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Poem: Mona Lisa

Poem:Yesterday, the Crushed China

Elween¡¯s Batik Design Fabric

Acting Skill Enhancement: eye contact

Choir: Introduction of SATB

Poem: Five Senses of LOVE

Kaleidoscope of Voices are Gifts to Individuals

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Poem:Yesterday, the Crushed China

  Poem:Yesterday, the Crushed China


While reading a book entitle “understanding Job”, I was actually stunt by the experiences that job had went through. The denial of family, friends and even the servants became the greatest opression after enjoying great wealth and status. Nevertheless, Job trusted and placed his faith upon the Solid Rock to overcome all the plights. The loss of cattles, sheep, his children had become a history. He knew that he was not alone at all because the “Someone” is with him as he faced all crisis.Great test of faith. In return, Job was given all properties, and begot many children as a reward after passing the hardships. That is why Philip Yancey says, only after when you been through suffering, you will grow stronger in faith. That is why suffering exists. It is the cofactor that catalyzes our lives on earth to become a better man in His eyes.




Yesterday, the Crushed China


When yesterdays scattered like a crushed china


Be still!


The divine star awaits above


Neither drowsy soul-ripper


Nor cruelty-bearer


Will turn away from its glimpse




Though yesterdays were torned by trials


Set your feet onto the Solid Rock


Cling on and reap abundant blessings


Pour out from the floodgate of heaven




When the land is overshadowed by


Forces of darkness


Reveal its veil and see


The ugliness of sore boils


Yet not strucked by its face;


We arise by increasement of faith


With marches of soldiers fight till the end


Until the conqueror of woe


Bypasses yesterday


And when a new sketched morning is painted


Harmony enters in quick pace


And throughout the land rejoices


The crushed china disappears


Within the cheers of victory


©Elween Loke Wei Jie


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Elween¡¯s Batik Design Fabric

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Acting Skill Enhancement: eye contact

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Choir: Introduction of SATB

  Choir: Introduction of SATB


For a general introduction:~


S stands for Soprano. Soprano plays the role of a flower, presenting the main melody clearly and word by word must be pronounced accurately because it brings out the message of a song.




A stands for Alto. Alto plays the role of a leaf, to accompany the flower so that the flower doesn’t look dull and boring. Without leave, a flower is unable to involve in photosynthesis. Therefore, Altos are crucial part that is not negligible. Do not press your voice when you sing, lifting up is very important.




T stands for Tenor. Tenor plays the roles of a stem, as an important structure to hold every part of a plant. Without Stem, flowers wither away and it can never be called “ a plant’ anymore. Tenors need to work well with Sopranos because they might overpower the radiant of Sopranos due to its ability in higher range of notes. So, control the volume, must be softer than the sopranos ( generally)




B stands for Bass. Bass plays the role of root, providing structural support to the plant. Root is the source of water and mineral Without it, a plant cannot survive. Bass is the main source of chords for SAT, and every notes needs to be accurate because if once the bass is out of tune, the whole song loses its quality. Reaching the low notes, voice must be deep and firm, make sure it is projected horizontally, not spreading to the side ways as basses have great tendency to do so.




The arrangement of volume (in general):~


Soprano > Bass> Alto > Tenor
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Poem: Five Senses of LOVE


Poem: Five Senses of Love


I seldom write love poems because I often think it doesn’t make sense if I have not experience it before. This time, I was inspired by a William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” , and here goes, my latest poem about this imagery lady in my fiction life.



Five Senses of Love
First touch
A harmonic prelude for first love
Ignites sparkles of passion
Displays in the enhancing dreamland

I hear the andante piece
Sang with your silvery voice
Catalyzed by your arousing steps of grace
Indeed, I am amazed

Gazing through your squinting eyes
I felt hollow with emptiness
Yet that is just an imagenary
It shines bright as the lightened candles
Navigates lost ones to their directions
I could smell from miles

Your saturated fragrants deep within
Despair and disapointment shoves away
As you refresh my injustice days

Taste of your lips
Campared to the delicate tulip buds
Is like a legend vesus reality
Oh I would reside there for thousand years
To feel your mythical kiss

© 2006Elween Loke


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