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Building a PC for Dummies...Dummy

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Building a PC for Dummies...Dummy

Posted Sunday, April 20, 2008 (42 days 22 hours ago.)

I've always wondered how some people just knew everything about computers; how to build them and most importantly understanding all that lingo you have to know in order to put the parts together correctly. I  figured that people who know their stuff, prrroooobbaaably have spent years and years trying to learn the fundamentals of a PC, but boy, was I wrong. Ever since I started Reading Building a PC for Dummies (5th Edition), I've learned that building a PC is completely separate from knowing how to operate your POS, in which I've also learned is called networking.
It used to baffle me, how computer tech folk just knew about every single part to a computer, and then get all psyched when a new video driver, or cable component would release in stores. Then I realized that hey, to a computer tech, knowing the parts to a computer is like knowing the parts to a car for a mechanic, or like knowing about all that make-up and fashion for a woman. Indeed, it does take time to know about something through and through, but it doesnt take "years and years" to learn as how I originally imagined it.
So, reading the book felt like a breeze. It was so easy to understand, and it even included pictures, lots of pictures actually, just for those, like me, who enjoy a little visual in learning. Not to mention, this book explains the process of building a pc in such simplistic words, and skipped out with all that figurative speech mumbo jumbo, that are technically, "the technical terms" if you were to pick up one of those gigantic "how to build a pc" booklet. One thing I really enjoyed about this book was that it categorized everything accordingly so that I learned everything in order versus having to jump around the book trying to understand a certain exerpt.There's even a glossary in the back, and an index, although most textbooks do require glossaries and indexes, still, I just found that pretty nifty.
There are a lot of things I didn't know about PC's though, (hmm big surprise). Who would've thought there could be so many different types of processors to consider... well, its news to me! I don't know about you, but before this book, I had no idea what a motherboard was, in addition to what it did or what not.
And that's what I love about the "...for Dummies" series. It's basically a simple walk through of things people like to stretch out with their fancy schmancy words, and complicated vocabulary.
Like I had mentioned before about networking, that is next on my list. Now that I have it all together, I have to learn how to configure all that BIOS, DOS, master, slave stuff... whatever the heck THAT is. I'll take a picture once I've completely finished. Yay me!

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