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How Do Illegal Immigrants Rate in the United States?

By Alf Gordon(13,356)

Posted Monday, November 05, 2007
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These days, if you don't see a story on your nightly news about the "undocumented workers" issue in the United States, you're comatose.  It's one of the hottest topics of discussion in the country today.  And the way that politicians and the media are leaning on this issue lets us know just how important this group of people is to them, and therefore to us.  Based on what I see going on in American society today, I'd have to say that illegal immigrants are pretty darned important.  In fact, they're more important than:

The unborn.  Criminal illegal immigrants commit the most heinous of crimes and high-profile lawyers practically kill each other for the opportunity to defend their civil rights.  Yet each day in the United States the innocent progeny of US citizens are put to death because their presence is considered "inconvenient" or "accidental".  These citizens have committed no crime except to exist.

The homeless.  Organizations in both the public and private sectors go out of their way to assist illegal immigrants in obtaining shelter, food, and employment.  They provide physical and mental health care for free or at very low cost.  Yet US citizens who have no place to live are forced to sleep in alleyways and under bridges; must forage in dumpsters to find something to eat; and have little to no hope of finding a job because of their situation.  We are told that many homeless people have physical and mental issues that need to be addressed; instead of getting the care they need, many times they're arrested and thrown in jail.

The elderly.  As new entrants into our country, illegal immigrants are afforded assistance at every turn.  They haven't had the time to give their contribution to our society, and therefore it's necessary to assist them whenever possible.  Yet the group of US citizens who have spent their lives working and paying taxes to make this nation work are told they cannot get the financial, medical, and healthcare assistance they need in their golden years.  They must go without some of the basic necessities of life because the programs they've contributed to all their lives are more interested in assisting those who want to take and have no intention of giving back.

Law-abiding citizens.  Possibly because the rules of society differ in the United States from what they're used to in their home countries, illegal immigrants seem to have a lot of run-ins with the law.  Evidently selling drugs, smuggling other illegals into the country, being involved in gang activity, and committing crimes like murder, rape, and robbery are acceptable practices in the countries of origin.  When these criminals run afoul of the law, it's imperative that they get the best legal help that (taxpayer) money can buy.  After all, their civil liberties must be protected.  Yet when the average US citizen has a run-in with the law, there seems to be more concern about getting a conviction than there is about his or her rights.  Those who can't afford decent representation are given public defenders who are overworked, underpaid, and inexperienced.  It's all about bringing down the harshest sentence possible, especially for first-time offenders, and civil rights be damned.

The working class.  Because having any type of documentation would identify them to the authorities, many illegal immigrants have falsified identification or simply go without.  As a result, many of these individuals are paid in cash or under the table, and do not have to pay the required taxes on their income.  Some are unable to obtain work, and therefore are encouraged to take advantage of welfare or other free social services programs to meet their needs.  Of course, those programs are funded by taxpayer dollars, all cheerfully donated by willing US citizens.  However, should an average working person need to take advantage of the programs he or she has been paying for, it's a little different.  Mountains of paperwork need to be filled out, and weeks or even months go by before a decision is made.  Requests for funds are denied for various reasons.  And all the time those taxes continue to pour into the system, ready to be distributed to those who only want a better life than the one they had in their country of origin.

So the next time you want to complain about the illegal immigrants in our country, stop and think.  They're a lot more important than you ever dreamed.  In fact, they're probably more important than you are.

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Monday, November 05, 2007
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Comments on this blog post:

Vickie Smith from Bakersfield, CA: (192 days 8 hours ago.)
Key word, "ILLEGAL"! They should not be in the United States if they're illegal. Come into the United States legally, then there wouldn't be any laws broken. I refuse to call and illegal alien an "illegal immigrants" because it's an oxymoron. Lots of excuses I hear, too. Lots of excuses for drug users to use, buy and sell illegal drugs. It's the "LAW". Stop breaking it! I'm tired of paying for it and every "legal citizen" I know is too!

Obert melaccio sr: (124 days 17 hours ago.)
Alf, the root of this entire issue or core is trade $$$. It is called cheap labor. Couple that with Free Trade, SPP, NAFTA you have all the answers you need. Interesting Mexico, the chif cause is undeergoing a housing boom. Perhaps on the backs of those Michigan Auto Workers who now work for low wages and no benefits. Yes, and Americans turn out to press hands and take pictures and talk about the virtues of "our" leaders and the chnage they will bring. Whata re they taking we all need some. Sadly, in my opinion, this is not about sin or truth it is all about money! As our President stetd "Money always trunps peace" .

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