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New Migration of Immigrants in Northern Virginia. The County Board of Prince William County in Northern Virginia is being made to look like fascists. They have decided to stem the tide of illegal aliens in their county and now the immigrants both legal and illegal are leaving for greener and... ( posted 34 days ago.)

Statistics Prove Recession is here For the past several months we have heard politicians and pundits and so called financial experts say we; might be in a recession, could be headed for a recession or face the possibility of a recession. Well, I’m here to tell all you high priced... ( posted 37 days 21 hours ago.)

Woes in American Economy has effect on Mexico One would think that the American economy would be our problem and not another country’s but reports show that a downturn in our economy is causing severe financial distress in Mexico. Many Mexican families, who have relied on family members in... ( posted 40 days 22 hours ago.)

Politics and Donations Fuel IRS Program. In another incredible bit of pay for play, the IRS is finally getting heat for a tax collection program that actually loses the agency more money then it collects. The hearing, currently being conducted, is shedding light on a program where the... ( posted 44 days 22 hours ago.)

HUD Secretary Departs Amidst Charges of Cronyism and Extravagance Alphonso Jackson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, couldn’t play the string out until his boss; President Bush was finished with his term. The man, who many claim was heavily responsible for the mortgage meltdown resigned as charges... ( posted 48 days 1 hour ago.)

Federal Credit Cards Being Abused. In still another scathing report by the General Accounting Office it seems that giving Federal credit cards to Federal employees has turned into a perfect system to steal millions of dollars from taxpayers. What is even more disturbing is that no... ( posted 51 days 22 hours ago.)

Airline Industry Gets Low Marks The latest Airline Quality Rating study showed the worst statistics in the twenty years the study has been conducted for overall quality of airline service. A frequent flyer of course didn’t need anyone to do a survey to tell them that. Flying has... ( posted 54 days 18 hours ago.)

The Power of the Press; a Good Deed or Terrorism. Last week I wrote about the plight of the Shank family. Debbie Shank is a 52- year-old former Wal-Mart employee who suffered severe and irreparable brain trauma after being in an automobile accident eight years ago. Although the Shank family ended... ( posted 59 days 16 hours ago.)

Hosting the Olympics too costly for everyone but the Politicians As the Beijing China 2008 edition of the Olympics gets closer, more and more stories show why hosting these alleged non-political sports games aren’t a good idea for anyone but the politicians and architects. In China, a country that believes... ( posted 61 days 23 hours ago.)

Wal-Mart Badly Damages Image for an Hour’s Profit. In another edition of corporate America showing they have no heart, soul or sense of shame, retailing giant Wal-Mart now has taken center stage. Debbie Shank, a fifty-two-year old former Wal-Mart employee and her husband Jim have had an... ( posted 65 days 22 hours ago.)

Exxon Creates High Prices at the Pump. Energy giant Exxon has just given its annual state of the company and it should do nothing but make American consumers furious. Exxon, the most profitable company in the history of capitalism has come out with a statement that their production... ( posted 68 days 23 hours ago.)

Good Old Boys Network Prevents Accountability in Business. Good Old Boys Network Prevents Accountability in Business. A week ago, President Bush told America that it was important not to “overcorrect” the economy. That’s brought to you by a man who certainly knows how to under correct one. The... ( posted 72 days 21 hours ago.)

School Violence Demands Responsibility In Chicago last week another young man was shot and killed on the streets after school. The 17-year-old African American was shot dead by a 15-year-old African American in what authorities are stating stemmed from a dispute over a hat. A Hat! And... ( posted 75 days 23 hours ago.)

Spitzer’s Hubris shows no Boundaries. There has been much written about New York Governor Elliot Spitzer being caught in the midst of a Federal investigation on money laundering. When the investigation moved into a prostitution business and the Governor’s name came up as a frequent... ( posted 79 days 15 hours ago.)

Wrigley Field: What’s in a name is plenty to Cub Fans. The other day, the entire front page of the Chicago Sun Times was devoted to the outrage storming through Chicago’s bars, taverns, coffee shops and even churches. Notorious new owner of the Tribune Corp, Sam Zell went on record as saying he was... ( posted 80 days 18 hours ago.)

Rebate Checks A Great Deal for Energy Companies and China. In the continuing joke of how to waste millions of dollars on nothing, the IRS has now helped pay for a Republican Party ad with taxpayer money. The Internal Revenue Service has just spent $42 million dollars telling us something most of us... ( posted 83 days 1 hour ago.)

Waiting Ten Years for Secure Borders is Ridiculous If you have ever watched a war movie, you have probably viewed a scene such as this in the film. Whenever the soldiers are encamped, even for just the night, a commander tells his second-in-command to, “Form a perimeter.” One would think after... ( posted 86 days 22 hours ago.)

U.S. Immigration Deporting the wrong People. In a case that defies anyone’s common sense, a widow of an American killed in Iraq is facing deportation. The woman, a native of Kosovo, has been here since 2003 and has been fighting for her right to stay in America after her American husband was... ( posted 90 days 1 hour ago.)

Virtual Border Fence a Virtual Failure Just last week, Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff was happy to announce a 28-mile section of the electronic surveillance fence watching the Arizona and Mexican border was operational. The fence which had been delayed a full year due to... ( posted 93 days 22 hours ago.)

Exxon Valdez still a Disaster two Decades later. There are children in college right now who have never heard of the Exxon Valdez and the eleven-million-gallon oil spill that destroyed Prince William Sound and the area’s Alaskan fish and wildlife almost two decades ago. In one of the most... ( posted 97 days 1 hour ago.)

Cable News needs to get back to the News Last week we had another tragic massacre at a school. This time it was a deranged young man for no readily apparent reason opening fire on a lecture hall filled with students at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb Illinois. When the fog from... ( posted 100 days 22 hours ago.)

John McCain; Republican Pundits Struggle with his Victory. Although Republican television program personalities, newspaper columnists and talk radio show hosts still won’t give it up, there is no question that Arizona Senator John McCain will win the Republican nomination for the Presidential race. ... ( posted 104 days 1 hour ago.)

UnitedHealth Group under Investigation by N.Y. Attorney General New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is conducting an industry-wide probe of health insurance firms operating in the State of New York. Although subpoenas requesting information on their practices and procedures have gone out to sixteen major... ( posted 107 days 22 hours ago.)

Corporate America Rewards the Inept. Let’s see. You have a job and you do it poorly. As a direct result of your decisions the company tanks, investors lose hundreds of millions of dollars and employees are laid off in droves. Now what would a person imagine would happen to you if you... ( posted 111 days ago.)

U.S. Park Police Receive Scathing Reviews In another story about the inadequacies of our Homeland Security System, A government investigation into the U.S. Park Police states there is low morale, poor leadership, inadequate training and poor organization within the service. Outside of... ( posted 114 days 16 hours ago.)

67 Blog Posts Total
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