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Distance,dosent always make the heart grow fonder.

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Distance,dosent always make the heart grow fonder.

Posted Friday, March 21, 2008 (73 days 2 hours ago.)

Hey [WENUS].
   Lately my best friend has been acting really weird. When i see her in the halls at school she says hi and acts like everything is normal, but when i go home and try and call her she either has nothing to say or makes an excuse to get off the phone. We didnt have a fight and i dont think i did anything to make her mad. Shes supposed to be my best friend and we cant even talk anymore. What should i do? Should I give up and move on or should i keep trying to talk to her? Please help me.
                                                                                             Confused =/
Dear Confused =/
   Your letter was pretty vague, but lucky for you Ive gone through something like this myself. Although you can get advice from everyone and there mother, no one is going to know whats going on but you and your best friend. I think you should talk to her, but do it in a way thats not threatening. Ask her questions in a way that wont sound like your the police and shes a suspect. No one knows her better than you, so you should know how to read her pretty good. If i were you I would say something along the lines of "hey i noticed things have gotten kind of weird with us lately, is there anything you wanna talk about?" and if she says no just follow up with " well you know im always here for you if you need to talk". Whatevers going on may not have anything to do with you. Did you ever stop to think that there is something going on at home? Maybe shes in trouble with her folks. Maybe they fight a lot and she dont want you to hear it. Thats why shes one way at school and another at home. Invite her over to talk and see what happens. If that dont work then im sorry to break your bubble but maybe shes not your real best friend. A best friend should be there for you no matter what even if she has her own things going on. (With obvious exceptions) Feel free to email me again anytime if these suggestions dont work for you.
And as always remember that i am not a professional and never claim to be. All advice is to be taken and used at your own discretion. For entertainment only. All topics have been submitted by others and answered by [WENUS].

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