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The Heart Sutra - a greatest sutra in buddhism "The Heart Sutra", photo by T.T. Kuo The" Heart Sutra" is the greatest and famous sutra for people to read, we all need the self-exam in this era of chaos ; war, disease, earthquake, flood, typhoon, all the unpredicitive natural... ( posted 12 days 7 hours ago.)

Chi Mei Musuem in Taiwan, the collectable world renowned violins and others ** violin by Antonio Stradivari 1722, cello by Antonio Stradivari 1730 "The Pawle" Cremona in Italy &n ( posted 25 days 21 hours ago.)

Paradox Times in Life "Lotus series" painted by author Catherine Yen, year 2000 Today we have bigger houses but smaller families, more amenities but less time, We have a higher education level and more knowledge but less common sense and competence to judge... ( posted 32 days 22 hours ago.)

Lucian Freud --A Compelling Visual Contact of His Art Oil painting by Lucian Freud , "The Interior" Freud's big oil painting " Benefits Supervisor Sleeping" (circa 1995) will be auctioned in May at New York Christie's , which is estimated in US$35M and will break the record of Jeff Koons'... ( posted 45 days 21 hours ago.)

"The Children of Huang Shi" a story of eastern "Schindler's List" photo of film " The Children of Huang Shi" The heroic Englishman China will never forget The writer James MacManus reveals the untold story of a Brit in China ( posted 77 days 10 hours ago.)

"The Secret"- law of attraction, by Rhonda Byrne "Distant Bridge" oil painting by blogger- Catherine Yen, circa 2003 The Secret is a phenomenon. Since the book debuted late in 2006 it has sold over four million copies with some thirty other translations now available or underway. It is... ( posted 82 days 17 hours ago.)

Han Tang Music Esemble and Nankuan (Southern winds) in Taiwan "The Radiant Song" peformed by Han Tang Music Esemble Han Tang Yuefu(HTYF) Music Esemble was founded in 1983 by Miss Mei-Er ,Chen of NanKuan(southern winds) fane. Its purpose was to confirm the major role of Nankuan in the history of... ( posted 93 days 1 hour ago.)

"The Age of American Unreason" book by Susan Jacoby "The Map" oil painting, circa 1962 by Jasper Johns I recently read a very inspired book "The Age of American Unreason" written by American author, Susan Jacoby, which reveals the unreason situtations of the contemporary era. It happens not... ( posted 104 days 10 hours ago.)

Lonely Planet-A Global Web Site Brings you to Every Angle of the World Venice, photo by James Lu- 2007 A beat-up old car, a few dollars in the pocket, and a sense of adventure. That's all Tony and Maureen Wheeler needed for the trip of a lifetime. They met on a park bench in Regent's Park and married a... ( posted 111 days 10 hours ago.)

A Tragic Screen Goddess--the forever Romy Schneider Romy Schneider again played Sissi in 1972 Visconti's Movie"Ludwig II" Romy Schneider (Austria 1938-1982) ( posted 120 days 7 hours ago.)

An American in Paris-American Musical 1951 by Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron "An American in Paris". musical, 1951 by Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron Before being called up for World War I, Jerry Mulligan (Kelly) was an artist. Now that the war is over, he's decided to continue painting in Paris. Life in Paris is good... ( posted 121 days 5 hours ago.)

Sustainable Cosmopolis:Eco-container Art Project Work by the invited artist group-Zik Group from Israel. glass, metal, container and light Through actions, artistic creativity starts to spread, sending inspiring sparkles among cities, villages and communities. Through arts, the... ( posted 130 days 3 hours ago.)

Life is too short to wake up with regrets ( posted 138 days 3 hours ago.)

Jean-Michel Basquiat and His Subject(1960-1988) "Future Science versus Man" circa 1983 Basquiat lived like a flame. He burned really bright. Then the fire went out. But the embers are still hot." Fred Braithwaite, a friend of Jean-Michel Basquiat, recalled at a memorial gathering.... ( posted 153 days 7 hours ago.)

Enjoy Every Moment of Life--It is inspired "Birds flying over lagoon-SanBlas, Mexico" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, French Enjoy every moment of life-- inspired you for a better tomorrow ( posted 159 days 3 hours ago.)

The River of Art Meanders-Tracing the origin of Taiwan Art from 1736 to 1969 "The flower" painted by Liao, Ji Tsun (1902-1976, born Taiwan, Taichung) As a result of research by scholars from different academic fields, there is an increasingly more objective discourse on Taiwan's fine arts, and works of fine art... ( posted 160 days 11 hours ago.)

Important to have Friends Important to Have Friends Life needs various nutritions to keep us active, positive, healthy and happy , a big laughter sounds a great idea for everyone in everyday. ( posted 172 days 14 hours ago.)

Nail in the Fence Nail in the Fence Make sure you read all the way down to the last sentence. There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper he must hammer a nail into... ( posted 188 days 22 hours ago.)

A Startling Reflection on Water- Your contribution and Pass it on ! Grand Prismatic Spring-Yellow Stone Park, photo by Yann Arthus-Betrand A Startling Reflection on Water The world faces a massive crisis. About one fifth of our fellow human beings on Earth do not have daily, immediate access to the... ( posted 205 days ago.)

Winning at Work--When doing a good job isn't enough "Gray Tree" by Piet-Mondrian When doing a good job isn't enough by Connie Glaser § &nbs ( posted 212 days 7 hours ago.)

For Art Itself-- Acclaim the splendid art of Alexie Harlamoff (1848-1925) A Russian Beauty Alexei Alexiwicz Harlamoff was born at Saratov, Russia in 1848. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg and won a gold medal and a travel scholarship in 1868 for his painting The Return of the Prodigal... ( posted 214 days 11 hours ago.)

Enigmatic and Fantastical World of Dashi Namdakov Private collection(Bronze) Title:" Master Bull", as legend has it, the mythical bull, the legendary forefather of the Buryat people, used to inhabit the South-Western enbankment of Lake Baikal. The sculpture is executed in the... ( posted 218 days 13 hours ago.)

We Either Make Ourselves Miserable or We Make Ourselves Strong.... Poster from internet of " The Thinker-Carlos Castaneda" Born in 1925 at Cajamarca, Peru, Carlos Castaneda is a writer, renowned by his novel " The Teachings of Don Juan", and also renowned by his famous quotes " We either make ourselves... ( posted 221 days 8 hours ago.)

Splendor of the Baroque and Beyond-Exhibition in Taipei National Palace Musuem "Self Portrait of the Artist" (Circa 1638 or 40) by Peter Paul Rubens(1577-1640) Splendor of the Baroque and Beyond: Great Habsburg Collectors— Masterpieces from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna The collections of the... ( posted 222 days 9 hours ago.)

The Price of a Miracle-Keep the ball moving, because you are my friend Amsterdam Street Scene - photo by PoHan Wu 2007 I received the following story from my friend, it was like a ball passed on among the friends, although I don't know who is the writer, the following story is really touching our hearts... ( posted 224 days 2 hours ago.)

70 Blog Posts Total
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