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Kathy Griffin


Ch-ch-check it out!

Another year older...and I'm bald!

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Kathy Griffin

(This entry was transferred. Originally posted on 11/14/2006 11:53 AM)

My wife and I went to see Kathy Griffin ("My Life on the D-List", "Suddenly Susan", etc) live at the Sangamon Auditorium Sunday night, and it was a blast. She really makes the audience feel as if we're having a conversation. 99% one-sided, mind you, but still, we left feeling like we knew things that we should not know about other celebrities. She really dishes on the backstage/personal life aspect of a lot of celebrities she's been in contact with. Her Andy Dick story was gut-bustingly funny and sick. A great combination.

Now, I try to maintain an apolitical public persona, but I probably won't be giving too much away when I say that the show was liberal-left-friendly, which suited me just fine. In fact, I was a bit surprised at the number of people who jeered when she enthusiastically commented on the Dems regaining control after the recent election. I was surprised, because if you plunked down the $40-60 bucks per ticket to see Kathy Griffin, I'd think that you'd know what to expect.

Anyway, it was a good time, and Kathy was really energetic, natural and fun. So, if she happens to be coming to your town any time soon, I'd recommend going to see her. Just don't bring the kids!

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(This entry was transferred. Originally posted on 11/11/2006 11:00 AM)

So, a question posed on a messageboard I frequent got me to thinking...

The question was "Why do people hate hippies?". The hippies in question are the New Hippies, otherwise known (apparently) as Nippies. Kinda catchy.

Anyway, during the course of this discussion, the point was raised that kids born in the late 80's are trying to claim hold on things that were before their time, which got me nodding my head in agreement, with just a tinge of hesitancy, as I realized it's a universal thing for each generation. Here is an excerpt from my response to that comment:

I'm 32, and I've been developing a curmudgeonly attitude towards younger people for the past few years or so. What you mention is one of the things that annoys me- I see 15 and 16 year-olds acting like punk music is theirs, and it makes me want to say to them "I was listening to punk when it was still punk, so you know nothing about it!", but then I realize that every generation (at that age) is like this at some point. For instance, I really gravitated towards proto-punk music and 1930's -1960's folk and blues, even though they were decades before my time.

So I feel like a hypocrite at times, but I can't help feeling that disdain for young kids who talk out their asses or hold dearly to an idealism or belief system that they don't truly comprehend.

I don't really have a point, other than I agree with what you're saying on one hand, and on the other hand, I can understand (to a degree) why the kids do it...I just wish they'd be original and create something worth owning, as the new generation.

I'm really feeling old now...

And it's true. I am feeling old. Weird how things change.

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Ch-ch-check it out!

(This entry was transferred, and originally posted on 11/8/2006 8:35 AM)

I've just discovered a great podcast: KEXP Song of the Day. Brilliant. Why didn't I think of this?? Each podcast consists of a single song by an indie/alt artists. No cheesy intro music, no talking heads, just the damn song. Like I said...brilliant. They showcase some truly good music, too, so check it out.

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Another year older...and I'm bald!

(This entry was transferred and originally posted on 11/8/2006 8:34 AM)

Okay, the two aren't actually related. Hmm...unless I'm going senile...but I digress. I just happen to have shaved my head the day after my birthday. But I'll get into that later.

My birthday was November 2nd. I'm now the ripe old age of 32. I know that in about 20 years or so I'll look back on these days and realize just how young I was, but for now; I'm feeling every one of the 32 years I've walked this earth. Well, I crawled and fumbled around the earth for the first year or so, but...still. You know what I'm saying.

On to the bald thing. It just so happens that I'm rather thrifty with my money, and I used to cut my own hair (fairly well, I might add) for years. So last Friday, I decided instead of going to the er, haircuttery that I've gone to for the past 4 or 5 years, I'd trim my hair myself. I had a thick head of hair at this point, and my wife was strongly hinting that I needed to get it cut.


I didn't have hair clippers handy, so I used my adjustable beard trimmer, intending only to thin out the sides and back of my hair. The trimmer guard got full of hair rather quickly, so I took the guard off to clean it out, and er...I forgot to put the guard back on when I resumed "trimming"....


Gone was a wide strip of hair on the side of my head. Revealed was my pale scalp which hadn't seen the sun since 1975.

There was nothing left to do but go all the way. So I am now bald, and you know what? I kind of like it. My wife doesn't necessarily want me to keep the look, but she sure does enjoy rubbing my head, and I can't complain about that, can I?

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Blogging/Art Spotlight

(This article was transferred. Original post date was 10/4/2006 8:34 AM)

It's taken me a long while to come around to blogging. Sure, I had used Livejournal a few years ago, but honestly, blogging and public journaling were synonymous with a false sense of self-importance to me. I try to retain a modicum of humility in life, and that's hopefully translated to my web persona as well.

Having said that, I do like the idea of my visitors getting to know a bit about my thought processes, especially when it comes to my art. And quite frankly, I'm too lazy to make separate html pages for each piece of art to explain the medium and add commentary. So, starting right now, I will spotlight a piece here with some specific thoughts on it. Kind of like a DVD's special features, if you will.

Today, I'll explain a bit about the coloring I did on the Falcon (found in the "Colors" section of my galleries).

Click on image for larger version:
Drawn by Darryl Banks, colored by Joel Harris.This was a drawing done for me by Mr. Darryl (Green Lantern) Banks, who is a gracious and outstanding artist. Believe it or not, this drawing was pencils-only. He pencils so tightly that inks would almost be redundant. The Falcon is one of my favorite Marvel characters, so it was a pleasure to color this one.

I colored it in Photoshop CS using a variety of techniques including variation of lasso feathering, color holds, etc. I'll be creating a tutorial on my coloring soon, which I will post here, so be on the lookout.

That's about it from me at the moment.

Until next time,

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