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Teens and Peer Pressure: How Parents Can Help

Why is "White Pride" Considered Racist and Taboo?

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Teens and Peer Pressure: How Parents Can Help

Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2008 (123 days 17 hours ago.)

There are many tough jobs in the world today. One of them is being the parent of a modern day teenage son or daughter.

Another job that's particularly challenging is that of being an average, everyday, ordinary teenager living in Anytown, America. Both positions are not only challenging but can sometimes even be dangerous. At the top of the scale for teens today is peer pressure. Ask any American teenager about it. Peer pressure can make you do things you would have never thought of doing. Most of them probably aren't so safe or beneficial for the teen that partakes in whatever it is he, or she, is pressured to do.

Teens will pressure their friends to do anything from taking illegal street drugs to forcing someone to have sex that isn't ready. They feel pressured to do the act in order to be seen as 'cool' or 'hip' by their friends. Teens may even begin to act much differently than usual. They may take on a "thug lifestyle" just because their friendsdress and talk that way. That can be just as dangerous as any drug.

Every parent needs to let their teen know that their lines of communication are always open. No matter what time of day or night it may be, no matter if it's in the middle of the Monday Night Football game, or just before your favorite Prime-Time televisionshow, your teen needs to know you are always there for them.

Today's kids are different, much different, than when we were young. The entire world has changed, and youth has changed right along with it. Innocence doesn't last nearly as long as it once did. Things are complicated, especially for teenagers.

Teens that are more prone to following the guidelines of peer pressure usually possess traits such as low self-esteem, feelings of abandonment or loss, lack of confidence, a feeling of isolation from family, and lack of identity.

Many teens will feel as if everything is their fault. This feeling is especially profound if the parents are divorced. They may do things to harm themselves. Behaviors such as cutting, putting themselves in dangerous situations, and even eating disorders may be ways they 'punish' themselves. These can be tell-tale signs of serious underlying problems. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to pay close attention to these warning signs. Most parents have no idea what their child is going through. A majority of parents simply put their behavior off as 'teen angst', or even 'hormones'.

Kids grow faster and faster today. If we parents aren't there to guide them, where will they learn morals? Kids want so much to impress their friends that they are even willing to commit crimes simply because a group of their friends dared them, or pressured them to do it. Teenagers are faced with the choice of either participating in the act, or being ridiculed by their friends and maybe even their entire school. When faced with this choice, they are certain to take the most ill-advised path. Some of their actions may even end up on your child's permanent record which may stop him or her from entering into college, or worse.

When your teen says they need to talk, be a parent to them and listen. Not only that but, be proactive and ask them about how things are going at school. Also, let them know you're really interested. If we don't listen to them and give them advice on life, someone else will. Someone that may be even more confused than your teenager.

The best way for a teenager to beat peer pressure is by liking him or herself. As I mentioned earlier peer pressure feeds on insecurity and low self-confidence. Make sure to compliment your son and/or daughter. Not only on their looks, but on their accomplishments and personality, as well.

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Why is "White Pride" Considered Racist and Taboo?

Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2008 (123 days 19 hours ago.)

Barack Obama is running for the position of President of the United States, yet he openly admits going to a church, Trinity Church of Christ, that admits to being "committed to Africa". If he is a member, it's safe to deduce that he follows their beliefs, right? Obama himself has stated that his, "heart belongs to Africa." This is the first time a presidential candidate has confessed commitment to a foreign land, and still be a major player for the presidency. But, why? Obama's church has what they call a "12-Point Value System" that includes the following: Commitment to the Black Community, Commitment to the Black Family, Pledge Allegiance to All Black Leadership Who Embrace the Black Value System and Personal Commitment to Embracement of the Black Value System. He has also said, quietly, that he would put Africa on welfare should he win the presidency.

Why is this all but ignored in the media? Would a white candidate with the same views for white ancestry also be ignored? Absolutely not. For some reason, people in America still believe that whites have more rights than any other race. This is simply not true! Do you actually think it's culturally acceptable for us Whites to openly speak about racial pride, and Blacks are not? Think about this for a moment. How would the media, and society, react if say David Duke ran for President again? Or, take any white person that goes to a church that says "we are committed to white people." Would they be accepted, or would they be considered a genocidal racist? You know the answer to that. To have racial pride is a healthy and natural thing, but to be the President of the U.S. with Obama's views is an entirely different matter. For the media to keep quiet abut this is absolutely shameful. Political-correctness has gone overboard.

If Sen. Obama expects to be President of the United States, he owes this country an explanation, not for his lineage or for his religion, but for his association with a racist organization that pledges allegiance to a foreign land. Why isn't Barack Obama's faith-based problem making national headlines and the nightly news?

Speaking further about White racial pride acceptance in America, are you aware that the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League (Jewish group) are trying to have the Shamrock (4-leaf clover) and St. Patrick's Day outlawed because they are considered "racist"? Why? Because they are connected to white history. That's all. But BLACK HISTORY MONTH is on every calender in the country and openly accepted. Any White History Month to speak of? No way! That would be considered simply hateful, bigoted and racist as Hell!

Take the whole Imus "nappy headed ho" fiasco for example. What part of that term is racist? None. Black rappers, actors, etc., say it all the time in movies and on cd's. But, because a white personality said it, he was called a "racist". Now, look at Beyonce. She publicly stated that she "only makes music for my black peoples." No word from the press, but her record sales went way down after that.

I have videos on YouTube of black "leaders" and preachers calling for white genocide, but nothing happens!! Why? Because blacks are allowed to talk about black pride and "evil Whitey" without being labeled racists, and whites that even mention any sort of pride are called "Nazis." The black ex-Harvard ex-professor named Kamau Kambon said live on C-SPAN, "We need to exterminate white people off the face of the planet!" Hardly anything was mentioned by the media. I show videos on the net of blacks committing horrible crimes because CNN, FOX, MSNBC refuse to. What am I called for showing actual, factual events? Nazi, racist and hater! Why? Because "Whitey" is supposed to accept whatever non-whites do, no matter what. They call it being "pro-diversity". And when "Whitey" says he's/she's tired of seeing whites being beaten and murdered by non-whites, it's considered "hateful and racist."

Another thing to consider is this. How many White Only Miss America Pageants are there? Zero. But there is a Black Miss America Pageant held every year. Is there a National Association for the Advancement of WHITE People? No. But there is a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). There's also the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington D.C. Does anyone speak specifically for whites or white interests in our government? Of course not. Why, that would be considered down-right racist. Any "White-only" magazines on store shelves? Nope. Any "White-only" TV channels? Nope. Any "White-only" college scholarships? Nope. Any "White-only" student organizations? Nope.

Why? Why? Why??? Because it is NOT accepted for the white race to show any sort of pride, togetherness, or heritage. Those that do are automatically labeled "racist". We are constantly urged to shy away from our own history and self pride and to accept "diversity" instead. The funny thing is that non-whites preach pro-diversity, but yet, they themselves have race-specific organizations like student groups, scholarships and even churches where whites are not allowed to participate. Why can't we whites have any "for us only" things like other races do? Why, that is considered racist.

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