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Immigration part 2, Demagog or good Samaritan?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

In response to comments stemming from the last debate I do believe it is appropriate to answer the criticism rendered by a candidate towards people who want immigration laws enforced. Let us speak to "the rest of the story" as Mr. Paul Harvey would say because it is essential we place this issue in proper context.

It is not about religion although religion was invoked and certainly in this case and in my opinion religious statements have been used incorrectly which I will elaborate on herein. The truth which is by fact and not fantasy is related to the breaking of law and the commission of sin and to that aspect they cleverly avoid any reference to. I apologize for the length but the topic demands the rest of the story.

I have already addressed why these people are not immigrants in my prior article so perhaps it is appropriate you read that first to understand where I am coming from. Yet these politicians insist on carrying on the fight for their agenda even when 80% of Americans have said, NO. Are we all Demagogs? Does that say they heard and understand, or rhetorically, does that say, forgive me but, I really don’t give a damn what you think?

So lets come out of the fog of redirection and confusion that in my opinion shrouds this issue and talk about the rest of the story. In my opinion they will never address the facts but always redirect it back and away from them and the issue. While I respect their opinion I present what is fact. Facts that are demonstrated by deed and have nothing to do with the people, their condition or circumstances, or if they are sojourners in this land. No legally or religiously it is all about their works and deeds. It seems to mean sin and the breaking of law and its condoning is what the issue is and not being a good Samaritan. I remind people anywhere you go you are warned you are subject to the laws of that nation and you are expected to obey them!

Now a Demagog is a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false information or false claims in order to gain power . On the other hand in ancient times and in my opinion now more then ever, this was and is also someone who took up the cause of common people, who I call average Americans. So I guess it is in the eyes of the beholder what definition you want to apply and to who?

Now let us address the humanity and the Good Samaritan argument which in my opinion they who demand Comprehensive Immigration shroud this issue under. According to the Bible the good Samaritan is the person who when they meet a stranger on the road offer them kindness, assistance, help, or whatever they need. Yet, did anyone who is for observing law ever say we shouldn’t do that?  Just where or when do they not?
Is it by their speaking out against crime and sin that they are somehow non humanitarians or not Samaritans? A candidate stated Jesus Christ would want us to do this. Well Golly Jee of course, it is called love of neighbor and the two are separate acts and have nothing to do with each other. They are two different circumstances. 

However, this candidate skillfully leaves out crucial aspects and embellishes their perspective by invoking what Christ would do, as the defining statement for those who do not agree. So I ask you this question. If this so called Good Samaritan applied to all? As I said in my first article, what about the one who has had their ID and life ruined? What about the one who is waiting 20 years or more to come here legally? What about the billions paid by Americans in Social Services and lost jobs and lowered pay? What about those unemployed or who lost a job to low paid exploited workers? Tell those who work in the Construction industry this is not so. Rhetorically, no good Samaritan for them I guess? One even stated no one lost a job to these people. Yes, he says it right to their face they are wrong when they are living the truth of the issue. Rhetorically, is fact no longer acceptable in my opinion in America or is ideology king? Profess what you want it is in the works. 

So another question for you to ponder. Do not the citizens and taxpayers of America open their homes and their wallets to all people? Many do it individually as well. In fact government statistics point to the fact average Americans and the poor give away more then the wealthy or even the middle class and not the wealthy or haves. That sounds like Good Samaritan to me and certainly love of neighbor.

So once again to make the point, do we not do this with our Social Agencies, free health care, education and all other services they need and receive at taxpayers expense? Yes, or no?
In fact many times they get priority over Americans. So where is their compassion or their good Samaritan applied for Americans who are poor and struggling? Oh, I forgot, we live here and are not travelers. Now they never mention their knowledge or approval of SPP or the North American Union. No they shy way clear of that, do they not?
Now when they quote Jesus Christ, why is it they avoid that He specifically addressed the issue of law and obedience quite clearly for His believers. In fact Jesus submitted to the law and we are to as well. It is not qualified by economic status or condition but by what you profess. Nowhere did Jesus ever say we are to set aside the laws of society to commit sin. I don’t think there was any confusion, so are they and others confused?
So rhetorically is one to believe and presume what was professed says to us all that if one steals bread, food, money, commits an illegal act or breaks a law or anything to feed, clothe or house their family and provide for them, then as a good Samaritan we should look the other way? If not, should we not ask why it does not apply to all who are poor or in need, or is it to only those these politicians define as worthy?

In my opinion once we make excuses and exceptions either biblically or legally for the breaking and abuse or law, the blatant disregard of the law and especially as those sworn to enforce the law, they we have in effect by nature of deed negated the right to that office.

Now there is a way to do it all legally, without SPP and without Comprehensive Immigration which is a solid temporary workers program. Now since I write to what I believe I also have written what I believe is a fair and equitable solution. In short, where these workers can come or even stay but not at the expense of American workers or their own exploitation. If they chose to stay they can file effective the date the program goes into effect, with no penalties. Certainly we will not ask them to leave but be identified. They can compete with Americans for available jobs at the same pay. However, in fairness to all Americans I think Mexico should pick up the tab for their citizens who are in this country and are making use of this nations services. It can be given in oil credits.

Yet, in my opinion there seems to be an arrogance that places We the People second to an ideology and goal. It is really my fellow Americans a battle for the nation. The dye has been cast, we are in my opinion in the fourth quarter and time is running out. Do you even recognize it? In my opinion, few do.


Robert Melaccio, Sr. Copyright 2008 © Robert Melaccio Sr. 2008

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Sunday, February 03, 2008
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