all over this land are priming us for, when the going gets tough, crime goes up. Yes, just another side benefit in my opinion as provided by these leaders and another aspect they are not concerned about nor will it impact them and another benefit produced out of The nuts and bolts of our economy..

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, May 26, 2008
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