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Rightful Discrimination: Why DNA Databasing by Government is Wrong Headline: House sends anti-genetic discrimination bill to Bush " Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, was the only member of Congress to vote against the bill. " Well, at least we kno ( posted 6 days 7 hours ago.)

Perspective on Depression in the Teenage Wasteland Headline: One in 12 U.S. teens report suffering from depression "Half of the 2.1 million teens noted in the survey as depressed said their condition had seriously interfered with their ability to cope and operate normally in their daily lives."... ( posted 6 days 7 hours ago.)

Hide Your Sons, Merck has them in the Crosshairs with Bullets of Gardasil Headline: Oral Cancer in Men Associated With HPV “ The high risk of HPV-associated cancers in men suggests ( posted 6 days 7 hours ago.)

The Amazing Professor Duesberg Featured in Discover Magazine Headline: AIDS "Dissident" Seeks Redemption... and a Cure for Cancer ( posted 6 days 7 hours ago.)

Drug Company Payoffs Curtailed by One Dollar Fines (Actually, the Pharmaceutical Equivalent) Headline: Drugmakers Back Watered-Down Disclosure Bill ( posted 6 days 7 hours ago.)

Chinese Heparin Bleeds America Like the Fed; Where is Ron Paul? Headline: FDA Withholds List of Chinese Heparin Suppliers From Probe " Members of Congress also are concerned that Chinese heparin manufacturers and their raw-material suppliers didn't fully cooperate with an FDA inspection team in... ( posted 17 days 12 hours ago.)

What a Good Doctor Does - Hats Off to Dr. Lorna Stuart Headline: 'So many people ... fall through the cracks' After 22 years in private practice and seeing people " kicked around by the system, " Dr. Lorna Stuart found herself frustrated with the number of insurance companies and ( posted 27 days 9 hours ago.)

ADHD Options That Are Not Ritalin Nor Risk the Heart Headline: ADHD Treatment Comes With Heart Risk What do you expect when you give synthetic "speed" to children to slow them down? Here again lies another nutritional deficiency and toxin proficiency syndrome wrongly diagnosed as a lack of... ( posted 27 days 9 hours ago.)

Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh Produce and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods Headline: The Food Irradiation Plot: Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh Produce and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods " This means that while irradiating food may decrease outbreaks of food-borne illnesses, it will have the unintended ( posted 27 days 10 hours ago.)

Questions Raised On Vytorin Meeting Documents - Created After The Fact? HEADLINE: Questions raised on Vytorin meeting document " Minutes of meeting of experts reviewing study was created 'after the fact ( posted 27 days 10 hours ago.)

Salt - The Next Diet Villian? Learn to shake the salt habit " A pinch here, a dash there, could salt really be so bad? Actually, sodium is shaking out to be the next diet villain. " ( posted 27 days 10 hours ago.)

When State Medical Boards Attack, You Know You Want Some of What They're Going After Headline: Medical panel: Restrict doctor " ( posted 27 days 10 hours ago.)

Neoconservative Chaos Over the Ron Paul Revolution Headline: Chaos over Paul cuts short gathering " After a super-majority of Ron Paul supporters captured control of the Republican state convention Saturday, state party officials abruptly canceled the event... " What is the Republican Party's de ( posted 27 days 10 hours ago.)

BREAKING NEWS! Promiscuous Mice Cured Of Sexually Transmitted Disease!!!! Headline: New HPV Vaccine Promising in Mice "[Richard B.S. Roden, lead researcher for the new study] said the mice used in this experiments had special immune system T helper cells for the vaccine to attach itself. " ( posted 40 days 8 hours ago.)

"Horse Attacks Woman's Breast!" or HRT and the War on Cancer HEADLINE: HRT Once Again Linked to Breast Disease " The Journal of the National Cancer Institute carries in its April 8 online issue another report that links conjugated equine estrogen, a form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), to benign... ( posted 45 days 10 hours ago.)

Nuke Your Food - Save the Government Welfare Scientists ______________________________________________________________ USDA scientists say irradiation could be key to food safety " We used pretty aggressive levels of chlorine and found they weren't very effective at all. But when you have... ( posted 48 days 12 hours ago.)

Eminent Domain and Property Rights of the King ____________________________________________ Hollywood can use eminent domain on downtown property, court rules " Hotel and historic preservation is an acceptable reason for a government to take private property, the court said in a... ( posted 53 days 9 hours ago.)

Medical Myths - You May Be Surprised! ___________________________________________________________________________ Revealed: The seven great "medical myths" " Despite frequent mentions in the popular press of the need to drink eight glasses of water, they found no scientific... ( posted 53 days 9 hours ago.)

Drugs Found In Our Drinking Water - Should You Be Worried? __________________________________________________________________________ Study Finds Traces of Drugs in Drinking Water in 24 Major U.S. Regions " A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood... ( posted 74 days 11 hours ago.)

Millions Of Parents Have Been Sold A False Bill Of Goods ___________________________________________________________________________ Vaccine compensation fund to pay award to autistic girl; broad implications feared "...this single case of compensation for autism is making public health... ( posted 76 days 9 hours ago.)

The Vaccination Autism Link - What Every Parent Needs To Know Click Here. Ga. girl helps link autism to childhood vaccines " ... it does say the government concluded that vaccines aggravated a rare underlying metabolic co ( posted 82 days 15 hours ago.)

Doctors Urge "Don't Stop Taking Anti-depressants" **************************************************************************************************************** Don't stop taking anti-depressants, doctors urge " Given these results, there seems little reason to prescribe... ( posted 92 days 9 hours ago.)

Lunacy Abounds At The CDC - The Flu Shot Lottery Headline: Feds prescribe new recipe for flu shot " Next year's flu vaccine is getting a complete overhaul to provide protection against three new and different influenza strains — hopefully better protection than this year's version. " ... ( posted 95 days 10 hours ago.)

Cardiovascular Suicide and The Church Of Biological Mysticism Autopsies forecast surge in U.S. heart disease " The dietary quality has deteriorated over the last 15 years, " said Dr. Phillip Mellen of the Hattiesburg Clinic, " In our study, the youngest age group was the age group with the worst... ( posted 95 days 10 hours ago.)

Getting Off Meds Has Consequences? How About Getting On Them? Headline: Getting 'off meds' has consequences " The consequences can be tragic, though rarely as horrific as the Valentine's Day suicide-slaughter at Northern Illinois University. " Actually, getting ON meds is the dangerous point... ( posted 95 days 10 hours ago.)

26 Blog Posts Total
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