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Home alone - fending off robbers or working? In my case, I am home alone working thank fully! I have worked from home since having my children a few years ago and it has it's pros and cons but for now this is how I want it to stay. Despite the fact it is a tad isolated, I can fit... ( posted 37 days 14 hours ago.)

Dreams can fortell the future Dreams can fortell the future or at least warn you about it ..in my opinion! I once had a dream (1995) about an old school pal who I had not seen since he was 18yrs old (1988). When I awoke, I gave some thought to this pal and the fact that... ( posted 39 days ago.)

Making your own cards - WARNING can be addictive! Anyone who has dabbled with making their own handmade cards knows it can be hugely addictive. Usually this is harmless aside from the ever decreasing space you might have due to card making equipment and card making supplies slowly overtaking... ( posted 39 days ago.)

When trouble strikes, it does so in 3's! Last Tuesday my central heating system (which includes hot water) stopped working, my toilet wouldn't stop flushing and my radiator started leaking. All separately occurring household failures! I suppose I should look on the bright side, failing... ( posted 48 days 17 hours ago.)

How to spot a Gold Digger from 20 paces! Gold Diggers are both male and female,despite the stereotypical view that they are usually female. Women are just as likely to find a male latch onto them for their money as a man is. Gold digging is also not restricted to heterosexual... ( posted 50 days 2 hours ago.)

Madeleine McCann asked her mum 'why didn't you come when we were crying last night?' I cannot contain my contempt for the parents of missing Madeleine McCann any longer. I have gone through anger, to sympathy and have now come full circle after reading today that the morning of Madeleine's disappearance Madeleine McCann appealed... ( posted 52 days 2 hours ago.)

Intelligent children bullied in school? - Nerd culture Someone asked the question recently on a science forum as to why it is that clever children in schools are generally bullied, ridiculed and labeled nerds, while the simpler yet more 'dazzly' looking children are often the most popular. ... ( posted 57 days 16 hours ago.)

Being on TV - Not all it's cracked up to be! I have been on TV a few times, but had the most to say and do in a series called 'A Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady'. It aired in 1984 and was 12 episodes long, each episode representing a month of the year. The Director for this series... ( posted 59 days 3 hours ago.)

Technophobia - what is it, have I got it and how do I get rid of it! Technophobia is possibly a made up term, made up that is by me to represent my 'phobia' of all things technical. I am am course writing this slightly in jest. I do not avoid at all costs technical things and do not have panic attacks and run... ( posted 59 days 3 hours ago.)

The Truth about Reality TV- not quite as REAL as you imagine! Many moons ago (approx 1996-97) some Reality TV Producers came to a Zoo where I was a student. I was doing a 2yr animal care course at the time, and my class was very fortunate to be situated within a zoo, so we had ample opportunity to study... ( posted 59 days 3 hours ago.)

God loves me – the day my parachute failed to open! In 1989, my next-door neighbour did a parachute jump. I watched as he nervously paced up and down in his ‘all in ones’ and then went with his group to the small domestic plane that was to take him up. Things were a tad different in those... ( posted 59 days 15 hours ago.)

Toy Boys and Sugar Daddies - Does Age matter ? It is often the case that young men in their early twenties are attracted to older women and young women of that age range quite like the older man. Why is this? I would speculate that it has much to do with the age that men and women... ( posted 70 days 17 hours ago.)

Long Distance relationships- can they work? A friend of mine maintained a long distance relationship for nearly 8 yrs. She lived in one country, he in another, meeting up for holidays and such. They even maintained this after they were married, so it certainly worked. That is until... ( posted 70 days 18 hours ago.)

Heather Mills McCartney can now sleep at night with 24.3million under her pillow! Heather Mills McCartney has been awarded 16.5 million pounds in her divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney. Heather Mills also reportedly has 7.8 million of her own assets in addition to that, leaving her with a total 24.3 million pounds.... ( posted 76 days 16 hours ago.)

Red Ink emotionally scars children - Nation of cry babies ! Parents have come under a lot of criticism in the UK recently for being overly and unnecessarily protective of their children for things such as not letting them play outside on their own etc. Given the fact that children who do play outside on... ( posted 76 days 16 hours ago.)

What causes Jealousy - Green eyed monsters! Jealousy is a funny old thing isn't it? It totally blinds people to their own shortcomings and misgivings. If you are a man or a woman who has a little something about you, then it can on occasion encourage others to turn into green eyed... ( posted 80 days 16 hours ago.)

Noisy neighbours - can drive a person to kill! I have read many news reports over the years of people so traumatised by noisy neighbours that they have been driven to drastic measures such as killing or trying to kill their neighbour! Here's one from 2006. A man shot two boys (maimed... ( posted 85 days 1 hour ago.)

Women convicted of shaking babies to death - may be innocent -scientists say Certain factions of the scientific community are currently disputing the validity of 'shaken baby syndrome' a condition where a baby dies, allegedly from being 'shaken' literally to their death. Mrs Henderson a childminder convicted in 2005... ( posted 85 days 2 hours ago.)

If you want to find your one true love - take a chance! I have seen these words written a lot on Internet dating site profiles. ‘Looking for that special someone’ but in the case of the men’s profiles they often follow that up with, ‘ I won’t have a meaningless relationship for the sake of it if... ( posted 91 days 3 hours ago.)

Rebecca Loos - such a loser Rebecca's Loos who shot to fame after doing a kiss and tell about her alleged affair with footballer David Beckham is now reportedly set to launch a pop career with her first track being about a girl who steals another girls man. Well I'm... ( posted 91 days 4 hours ago.)

One dead child -possibly more and 160 victims of abuse at Jersey childrens home! This story has been hitting the headlines in the UK recently and reading about it sends a shiver down my spine. I will explain why in a moment, meanwhile here's some back ground to the story. The latest news link is HERE. "Forensic... ( posted 91 days 4 hours ago.)

Lose weight WITHOUT Losing your Mind! The Ultimate weight loss plan. Promises Promises! If I had a pound for every weight loss regime that claimed to be easy I’d be a multi millionaire and if I lost a pound for every one that was ‘easy’ I’d be maybe a pound lighter. Losing weight isn’t easy, if it were... ( posted 95 days 18 hours ago.)

9 O'clock watershed - what a farce! In the UK, we have what is called a 9 O'clock watershed which means that programs aired before 9pm should not have content deemed inappropriate for children. A very popular British soap Eastenders, recently got a rap over the knuckles for... ( posted 98 days ago.)

Sharone Osbourne - Top of the Strops Sharon Osbourne, wife of English music artist Ozzy Osbourne, shot to fame when her family featured in a reality TV show depicting their home life, which was akin to watching the Adam's family except the Osbourne dogs weren't house trained, neither... ( posted 98 days 2 hours ago.)

Woman murdered and then raped but not by the same man.. This is a very strange and sad tale which I came across today. See full news story HERE. A young woman who was stabbed to death in 2005 was then raped as she lay dying or dead in the driveway of her own home. Her rapist says while he... ( posted 103 days 17 hours ago.)

91 Blog Posts Total
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