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Is it a case of Hispanic discrimination?

By Robert Melaccio, sr(28,936) Robert Melaccio, sr

Posted Saturday, February 16, 2008
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We recently heard it reported that a young Hispanic man was pulled over for a traffic violation. Now as an American citizen he was quite disturbed, emotionally and not by the traffic stop but by what ensued. While I really don’t blame him at all and it was an unpleasant situation I can see why it developed as it did. However, lets not rush to judgment as some may already be barking about until we hear "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say.

Upon being stopped for a mechanical failure he could produce, no drivers license or registration. Simply put, if it were any of us with no proof of ownership we would have had problems as well. Think not then in my opinion you don’t want to know. The young man was taken to jail. Now was he profiled? I would suspect yes. Hispanic, spoke with an accent, could not produce ownership or ID, driving a not to good vehicle in a border town in Texas. So, you tell me in your heart of hearts, Hispanic or not, if you may have also considered him potentially illegally here?

While he was born here the authorities kept him in jail until he could prove identity. Now here is another real key factor. Even after he turned over the required information they held him until they could verify it as correct. Not unusual because of all the stolen identity. Now do you really see anything wrong with any of that? I will agree to think it doesn’t happen because of race would be naive, but in this case he had nothing to prove his story. It is sadly part of this illegal worker problem that festers like an open wound.

Now the President of Mexico, who in my opinion hands runs deep in the formation and continuance of this problem, just this week in the United States blamed it all on racism. Here is a man who can’t take care of his own telling us who we are and what we should do. Let him in glass houses not throw any stones. He has enough to do with his own poor while the elite make money hand over fist, sound familiar?  I’ll let you tell me what he has. By the way, this man was also educated in the best we have with the Free Market mentality. Do you really think these people are home grown.

So I thought about how unfair all this is to all Hispanics who are true Americans, naturalized, fought for their nation, live and work hard here, obey the rules and the laws, raise their children, pay their taxes and deserve not to be abused by profiling. Yes, like blacks, Arabs or really anyone else that fits a specific description it is part of mankind that isn’t going away. Frankly, if you were a cop and were weary of someone with a description that matched yours you would be careful as well and place everything else aside for safety. No, well lets just say you would be cautious. 

However, we must not forget it is Hispanics who created this mess for their own. Yes, we whites and blacks and other races are not innocent but the root cause lay with their own. They brought it upon us all. When will it ever be that people will look in the mirror and see it for what it really is? In my opinion what we provided was compliancy, being an accomplice, looking the other way, allowing it and this had to create what we see now.

Well this is to all those Hispanics out there who suffer this at the hands of authorities. Please take an intelligent look at it because I know they realize there is much more to this then these types of incidents. We all need to get this resolved and ASAP for the sake of all Americans. The answer is not in Comprehensive Immigration which will do nothing to stop the flow or the problem, but a controlled, just and fair, legal work program that closes the borders.

So lets look at what is happening.

1- People getting lumped into one category by race, profiled. Unfortunately I think we can agree this is quite possible. Not fair, just possible.

2- We all agree Mexico and the like of their government have brought this upon us, with the implicit consent of our leaders in Congress and the White House. You know the ones that broke Washington.

3- We do know that you cannot tell who is a citizen or not anymore because of all the stolen identity. That goes for all races. People are having a tougher time proving who they really are and even more so for Hispanics. [ look for that Universal ID coming shortly to your local neighborhood, just read the papers and listen].

4- Unfortunately people have looked the other way to the breaking of law and the commission of sin in not being who and what they say they are. That is religious, government and people in all walks of life and positions in power. They are not who they profess and project regardless of what they say and they have brought more harm then good in my opinion by those deeds.

So what we have here is no more then could be expected out of the circumstances. While only wanting a better life they did it the wrong way with the help and consent of both governments. No not the people the governments. They found a soft touch and they grabbed it. These illegal workers have brought this down upon all Hispanics, themselves and yes every American. In my opinion they have reaped what they have sown and when you court sin you can expect the worse to follow. To think anything else in my opinion is to be the fool.

Now Mexico is undergoing a boom in growth and jobs, yes, American jobs. Their borders are strictly enforced to keep people out, not in and if you break the law off you go, to jail. In fact one local Mexican Billionaire is making money right here in my backyard off of our financial mess. He has money to throw around, yes American money. I wonder what he is doing for his own?

So if you are Hispanic be prepared for more problems as finances grow shorter. Why, because as finances get worse so will the anger. Do not be naive. People will become frustrated and they will reach out at whomever they see as the cause, right or wrong they will only see one thing, they do not have a job and the bill collector is calling. It as already happened in history and the government has imposed Marshall law and used the military to smash workers and citizens protesting, a fact if you care to look.

So when you vote this November, this will really be a true test for change. Elect any of the same and you have in my opinion sealed your fate. Read my prior articles on every single topic. I have not started writing to this recently, I have for years. The signs and symbols and storm clouds need time to gather and they have been for sometime now. Education, degree, does not matter it is and was a matter of ideology and belief. This gathered by the deliberate action of those who we placed in power to lead out nation. In my opinion it will continue to gather as these same types continue their agenda and goals using the same wreck less implementation.

To that end all races and creeds of Americans must do something to make real change. Yet, in my opinion we have already seen there will be no change at the presidential level, none and if you really believe that what can one say. Both parties have given us their candidates, as if you didn’t know, right? The candidates who will make true change, yea, right. It is written all over their works. They pay the game of "who will be" and the news creates the drama for consumption and yes, people buy into it. Oh, well mankind. Yes, this minority who demand change, well what can we say about them? These are the same people have had their hand in all these issues no matter what they profess. They are accomplices by nature of their approval and regardless of who they profess to be. That is fact like it or not and they will continue to be just what they really are.

So it remains for the rest of us, the majority, to do nothing and sit back and watch or make real change. I hope we can unite and change Congress to end all of this. To put people in office who place America and Americans first and not by speeches and rhetoric but by works and deeds. Then perhaps this type of situation will not become a festering sore and blight on us all. Sadly, as I have seen the clouds, I see anew batch gathering in SPP, Comprehensive Immigration and more free trade and low end jobs and more financial instability. Why, because we have not changed one thing, not one.
So my fellow average Americans what will you do come election day? Will you sit home and do nothing or will you join the rest, hoping? Hoping for what? Their record is your guide. The two most significant differences in both parties are Abortion and the War. The rest in my opinion bookends- socialism. If that is what you want then kiss this Republic goodbye, if it already hasn't vanished under the title democracy. If we take a hard look and really consider and think can we not say that We The People has already vanished, by nature of their deeds and works, regardless of all the hoopala about Americans have spoken?

 Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2008 Copyright ©2008 Robert Melaccio

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Posted to ProBlogs.com on Saturday, February 16, 2008
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