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Online Auctions: Love Them or Loath Them?

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Online Auctions: Love Them or Loath Them?

Posted Saturday, May 10, 2008 (22 days 20 hours ago.)


   I decided to write a blog about the pro's and con's of online auctions. Here I will grade auction sites and tell you about my experiences with them and how efficiently they work. I will write more blogs about other sites but I have started out with critiquing just three sites. If you have any others that you want critiqued I will be glad to do so. You can contact me through e-mail at gotthetrinity@yahoo.com also if you want any other subjects blogged about e-mail me and I will look into it. I will be making more blogs on online auctions when I find more sites and make purchases from them.

   Grading Scale:
              B-Banish it
              E-Exceeds Expectations

  1. Bidz

            Overall Grade : E

   I have used this site several times and never had a problem with anything. Their products are truly what they say they are. I get sick of finding products that look like they will work or look like something that would interest me then turn out to be useless junk. On this site I have had no issues like that though, other places have my closets stacked with items of no use or that don't work. So far I have bought a lot of jewelry and a gun holster on this site. For instance I bought a ring valued at $140 for about $10 including shipping. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? As the saying goes if it sounds to good to be true it is. However this time it wasn't they have all different types of products that have been overstocked somewhere or ran out of season for low prices. I also bought a military issued gun holster for my father from way back when. It was in good condition and was at a low price I paid around $30 for it and it was real leather and all. So if you are looking to get someone a good present and a low cost this is definitely the place for you.

  1. Ebay

            Overall Grade : A

   I use Ebay a lot but with this auction site it can go either way. So far after years of making purchases I have encountered some problems and only one major one. The one major draw back that I have had was when I purchased a PS2 game. When I received the game in the mail I went to play it, low and behold it didn't work. I contacted the man and he said to ship back the item and he would refund me. I shipped back the item and never got the refund, sad as it is this man was rated with a 99%. Either he slipped up this once or he had his friends buy stuff from him on there and give him a good rating and review. So don't always trust the ratings on that site. Otherwise I have made many purchases that have went well.

  1. Ebid

            Overall Grade : A

   I personally haven't purchased anything from this site but I plan to in the future. The reason I gave this site an A is because of how its set up, its like Amazon and Ebay put together. Not to mention I'd rate the Refine Search box an E for all the things you can select. You can choose to look in the auctions or wanted ads, keywords, category, buy now availability, price, price, condition, and what country its available in. If anyone has used this site write a blog about it letting us know how it worked out for you.

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One Stop Info Shop

Posted Saturday, May 10, 2008 (22 days 22 hours ago.)

I am making this blog to help others with decision making on some products or to introduce you to something I find interesting or distasteful. I will report honestly on how I feel about these things. I am always looking up things and always have a tendency to find things that work and somethings that just say "SCAM" or "Isn't worth my time". Either way it goes I will report on my finds and hopefully help someone out along the way. Keep in mind though that this is just my opinion so make your own decisions about things.

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