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Are we talking indoctrination here?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Are we talking indoctrination here? Today the Associated Press reported former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan in his new book about the "Permanent Campaign Era."  What this all boils down to in my opinion in no more then propaganda or indoctrination, which of itself boils down to manipulation and misleading of public opinion on a continuous basis to favor what one is doing or intending to do to achieve. Do we not Remember the Gulf of Tonkin? Rhetorically, we can’t expect it from this college crowd now, can we? In my opinion we would be real lucky if they knew the true meaning of Republic and certainly how it applies to America.

Mr. McClellan defines it as a culture of deception.  Very strong words indeed. Just what does that say, really, a culture of deception?  Frankly, it is what We the People have decided to buy into and believe, simply summed up as trust, honor, integrity, character, faith.
So what does this have to do with our nation, our economy and everything else that is going on? Well if you can’t figure it out then what can one say? It has everything to do in my opinion with why basic economic principals are no longer adequate and we have the mess we have. It is about why things are done and more so allowed and that’s the bottom line.

Now many recognize by the number of voters that 50% of us like these politicians and of course there are 50% of us who don’t trust them at all, not in the least. Well we are back to that half empty / half full again. Isn’t it sad the same 50% who trust them will give us them all over again, along with all the same problems?

So in my opinion and as I have stated time after time after time, these are the Easter Bunny buyers. Yes, all wrapped and packaged for consumption it is consumed as if the last supper. Now rhetorically of course, I ask, just where and when, OK, let me ask this again, just where and when and by what they have done or failed to do, in their thoughts, words, deeds to have people develop this trust in them and why? In my opinion it can only be all wrapped up in one word, MONEY.

No, you don’t have to like that opinion but evidently it must be so? Why do I say this? Well are we not split as a nation over Iraq? We are not so much over Afghanistan where the lines are more distinct. Are we not split or divided as a nation over Comprehensive Immigration? Where over 80%, hey isn’t that high enough, don’t want it at all and yet these politicians will ram it down our throats if they could. Are we not divided over many more issues? In fact issue after issue after issue. The answer of course is yes.

So here we have someone who was in the inner circles of government telling us truthfully what he has experienced. How aggressively will he be attacked? Yes, he will no longer be a good man but a confused, misguided, wrong man, negatively portrayed in all ways. Why, simple, he spoke the truth. Is it not happening already?

Yes and to even think that this is somehow different in Congress or with our Representatives or Senators or any other branches or agencies of government and power is in my opinion to be, well beyond bovine. Certainly not all, but to think not the majority, well, what can one add?

Now certainly there will be the die hard’s who flock to, defend and find every reason not to agree with this opinion. Yet, in my opinion they cannot offer any real argument, evidence, works, substance but what is before us all. It is in what they have done or failed to do. They are in my opinion people who have done well under this system. They are the ones in my opinion who’s character represents those who they support in beliefs and works. They are the ones in my opinion who we can determine where their heart is regardless of what is professed by that simple stance.

So how do you, yes, do any who do, continue to vote, support and like these individuals?  No, this is not about "I Like them", "they speak well", "look well" no, it is all about reality and substance. No, this is all about you and yours, your family, your loved ones and our way of life and how you and they have been impacted good or bad and if you want what we now have to continue?

Now if you are for them and you’re way of life and preserving what you have, no problem. Yet if it is at the expense, exploitation, abuse, use and destruction of another just please don’t profess in my opinion what you are not. One can respect one’s position, stance, opinion much better if it were stated openly, such as "show me the money" as the movie line goes. However, only we individually know who we really are and it really is not what we project or profess, that is only the marketing we do. So when you millions go and vote for these same ones who have brought this down upon us all, for good or bad, we know as I stated who you are and you do as well.

So while some will say this is only Bush’s administration, one would have to reflect once again and ask, is that really so and if not then, why trust?

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio



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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Wednesday, May 28, 2008
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