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APPLYING FOR THE SANTA JOB The prompt for our writer’s group meeting was: Write a resume for a Santa Claus---or Mrs. Claus---job you are considering this Christmas season. Any writers want to write a letter of application? Send submission to beanerywriters@yahoo.com... ( posted 173 days 10 hours ago.)

| WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW, or WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT Visit the BEANERY ONLINE LITERARY MAGAZINE, Volume 2, at www.beanerywriters.wordpress.com (enter through the Google search engine), to read ABOUT THE BEANERY ONLINE LITERARY MAGAZINE Parts 1 and 2, which describes developing an online literary... ( posted 176 days 14 hours ago.)

SONG OF MY PEOPLE ---written by Beanery Online Literary Magazine visitor, Barb It plays among Alpine peaks capped with snow. It rushes down mountainsides to where violets grow in lush green fields, bathed in sunlight. Shepherdesses gather there... ( posted 189 days 11 hours ago.)

JOCHEBED & LUCY: STORIES OF ADOPTION & MOTHER'S LOVE ---written by Carolyn C. Holland Below is a conversation between Lucy, a contemporary woman, and Jochebed, a woman from the Bible’s Old Testament. Both women “lost” infants they “gave up” for “adoption” due to the exceptional circumstances of... ( posted 189 days 11 hours ago.)

JANIE'S HOPE by Jane As the moon reflects the sun Do you see the intensity of your Love Reflecting back from my face? When you fix your eyes on mine Do you see the jewels of a king Bestowed upon one so ordinary? That one as colorless as a servant Could... ( posted 189 days 12 hours ago.)

BE HISTORICALLY ACCURATE WHEN WRITING ---written by Carolyn C. Holland When writing a historical piece or novel, it’s important to write accurately about the era in which it occurs. I’m writing a novel that extends from about 1785 to 1845, but mostly 1791-1798. Geographically... ( posted 189 days 12 hours ago.)

LAUREL HIGHLANDS by Dale ---written by Dale Some mountain men in the Laurel Highlands continue to distill their own moonshine in copper pipes and pots. During prohibition, they used this product as a way to survive, either by bartering or for cash. Those visitors... ( posted 189 days 12 hours ago.)

THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY by Carolyn I found the perfect card for my granddaughter’s ninth birthday---one that will make her eyes roll. The front has a sepia picture of a girl whose hair, dress and boots are quite old fashioned. She is holding a platter with a small cooked turkey on... ( posted 193 days 10 hours ago.)

A CHURCH EXPERIENCE by Carolyn C. Holland "Do you have your Christian language yet?" Jill asked, leaning across the pew toward Alice and me. "No," I responded. "Do you want it?" Her eyes gazed intently into mine. "Not really. Not at this time." "You need it," she insisted.... ( posted 200 days 11 hours ago.)

BROKEN CIRCLE by Barb The sun shone brightly on this mid-September day, although the gentle breeze had to it a hint of fall. The blue sky was unbroken by clouds. The mountainsides were just starting to don their fall apparel of crimson and of gold. Thirty-one year... ( posted 200 days 11 hours ago.)

BLOOD TYPECASTING by Carolyn C. Holland Their eyes met across the room. He maneuvers slowly through the crowded bar to her side, and offers to buy her a drink. Things appear good. Suddenly she asks: By the way, what’s your blood type? Not your standard question, but a routine... ( posted 200 days 11 hours ago.)

DIANA DANCED by Kathleen by Kathleen Lady Diana Spencer danced easily into our hearts &nb ( posted 200 days 11 hours ago.)

NORTHERN BAYBERRY YIELDS READY-MADE CANDLES Winter and the holiday season are around the very close corner. Below is information on bayberry candles, used fo rChristmas and for light. In the process of writing a historic romance novel, I keep finding material that is unfamiliar, such as... ( posted 200 days 11 hours ago.)

TIME TO GO by geoffrey geoffrey m. miller © 1997 Miller Creative Services. All rights reserved Geoffrey Miller is a new contributor and on-line member of the Beanery Writers Group. The first part of the first sentence of the post below caught my eye: Once upon a... ( posted 210 days 13 hours ago.)

THINKING OF NOTHING by Joe ---written by Joe Stierheim Years ago I had a friend who was a nuclear physicist. As a scientist, he had no use for such things as metaphysics. The psychic, ESP and all aspects of the occult were, to him, figments of the imagination or worse... ( posted 210 days 13 hours ago.)

THOUGHTS ON IMMIGRANTS from California Bob Mendler recommended we post this letter to the editor. Thanks, Bob! Dear Editor: So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down the Statue of... ( posted 210 days 13 hours ago.)

EMILY AND MR. ALBERT SPIDER I found this story in my files. A couple of weeks ago I’d spoken to Emily on the phone. She’s grown up now, with a child of her own. I hope her son enjoys this little story written by his mother when she was just a child herself. To view photo... ( posted 226 days 14 hours ago.)

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH by Carolyn C. Holland Earth nears warmest in million years…This means El Nino may become more violent, scientists write in a paper…headline for a Reuters news service article Sept. 26, 2006 United Nations climate talks involving 189 nations start this week in the... ( posted 229 days 22 hours ago.)

IF I COULD CRY Copyright ©2006 Hugh Kerry Lipsius If I could cry, For whom would it be? Perhaps the blind man, Clutching in his fists a gleaming of more. ( posted 231 days 10 hours ago.)

THUNDERSNOW IN BUFFALO---ONE YEAR AGO One year ago---October 12, 2006---Buffalo, New York, was hit with a freak snowstorm. This is a long entry, but the topic is huge---personal reports from Buffalo, New York. Monte and I stopped at his sister’s home in northern New York where we... ( posted 234 days 12 hours ago.)

THE SNITTY CAT by Carolyn C. Holland My sister found a typographical error in this piece. She demanded that I leave it in. Can you find it? If you find it, let me know via the comments whether I should remove it or if you agree with her that I should leave it in the article! Thanks.... ( posted 234 days 12 hours ago.)

A DOG FOR ALL SEASONS ---by Barb It was 1979. Summer had come to my hometown of Connellsville, Pennsylvania, with its traditions of swimming, gardening and barbecues. These things meant nothing to me, however. All I wanted in the world was a dog. My childish... ( posted 235 days 11 hours ago.)

PAMPHLETEERING: THE 1790s BLOGGING Part 1 by Carolyn C. Holland It’s “a one-man show. One has complete freedom of expression, including, if one chooses, the freedom to be scurrilous, abusive and seditious; or, on the other hand, to be more detailed, serious and ‘high-brow’ than is ever... ( posted 235 days 11 hours ago.)

PAMPHLETEERING: THE 1790s BLOGGING Part 2 by Carolyn C. Holland This is the second part of a two-part article responding to articles relating today’s blogging to 18th century pamphleteering. Read the first part at PAMPHLETEERING: THE 1790s BLOGGING. Tonight I’ll start with a brief... ( posted 235 days 11 hours ago.)

ADELGES TSUGAE INFESTS EASTERN HEMLOCK TREES By Carolyn C. Holland Many threats endanger nature as we know it. Laurel Mountain Borough is a small community surrounded by conservation lands. Its dirt roads, lack of streetlights and cottage-type homes contribute to its charm. Another... ( posted 235 days 11 hours ago.)

357 Blog Posts Total
Now Displaying Page 1, Posts 1 to 25
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