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Just what is it you who have can’t seem to grasp or don’t want to?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Just what is it you who have can’t seem to grasp or don’t want to? Look this is not rocket science. This economy is close if not already destroyed for average Americans. Now that may not interest you who have yours and are smug about it but like it or not their problems have a way of reaching out and becoming your problems, a simple fact.

Now since many who have do not have credit issues they really blame these people for their own circumstances. "They made their bed let them lay in it." Well that’s another article and another issue that I feel speaks volumes to those types who think this way.

So here is a real life story from the files of one average American. The friendly credit card company, the one charging 31.9% called and said you’re late with your payment and you owe $485.00 and how much do you care to pay today? The person said nothing since he has nothing. You have been an outstanding customer up until these past few months can you tell us why you have not been paying on time?

So here it goes. Number one I was paying you approximately $75.00 a month with a rate of 14.9%. I am now paying over $250.00 a month, with fines, penalties, fees and over the limit charges at 31.9%. Number two, the person explained they are unemployed and have medical and family problems that just came up. "We are so sorry, how much can you pay"? Well one might say his fault for ever having cards and you are probably right. However, not many are without one and when times are rough one might consider this as an only option for the short haul? You know always hoping, just like in these candidates and yes even this bill collector?

So he replied "I guess you didn’t hear me, nothing. I have nothing", I’ll use my words, zero, nada, zilch. "He reiterated, "I own nothing, have nothing and have little to no income". To which the person replied to him and as he reiterated it to me, "you know we have a hardship program and if you could pay only $60.00 a month we will not charge fees, or charges and at 14.9% and for 4 months. That is until you can get back to work." [there is that hope again]. "He replied it seems you have a comprehension problem?" Number one if I could pay the $60.00 a month I could most likely have continued paying the $75.00 a month. Yet you and my other two card holders have done exactly the same so I can’t even pay that money and guarantee I could.

To that the person said " well you know we will have to send your account to collections and that will ruin your credit". To which he replied, "ruin my credit"? Just what have you done already? Do you really think sending me to who in my opinion is a meat eater will change my circumstances?

To that person said and get this "have you tried debt consolidation"? To which he said ok, how about you consolidating all my cards into one fixed rate payback. "Oh we can’t do that". She then asked "why haven’t you gone to your bank for help", a fishing expedition, to which he said "my bank", just what are you drinking? My friendly banker is one of them that got me into this and I’m not so wanted by them. Only those who have. You know ‘the credit worthy" ones. "he then added, "you may be able to survive on what you are making on that job some American used to have but over here $8.00 an hour just doesn't cut it."

He then said why don’t you work with people? "Silence" he then said "the answer is because you don’t have to". You sell of the debt to a meat eater for pennies on the dollar and then write it off for that tax break as a loss. That meat eater tries to collect as much as he can and all on unsecured debt over what he paid. Our government, oh I’m sorry your allies in our government and in my opinion support you and then people like me get the bad name. To that the collector said. "Call us if you are interested before your 60 days are up and hung up".

So you see my friends when I sit down and here this from good people. People that you could drive by their home and never know it. Who were the haves just a year ago and due to circumstances not of their making this is what they now have. Yes, think hard my friends because "there but for the grace of God go I".
The real question is this is. This is only one example times thousands each day. What does this mean up the road?  What does it mean to your customers who are no more and just like him? What does it mean when you can't close that sale? What does it mean when layoffs suddenly stop at your door? Get the point or Just what is it you who have can’t seem to grasp or don’t want to? Will one day that be you? Do you really think this nation will rebound for average Americans?

Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Saturday, May 31, 2008
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