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600,000 Iraqis Dead?

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600,000 Iraqis Dead?

Researchers have just released estimated Iraqi death tolls of 600,000, which includes all civilians, insurgents and Iraqi security force members. This number is much higher than previous estimates which has caused some to question the survey's accuracy, however those responsible stand by their research.

The fact is that the death toll is too high whatever the numbers.

When Colin Powell was making his case to the UN to attack Iraq anyone that was paying attention knew that his case was paper thin, and that the United States interests were the real motivation for the actions taken. The United states wanted to establish a hold in the Middle East and our government used the attack on 9/11 as an excuse to do so.

Most citizens of our country knew that we were going there to build our oil pipelines and military bases in this area of the world because the region was gaining monitary and military strength. But we looked the other way because we needed that oil...Even it was at the cost of a few lives.

Americans all need oil to keep our machine running, and we were looking forward to getting cheap access to continue our orgy of consumption. However we the people never saw the benefits. The oil conspirators are making money hand-over-fist, record profits, and we are getting screwed at the pumps.

Back to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are dead. What have we accomplished? The world has paid such a huge price, and have we received anything back? Nothing. This is sickening. America is the one and only "Superpower" and is willing to do anything to keep it this way. Anything...

Iraqi freedom was never the real goal. The United States will not withdraw troops until it's real mission, establishing control of Iraqi oil and building permanent military bases in the Middle East. Power and protection of our excessive way of life is all that matters...

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