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Christmas stress – where’s the spirit? Christmas is a funny time of year. We know it’s supposed to be a time of giving and celebrating and yet many of us cannot help but get caught up in the stressful drama and family politics that proceed and swamp this day of celebration. There... ( posted 161 days 17 hours ago.)

S.A.D - Seasonal Affective Disorder If you find yourself feeling low or depressed during the dark winter months and not the rest of the year, you may be suffering from SAD, seasonal affective disorder. The link above explains the disorder and states that it is generally... ( posted 168 days 21 hours ago.)

Who to complain to about Government policy or services - UK In the UK there are various high profile people who you can communicate directly with if we are having problems with certain Government services and need help solving them or we might object to Government policy and want to offer our opinions and... ( posted 169 days 3 hours ago.)

Abuse in elderly care homes part 2 I wrote recently about the abuse that takes place in elderly care homes and what can be done to combat it, namely the introduction of CCTV to rooms so that staff are too afraid to be abusive for fear of being caught as they are always being... ( posted 169 days 3 hours ago.)

How to talk to someone with hearing loss I am writing this blog post to help those who come across people suffering from partial hearing loss with tips on how to communicate effectively. My little boy presently has glue ear which means that he has fluid behind his eardrum and as... ( posted 169 days 3 hours ago.)

Dating profiles – What NOT to include Part 1 If you are having a go at Internet Dating and are struggling with what to write on your profile then you’ve possibly already Googled your way through various tips on what to include. But while you may find lots of tips on what to include you... ( posted 169 days 16 hours ago.)

Advertising harmful to children Just as the sweet and drinks manufacturers are trying to get their product into schools for some subliminal child targeted advertising ( see HERE ) and thus increase their own sales; the government in the UK is about to investigate the possible... ( posted 175 days 22 hours ago.)

Global Warming - conspiracy? What could possibly be more ingenious than charging the world's population for the effects of a natural change in environmental conditions - creating an 'alien defence' fund and taxing us perhaps? I don't really know if global warming is the... ( posted 175 days 23 hours ago.)

What happened to Madeleine McCann - it is clear to me who and how. The case of missing toddler Madeleine McCann from a Portuguese holiday resort has continued to dominate the Uk's press for months now and I thought I would share my view on what happened the night of her disappearance and perhaps together we can... ( posted 182 days 15 hours ago.)

UK to Deny Health Care to Foreign Nationals? AOL News today reports that the UK government is reviewing its rules regarding access to free health care (NHS) for foreign nations. See News item HERE. It says: "The Home Office has admitted it is reviewi ( posted 183 days 4 hours ago.)

How to Find your Soul Mate Many seeking love want a love that lasts and this can best be achieved if you are compatible with each other, i.e. you share common goals, interests and lifestyle aims. This person could be defined as your soul mate, ideal partner, perfect match... ( posted 183 days 17 hours ago.)

How to Talk to Girls Men are often on the look out for new and appealing chat up lines that will make them more appealing to the fairer sex. There are quite a few funny ones out there though not sure how successful they are! Such as ‘Did you hurt your head when you... ( posted 189 days 18 hours ago.)

Speed dating – 3 minutes to find your soul mate As a single female I have considered the various options open to me for meeting a compatible male for dating purposes. Sounds rather clinical when I put it like that doesn’t it? Well that is perhaps because in this fast modern world even the most... ( posted 189 days 21 hours ago.)

Why ID cards are a bad idea! Details lost for 25 million+ people in the UK There has been great debate in the UK about ID cards and no doubt other parts of the world, which do not yet have them. The Uk is under increasing pressure to have them from various political forces. Those who are pro ID cards think of the... ( posted 190 days 4 hours ago.)

Bird Flu - Pandemic - Biological weapon? There is a lot in the News right now about the H5N1 strain of the flu virus. Health authorities fear that the H5N1 strain or its descendents could cause a flu pandemic set to kill billions of humans. Is this fear mongering re the pandemic a... ( posted 196 days 20 hours ago.)

How to find Mr or Mrs Right! Questions people often ask about love: What is love? What is true love? What are soul mates? How do you find true love? How do you find your soul mate? We ( posted 196 days 21 hours ago.)

Christmas Gifts for Men- what to buy men! This is one of those things women struggle with every year, whether it be birthdays, Christmas or anniversary, is what gift to buy a man! It seems an impossible decision, as men unlike women tend to be less vocal about what it is they need or... ( posted 197 days ago.)

How to Prevent Identity Theft The more reliant we become on technology to buy, sell and do business over the Internet the more vulnerable we become to Identity theft. People finding out and using our personal information to commit crime, steal from us and steal from others... ( posted 204 days 16 hours ago.)

How to tell if a girl likes you Now being female you’d think I’d have a pretty good take on this one wouldn’t you! Well I do and I don’t. Women can come across as sweet innocent and vulnerable when in reality they might be lean mean manipulating machines! Game players... ( posted 204 days 21 hours ago.)

How to tell if a man loves you Women may be in a relationship for years and never know the answer to this question. So if longevity of relationship is not a guide as to recipricol love then what is? I expect only men can really answer this question, but I suspect that... ( posted 206 days ago.)

The Truth about Heather Mills and Paul McCartney There has been huge Media coverage recently about the impending divorce of Heather Mills and Paul McCartney. The Press has chosen sides and most it seems are on Paul’s. The reporting in the UK about Heather has been powerfully influential in... ( posted 213 days 15 hours ago.)

Abuse in elderly care homes For years it has been known that certain abuses take place in care homes for the elderly with serious cases of neglect that may lead to death or general mishandling and poor treatment which can include violence. This article HERE offers some... ( posted 214 days 1 hour ago.)

How to Throw a Halloween Party for children - game ideas I threw my first Halloween party for 5yr olds last year and it was such a smash hit that I am back by popular demand and doing it all over again this year. To throw a really great Halloween party that small children will enjoy, build up is key!... ( posted 216 days 14 hours ago.)

Prostitutes, Escorts and Massage Parlours An interesting trend has been slowly infiltrating main stream culture, and that is the presence of 'escorts'. I can still remember the days when a person who had sex with someone for money was called a Prostitute and someone who was paid to... ( posted 221 days 21 hours ago.)

Blacks less intelligent than whites? A Nobel Prize winning scientist 'James Watson' has recently declared that blacks are less intelligent than whites and sparked a great controversy. Rightly so too. He says this: "The 79-year-old geneticist said he was “inherently gloomy... ( posted 222 days 14 hours ago.)

91 Blog Posts Total
Now Displaying Page 3, Posts 51 to 75
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