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Murder In The Grass - I suspect FOWL play

By BJChips(5,633) BJChips

Dear Diary

 What a day I’ve had! I am totally exhausted! On top of the investigation into the theft of my kibble yesterday I have been confronted with yet another mystery. There has been an apparent homicide in my back yard! 

I should first explain that we have a large yard with many trees and bushes. We also have several bird houses including a Purple Martin condo and wren boxes. My female human has put out a number of feeders for our feathered friends and that attracts a wide assortment of birds as well as squirrels and chipmunks. It’s a paradise for someone like myself who is a true hunter at heart.

Yes, me a refined show dog am hiding a dreadful secret! I love to hunt birds, squirrels and other small rodents. Perhaps it comes from being “raised” by a yellow Labrador who was not only a man of the road so to speak but a great hunter. Perhaps it has to do with our own Lhasa’s heritage, which we proudly trace, back to wild and savage wolves in Tibet. I’m told that there are still wild Lhasa wolves to this day living in the mountains of my native land.  

Regardless, I enjoy chasing birds from the morning feast of sunflower seeds and running them off in the middle of their suet lunches. On a rare occasion, I came close to capturing one, but alas, it escaped.

Today, while investigating the missing kibble I came across the body of a small brown bird in the grass near one of my human pets feeders. From the condition of the body, I was able to determine that this was no accidental death. Certainly not a fall from the feeder, or an illness that suddenly claimed its life. No, I suspect fowl play, this bird was murdered!  

The poor creature had obviously fell victim to some dastardly and dreadful act of homicide. I could tell from inspecting the crime scene. (I don’t watch all those reruns of CSI for nothing). The victim had not been moved but lay where the killer had struck him down. The violence suggested a premeditated act; the killer was obviously bent on doing harm to this bird!

Who? I asked myself could be responsible for such an act? The yard is fenced and no other canines other then my invited friends are allowed inside. Obviously, that criminal the cat immediately came to mind, after all he is already a suspect in one crime this week! It is possible that another member of his species had scaled the fence and committed the act then ran before being able to move the victim or more pointedly consume him.

I notified my human pet of the situation by barking loudly and running in a circle around the body. My female pet was shocked to see the victim laying their dead and arranged for a quick burial in the nearest garbage can. Even with the body removed, I remain on the case. My nose has detected a scent at the crime scene. I have encountered a scent like this one  before. My nose remembers what my brain has forgotten but I will track it down.  

Tomorrow after a restful nights sleep I will pick up the trail and pursue the killer using every skill at my disposal. Meanwhile I have set my internal clock to awaken me at three a.m. so I can continue my search for the missing kibble.

I’m not sure but I think I saw that cat smiling at me earlier in the day. He thinks he’s gotten away with something…. just wait nice kitty… what a nice kitty…. GR RR  RR OWL! I am so on to what you’ve been doing.  

More tomorrow dear diary, Sweet dreams!

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, January 01, 2007
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