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New Zealand and The Media Impression

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Emigrating to New Zealand

By JG(47) JG
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New Zealand and The Media Impression

Posted Monday, February 18, 2008 (104 days 16 hours ago.)

I was recently contacted by a British family thinking of moving to New Zealand. They asked me what I thought New Zealand and what it meant to my family. The both parents in the family are involved in occupations that bring them close to the darker side of UK life. This is my reply.

Thanks for you question, I love getting feedback.

Gosh let me start with a thought.
New Zealand is a small country and the press works is a strange way. I know I am connected with the media! In the UK you would believe that the shock news of the day would be about a cat rescue! Here in New Zealand you would believe that we are over run with gangs, crystal meth and tagging on every available wall!

The opposing view is that living in New Zealand and reading the press we would think the UK is full of drunk children, children are stabbed every day of the week and teachers beaten or a regular basis.

The truth is that New Zealand isn't the land of calm crime free streets you may think. If nothing else is true the death toll from the appalling driving is a national outrage. There is the most dreadful culture of domestic violence and child abuse in some sections of the community. There is a P problem and violent crime exists.

However, I used to live in the Eastend of London. Groups of teens would gather near my flat and create hell. I was pelted with stones and my car was damaged by a group of very violent teenagers from one specific ethnic back ground but they lived in the most dreadfully deprived inner city development, I lived in a riverside penthouse. No excuse but I mean to emphasize the tension in the comunity

In new Zealand teenage boys look at my children and smile. They will often say excuse me if they realize they have sworn in their earshot. They will help with the push chair, through doors, up steps - quite extra ordinary.

I get 3 hours a day to spend with my children that I'd spend commuting. They go to pre school of my choice with 1 caregiver to every 3 or 4 children. They run free on the beaches that are near deserted.

I live in a country where I never feel vulnerable and I feel my children are more safe and secure (apart from the driving) that at home in the UK.

My children are happy and relaxed because we are less stressed than if we lived in the UK.

In short New Zealand is not the Nirvana you may think but it is in my opinion a great place for young families. I think that teenagers are still vulnerable to drug and drink problems but that sport and the outdoor life give them a better chance of getting through than in the uk cities.

So there you have it, my personal view on the state of the community! If only it were that simple but I hope it gives an idea of the situation.
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