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Just what is it you who have can’t seem to grasp or don’t want to? Just what is it you who have can’t seem to grasp or don’t want to? Look this is not rocket science. This economy is close if not already destroyed for average Americans. Now that may not interest you who have yours and are smug about it but like... ( posted 1 day 14 hours ago.)

No news is good news so why should this be? No news is good news so why should this be? Yes the economy and related aspects in a nut shell. So here we go with the news of the day. The AP reported today 19,000 GM workers are taking early retirement. What a surprise a local energy... ( posted 3 days 18 hours ago.)

Are we talking indoctrination here? Are we talking indoctrination here? Today the Associated Press reported former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan in his new book about the "Permanent Campaign Era." What this all boils down to in my opinion in no more then propaganda or... ( posted 4 days 14 hours ago.)

The Domino’s keep rolling along. The Domino’s keep rolling along and yes 11 billion less miles driven this year by Americans which means impacts to the Big Amusements Parks, vacation resorts and small time businesses that cater to vacationers. Does this impact state revenue like... ( posted 5 days 11 hours ago.)

The nuts and bolts of our economy The nuts and bolts of our economy is what holds this economy together. It is in my opinion the average people who are slowly being destroyed piece by piece. Ok, here is anexample for those who still can’t seem to understand the simplicity of all... ( posted 6 days 11 hours ago.)

Is it really an election of the people? Is it really an election of the people? In the last Presidential election of 2004 just short of 122 million voters turned out. Well some may say that was great? The election was split almost right down the middle. However, what was glossed over... ( posted 7 days 15 hours ago.)

Four dollars and going up. Four dollars and going up. Yes a well known energy consultant predicted gas prices will continue to surge upward and with that guess what? Yes at some locations gas is already over $4.00 a gallon and rising. Never mind diesel fuel which is nearing... ( posted 8 days 21 hours ago.)

Now that the campaign is over. Now that the campaign is over, yes now that the campaign is over, yes over, I thought it a good time to clear up my position on the three candidates. Oh, you want to know why I say over? Well it is quite simple, it was really over when we got down... ( posted 10 days ago.)

Is the Fed Finally realizing? Hey after trying to hold the company line has the Fed finally realized things are in bad shape? Now you wouldn’t expect them to come all out and say it but lets get real here, 40 million or 15% of Americans hurting and hurting bad and you do not... ( posted 10 days 22 hours ago.)

The party platforms revealed. The party platforms revealed. Yes, now that the election is over and it matters not which candidate gets elected we can get down to the brass tacks of both parties platforms. I think we all know them by heart but for purposes of getting their... ( posted 11 days 23 hours ago.)

Credit Worthy Consumers, what are they talking about? Well you heard it and from the horses mouth or in my opinion some other part. In my opinion it certainly isn’t Mr and Mrs average America who has had their credit ruined, have been connived, cheated, run through the mill. Yes credit worthy in my... ( posted 13 days ago.)

Here is a sad laugh, "over 62 and retiring, use your home equity". Senior citizens wake up [ 51 % or higher of mortgage home owners have little to no home equity any longer] also, they never tell you about the rules concerning these loans, the fees, etc. They never tell you about the state and local guidelines do... ( posted 13 days 22 hours ago.)

It is only a name my friends, only a name. Well since the decline in American manufacturing we continue to see products with All American names, supposedly manufactured by All American companies, but and that but is enormous, not here in America and chiefly with offshore parts and by... ( posted 14 days 20 hours ago.)

When it comes to $$$where does America’s allies stand? Hey did you see the big pow wow between South American leaders and the European Common Market the other day? Yes pushing free trade between the two. Yes America's, allies. Yes they are so enthralled with each other they are pushing for maximizing... ( posted 15 days 14 hours ago.)

"The Lull Before the Storm". To get to the depth of our economic situation one must begin to grasp what in my opinion are the root causes. Without trying to outline the issues all over again which have placed our nation at the very precipice of what is in my opinion collapse... ( posted 16 days 20 hours ago.)

Just how do people justify voting for these candidates? Yes that is the real question just how do people justify voting for these candidates? It certainly cannot be on what they have accomplished, the fruits of their labor. Just what have they done for the common man? Someone just stated to me that... ( posted 17 days 11 hours ago.)

Do you really want to know how bad it is? Recently I decided to investigate just what my home is really worth [good luck] on the market. Since I have an interest only loan I called my friendly banker who gave me the loan in the first place and stated I wanted to refinance the home, they... ( posted 18 days 22 hours ago.)

The bright spot for the haves of America. Yes there is a bright spot for the economy for all of you who have. Just go on line and read the economic forecasts. Yes all positives and why wouldn’t they be, for now? In my opinion no substance just forecasts. It has to be that way. Well... ( posted 19 days 18 hours ago.)

Any suggestions on how to eliminate using financial institutions? Now we all understand the realization that we are forced, obligated and must do business with a financial institution to conduct everyday business. No matter which way you turn you must. Our pay checks are deposited and if not we must have an... ( posted 20 days 13 hours ago.)

Character, culture verses arrogance and incompetence? If that isn’t the epitome of what is happening today then what is? What we are talking about here in my opinion is Character. You must understand that character pertains not only to individuals but to organizations of every size, operating for... ( posted 22 days ago.)

Just how bad is bad? Have you stopped to wonder just how bad things really are? Well lets look at few things that do not require a masters degree to understand. Our illustrious Congress seems hell bent on making the rich even more richer at the expense of everyone... ( posted 23 days 18 hours ago.)

What can anyone call it? Yes I have written to this topic before so those who read my work already know most of what I have to say. Yet it is important that the lessons be learned and the considerations be made lest it happen to you. We all might conceive that if this... ( posted 24 days 12 hours ago.)

Can everything you own be worth half? As reported last evening almost 51% of all homes in America are now worth ½ of what the mortgage is. Have you tried taking that other major asset [your car] to a dealer for appraisal. Yes it is worth auction price or about 1/3 of retail. Now if we... ( posted 25 days 17 hours ago.)

We live in a Five Star World, yea, right. Well once again we are back to "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey says, the complete truth. So when we hear and say Five Star rating we naturally assume the very best, the creme, the top. Well sorry to burst your bubble while that may be what... ( posted 26 days 16 hours ago.)

Does anything really change? Well I’m supposed to be writing about economics, what’s that? We already know the principals that have served this world for so long no matter work. Yes just like the principals we all say we find important, like morality, ethics, integrity, truth... ( posted 28 days ago.)

147 Blog Posts Total
Now Displaying Page 1, Posts 1 to 25
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