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Halloween - Trick or Treat Every Halloween small children dress up as scary creatures and troll about the neighborhood knocking on doors hoping to be given money or treats. I am not certain of how this tradition got started but I reluctantly participate mainly because the... ( posted 223 days 15 hours ago.)

Internet Dating - Pro's and Cons Internet dating is the latest craze to take the singles (and not so single) world by storm with hundreds of sites catering towards finding people their ideal sex or relationship match. So in what ways might meeting someone online benefit the... ( posted 224 days 18 hours ago.)

Abortion debate – Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out The abortion debate rages on as nearly 200,000 abortions are now carried out each year in England and Wales and that number is into the millions for the USA. I must say that I share the concerns recently expressed by the Archbishop of... ( posted 225 days 1 hour ago.)

How to remain Young When I was a child, I was not in the rush that my peers were to be an adult as I realized my childhood would be brief compared to how long I was likely to spend as an adult so I wanted to celebrate my youth and make the most of the freedoms it... ( posted 227 days 16 hours ago.)

Blood transfusions are bad for you - The Jehovah witness's got it right? Jehovah's Witnesses have long rejected blood transfusions as they are instructed to do so by their belief system and they have been heavily criticised for doing this. This is understandable given that in some cases children have either themselves... ( posted 233 days 17 hours ago.)

Media Hypocrites promote bullying – Hell's Kitchen The media is very effective in informing the public about anti-bullying policies in schools and advocating anti bullying messages but the media is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to bullying. How often do we read about fat, thin... ( posted 237 days ago.)

Invention that finds ALL missing persons dead or alive! But the Inventor won't share the technology.......seems a tad unlikely doesn't it. Former Police Colonel Danie Krugel has allegedly invented a device that can find any person alive or dead using just a single strand of their hair and... ( posted 238 days 15 hours ago.)

What has the West got against Mothers? I have today read yet another scathing piece in a newspaper about mothers who do not go out to work and I can only reply thus: Dear Western society, Here is the apology you have all been waiting for: I am sorry that I wanted... ( posted 238 days 21 hours ago.)

Princess Diana Inquest - and the FANS that killed her Ten years after Princess Diana died after a car crash, the inquest into her death is finally underway. So how did she die, car crash or Royal plot to kill her off? The father of Dodi Al Fayad who also died in the car crash, Mr Al Fayad claims that... ( posted 244 days 4 hours ago.)

5yr old in revenge knife attack What on earth is the world coming to, when a 5yr old takes a knife (all be it a craft knife) to school for the soul purpose of stabbing his 5yr old rival? This attack took place in Rotherham, Uk and was reported in the News 28th September.... ( posted 245 days ago.)

Cure for Aids -Rape a child Myth - the shocking truth! It has recently come to my attention that in Africa and other countries there is a myth that if men infected with the HIV virus have sex with a child or a young virgin they will cure themselves of AIDS. This is not a case of abuse so much as a... ( posted 252 days ago.)

ADHD Ritalin stunts growth and may cause brain damage I've long had my suspicions about the disorder known as ADHD and indeed have written about it on a couple of occasions, and the more I read the less convinced I am that this behavioral imbalance is a disorder and not just the result of poor diet... ( posted 253 days 17 hours ago.)

Is America ready for a Gay President? I was reading recently about the speculation with regards to Hilary Clinton's sexuality and the accusation that she is a lesbian, which of course she strongly denies and was wondering how the American people would react to the appointment of a Gay... ( posted 253 days 22 hours ago.)

Declared dead while you're still alive - It happens! A Venezuelan man has reported that following a highway accident he awoke on an autopsy table. He claims he was declared dead, taken for an autopsy and then awoke in exruciating pain when the examiner began the autopsy.......on his face! ... ( posted 259 days 22 hours ago.)

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann I have been following the story of missing Madeleine McCann since she first went missing from her parents holiday apartment all those months ago. Rarely have I followed one news story so closely. I do not think a day has gone by without there... ( posted 260 days ago.)

Britney Spears - Queen of the Media Whores? What makes a celebrity these days, is it natural talent, rich parents, or numerous trips to rehab? Its really hard to know isnt it. Just how far will celebrities go to remain in the public eye and not be forgotten and who will be crowned Queen of... ( posted 260 days 17 hours ago.)

91 Blog Posts Total
Now Displaying Page 4, Posts 76 to 91
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