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The Pitfalls of Internet Dating I have written quite a few posts on Internet Dating but this one is more of a cautionary note detailing some of the pitfalls. One of the pitfalls being that for some, the unending supply of flirting opportunities , may be more attractive... ( posted 103 days 18 hours ago.)

Children do the most disgusting things! Children do the most disgusting things and sometimes I think I'd just rather not know exactly what they are doing! I have today found toothpaste on the inside of my pre-schoolers empty potty. I can only speculate as to how it got there but I... ( posted 108 days 23 hours ago.)

Sharia Law in the Uk - a storm in a tea cup? There is a lot in the British Press at the moment with regards to Sharia Law and concerns over it having a significant influence on the UK's legal system and perhaps even replacing it. Some of the reporting has been somewhat sensationalist and... ( posted 111 days 16 hours ago.)

This weeks most annoying News! Every so often something pops up in the news that annoys or amuses and I feel deserves a mention but not a lengthy explanation. This is thus my weekly summary of this weeks most annoying News and I will add to the post as the week progresses. ... ( posted 111 days 16 hours ago.)

Internet Dating Sites, do you get what you pay for? Do free dating sites offer the same opportunity to meet people as Dating sites that charge a subscription fee? I have heard from serial online daters that they do note a level of commitment on paying dating sites that may not be present on the... ( posted 111 days 17 hours ago.)

Valentines Day – How to make it special It’s that time of year again. Red heart shaped balloons are in great abundance and all the gift shops are rubbing their hands with glee as the foot fall increases for this annual celebration of love. So how can you make Valentines Day special... ( posted 112 days 16 hours ago.)

The life and times of someone without Broadband Given that there are still people in this modern world of ours without Internet connection, I find myself strangely affected by not having broadband and having to return to the grim dark and slow paced life of dial up. How quickly we adapt... ( posted 119 days 16 hours ago.)

What not to put on your Internet Dating Profile - part 2 I have written on this topic previously, but have to include this updated rant. Quite often, in ones inbox one might find a message from a man/woman telling you how fabulous your profile is and what great pictures and begging you to take a... ( posted 119 days 18 hours ago.)

Honey a Day Keeps the Dr Away Most of us are already familiar with honey and lemon as a remedy for coughs and sore throats. The lemon supposedly being a mild antiseptic and the honey effective for it’s soothing and antibacterial properties. But how many of us are aware of the... ( posted 120 days 15 hours ago.)

The Egg and Sperm race In today’s modern world, with so much equality for men and women and the rise of feminism, IT girls and ladette culture women are more likely now to hop into bed with a man they just met a few hours ago, than they ever would or could before. This... ( posted 124 days 16 hours ago.)

A'levels now on the menu at McDonalds! McDonald's is one of the first employers to offer nationally recognized qualifications based on it's own job related training. See here. The news article says: " It will offer a "basic shift manager" course, training staff in skills such... ( posted 126 days 3 hours ago.)

Attitude towards children and children with attitude Exuberant children run around Finding fun where none can be found Seeing dragons when non-exist Fighting monsters with robotic fists In a garden, room to play No one minds that they play this way But in a classroom where quiet... ( posted 127 days 3 hours ago.)

25 Things you should NOT do on a First Date! Some of the tips that follow should go without saying, but you'd be surprised what mistakes some people make. I have been on a date with a man who rested his feet on the table in the classy bar we were drinking, right next to our glasses and... ( posted 133 days 3 hours ago.)

Sex toy disarmed by Bomb Squad! This news story is hilarious, so I had to share it with you. A caretaker in Sweden rang the bomb squad after discovering a suspicious vibrating/humming package in a warehouse. The bomb squad took all the usual precautions, after which discovered... ( posted 133 days 20 hours ago.)

The Joys of Lego Little plastic bricks used for making things, so small and yet so popular. Why am I blogging about Lego? Lego has universal appeal and bridges the generation gaps. How many children’s toys can you engage yourself in so completely? I know I... ( posted 133 days 23 hours ago.)

Why do men and women cheat? Firstly I must make it clear that I have never cheated or had an affair with a married man etc. and so this blog is written purely from what I know of those who have cheated and had affairs. From those I know who have cheated, the reasons for... ( posted 134 days ago.)

Princess Diana inquest goes on - Irrelevantly As we are updated daily on the details of the inquest into Princess Diana's death, the latest update here , am I the only one wondering how all these questions and testimonials are at all relevant in establishing whether she was murdered in an... ( posted 139 days ago.)

What to do with a fussy eater Let them starve....The end oops no, that's not the reply I meant to publish. Fussy eaters, whether they be children or adults are the height of annoyance. I am not a fussy eater. I am not sure whether this is due to being raised with... ( posted 140 days 22 hours ago.)

How to avoid getting unwanted gifts It happens every year whether it be birthday, anniversary or Christmas, we are all subject to receiving and giving unwanted gifts to those we love. So how do we avoid this? Well, we could be really devious and do what wedding planners... ( posted 140 days 23 hours ago.)

What makes a Film a BlockBuster? I was asked this question recently and it got me thinking. What does make a film a blockbuster? Is it the abundance of sex, violence and special effects..or is it something else? Reflecting on the films that have become classics and stood... ( posted 143 days 17 hours ago.)

Big Brother – Celebrity Hijack The new UK spin on Celebrity Big Brother (now scrapped) is Celebrity Hijack, which started last night on channel four in the UK. The idea of the show is that the non-celebrity contestants are under the watchful eye and instruction of celebrities.... ( posted 150 days 4 hours ago.)

Forum Etiquette – Information for Newbies! Having been around forums a while now I can tell you that they vary vastly in their community structure and operation and how well they operate and how friendly the inhabitants are really depends on how the forum is administered. If the forum... ( posted 150 days 5 hours ago.)

Christmas Aftermath – Broken toys and Broken Hearts Several weeks of build up to this big day and then boom, does it go well or does it sink like a lead balloon? My Christmas was very pleasant this year, no family quarrels, the turkey cooked well and the kids were delighted with their gifts.... ( posted 150 days 5 hours ago.)

When Good Guys turn Bad - Union Highway Men! Some Unions protect their members a little too much and the fact that lives are lost in their doing so is an abomination. When Fire Service, Health and life saving professionals go on strike for more pay, what the union leaders are really... ( posted 150 days 5 hours ago.)

Wot no Father Christmas? My children have received a personal visit from Father Christmas every Christmas Day since they were born. But now they are aged 4 and 5yrs old and very street smart, I am certain they will know the paunchy chap swaggering down the stairs, dressed... ( posted 161 days 17 hours ago.)

91 Blog Posts Total
Now Displaying Page 2, Posts 26 to 50
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