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No news is good news so why should this be?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

No news is good news so why should this be? Yes the economy and related aspects in a nut shell. So here we go with the news of the day.

The AP reported today 19,000 GM workers are taking early retirement.

What a surprise a local energy company seeking increases due to rising fuel costs and want to pass their costs onto their customers. Any more to follow?

Hey local taxes will remain at 2007 levels even when the worth of your home is at 2006 levels and sinking. Yes your taxes just might even go up. Someone has to make the local government money, don't they? Why not the tax collector?

Yes, experts say 16% drop in home prices but if you go to your friendly banker it is more like 50 to 70% and try to get refinanced. You suddenly went from good to risk overnight. Rhetorically, have you ever thought about giving them back their home? I bet that value would change?

Yes, less taxes means more layoffs and who gets it first? You got it the ones who need it the most.

What about the big wigs who demand an increase because they can’t afford to put gas in their car on $120,000 a year but they can not buy textbooks and continue to layoff staff and cut programs to finance their raise demands. Oh and yes, I forgot to add the local schools are considering chopping school bus routes while considering telling the troops they need to take a cut.  Where does that leave parents? You got it pass the fule costs to them so be prepared for the long delays going and coming from school. Where does that leave the staff and what message does it send. Rhetorically do you think they care? Yes and all in my opinion under "the good job Brownie" label.

Hey oil prices dropped but pump prices continued to go up. Strange, don't you think so?

A political insider reveals "propaganda" inside information about distortion in selling the Iraq war. Has anyone ever heard of the Gulf of Tonkin or Watergate? Rhetorically I guess nothing ever changes so why are so many placing their hope in the same types who are there now?

Hey, have tour read all those car deals, free gas, low prices, etc, but have you read the fine print?

A local major Newspaper is also reducing staff. They are trying to get those over 50 to take a package. Yes and then what do they do? Oh, I know, go and be retooled, yea, right. I hear those call center jobs are hiring?

Hey some good news, evidently those who have intend to spend some of that rebate money on a trip to Florida. Thank God for the haves to keep tourism alive, there are enough of us who can’t pay the rent.

Yes and our local Baseball team is doing great but at the bottom in ticket sales and revenue. Ok, duh, have you seen the mean average income for a family in the Tampa area? However, our football team in Tampa is raising prices. Once again, thank God for the haves. Yes, I think there are just about enough who have to fill Raymond James Stadium.
Oh yes and finally SPAM prices up 17% in less then a year and in demand. It seems it is making a dent as a food staple during these hard times.
So what I have produced is just some excerpts from the news of the day. I’m sure if you check your local press you can find similar? So remember, it is those 50% who continue to give us what we have. The rest of us. Well pass another beer and a burger please.

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Thursday, May 29, 2008
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