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Sex Sells--But I'm Not Buying (Warning: If you're offended by frank biological terminology, reading this blog entry would be a VERY bad idea.) They're everywhere, and you're blind if you miss them. On television, on billboards, in magazines, in newspapers. Scantily-clad... ( posted 47 days ago.)

I Protest! Public Benefit, or Personal Agenda? I just missed the protests and revolution of the 1960s. (Yeah, I know, it's killing me.) By the time I was aware enough to know that there were other things going on in the world outside my little microcosm, protesting was done, hippies were passe... ( posted 52 days 20 hours ago.)

I'm Walking: Pedestrians Free From the Letter of the Law Yesterday I had an epiphany: Pedestrians get all the breaks. Seriously. Unlike drivers, pedestrians don't have police watching out for their every mistake and issuing tickets for the least little infraction of the law. As a result, they take full... ( posted 58 days 23 hours ago.)

Stop Alienating Your Readers--Avoid Writing Bloopers! Remember Gary Larson's cartoon "The Far Side"? I loved his twist on common everyday occurrences. One of my all-time favorites is the little boy standing outside the Midvale School for the Gifted, pushing hard on the door to let him in. His head is... ( posted 66 days 10 hours ago.)

Kid Stars Get Their Chance to Shine on VH1 Reality Series I remember watching "The Partridge Family" as a child. Sure, the music was a bit corny and the acting performances were less than stellar. In the end, the show made its point that show business doesn't have to ruin a family. Now, one of the stars... ( posted 66 days 12 hours ago.)

Workers Unions: Godsend or Dinosaur? This is the 21st century. The United States is a major world power with one of the most advanced work forces in the world. So maybe somebody can explain to me exactly why the average working person needs a union? Don't get me wrong. I'm not... ( posted 67 days 23 hours ago.)

Cheetos' Mascot Exposes His Dark Side While Pitching to Adults He's become an American icon in the marketing world, a laid-back, fun-loving feline encouraging kids to enjoy "the cheese that goes CRUNCH!". But as he takes a stab at marketing for adults, is Chester Cheetah revealing his dark side? It's a new... ( posted 75 days 23 hours ago.)

The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom: Choosing Career Over Family? You're a mom of three who stays at home and takes care of the family while your husband goes out into the workforce every day. Of course, this wasn't always your life. Before the kids came along you had a satisfying career. But long ago you... ( posted 80 days 21 hours ago.)

Update: Oregon Mayor Who Stripped for Photos Now Stripped of Office Awhile back I did a blog entry on Carmen Kontur-Gronquist of Arlington, Oregon. She's the mayor whose MySpace page contained cheesecake photos of herself on a city firetruck. The pictures were causing a bit of a furor among her constituents. At... ( posted 91 days ago.)

Update: Oregon Mayor Who Stripped for Photos Now Stripped of Office Awhile back I did a blog entry on Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, the mayor of Arlington, Oregon. She's the lady whose MySpace page contained cheesecake photos of herself on a city firetruck. The pictures were causing a bit of a furor among her... ( posted 91 days ago.)

Being Politically Correct Takes the Fun Out of Celebration The older I get, the more aggravating being Politically Correct becomes. It's reached the point where a person can't even have some good clean fun without offending somebody. Next week is the beginning of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.... ( posted 93 days 16 hours ago.)

Choking Game Poses Serious Health Threats to Unsuspecting Teens The craze has been around for years, and is surging in popularity again among tweens and teens. No drugs are involved, yet the consequences can be deadly--and have been for over 80 young people since the mid-1990s. And what's unnerving is I... ( posted 103 days 23 hours ago.)

The Devil Made Me Do It! Exorcisms Becoming More Popular in Europe Get ready, William Peter Blatty. If it hasn't already begun, you're about to have a resurgence in popularity in Europe. Why? Exorcism is on the rise. In Catholic regions of Europe, the church rite of expelling evil demons and spirits from human... ( posted 109 days 18 hours ago.)

Possible Link Between Cell Phone Usage and Male Infertility Hey, guys! Contemplating marriage? Expect to have a family down the road? Then put down that cell phone before it's too late! Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic did a study of 361 men seen at their infertility clinic. They determined that cell... ( posted 116 days ago.)

Moviegoers Rejoice! Movies on DVD Releasing Sooner! I'm not a big moviegoer. With very few exceptions, I'll wait until a movie comes out on DVD and rent it to watch at home, rather than spend the extra money to see it in the theater. The up side is that it's cheaper to rent; the down side is that... ( posted 123 days 17 hours ago.)

The Moment of Truth: Game Show Pays People to be Honest We all have skeletons in our closets, secrets we wouldn't share with those who are nearest and dearest to us. So what would possess someone to clean out that closet on national television? Sheer determination and strong will? A death wish? The... ( posted 130 days ago.)

Bad Habits Promote Good Health I'm a hummer. No, not the vehicle. And although the word used to be a derogatory slang word, I doubt it's in vogue anymore. I mean I hum. All the time. The lion's share of my day is spent humming along with whatever music is playing on the radio... ( posted 131 days ago.)

Meanest Mom on the Planet Sells Son's Car If you ever want to meet the meanest mom on the planet, head to Fort Dodge, Iowa. I'm sure if you ask around pretty much everybody will be able to direct you to the home of 48-year-old Jane Hambleton. Just before Thanksgiving last year, she... ( posted 140 days 17 hours ago.)

Oregon Mayor Shows Her Position on MySpace It's a given in politics these days: Somebody (most likely your opposition) is going to go digging through your closets, looking for skeletons. Being fallible human beings, most of us have one or two. But what happens when you put your skeleton... ( posted 146 days ago.)

Post-Christmas Blues: Was There Really Joy to the World? Christmas is over. All the gifts have been opened, all the food has been eaten, and now we're cleaning up. Take down the decorations, remove the outdoor lights, put away the tree and tinsel and stockings for another year. Head to the store and... ( posted 158 days ago.)

Ballet: Is It Everything It's (Nut)Cracked Up to Be? Thanks to a series of incidents over which I had no control and that could only be duplicated on a soap opera or a Headline News report, I ended up going to the ballet this week. My daughter and I went to see "The Nutcracker". It was my first... ( posted 163 days 15 hours ago.)

Christmas Shopping: More Aggressive Tactics--From Retailers? I've noticed a trend this year while doing my Christmas shopping. It seems that retail companies are putting more pressure on their sales staff to convince me to purchase an item that nobody wants to give to somebody I don't even care about during... ( posted 167 days 20 hours ago.)

The Presidential Debates: Who Are They For? And Who Do They Benefit? I'm hoping somebody can answer the questions. And here's why I ask. First, the latest debates in Iowa were held during the day. I don't know about you, but as a gainfully employed American citizen, I work during the times the debates were... ( posted 171 days ago.)

Lending Companies Believe College Students are Stupid and Lazy There's a commercial on some of our local radio stations lately that really bothers me. It starts with a young man saying his tuition for his second semester of college is paid for, but he doesn't have the money for tickets to fly home, a new... ( posted 172 days 22 hours ago.)

Where's the Lawsuit? City Displays Religious Symbol on Public Property I need your help. I need to contact Kay Staley immediately. It's a matter of life and death. If you don't know, Kay Staley is a real estate agent in Houston, Texas. She is also a member of the group Americans United for Separation of Church... ( posted 180 days ago.)

44 Blog Posts Total
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